Sunday, July 3, 2011

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    07-09 12:30 PM
    Just hours after the announcement that DHS will seek to rescind the controversial social security no-match rule, the Senate may consider an amendment to the DHS spending bill that has been introduced by Senator David Vitter (R-LA). Amendment 1375 would bar DHS from revoking the rule and require its implementation. The amendment language is as follows: Sec. 556. None of the amounts made available under this Act may be used to-- (1) amend, rewrite, or change the final rule requiring Federal Contractors to use E-Verify (promulgated on November 14, 2008); (2) further delay the implementation of the rule described in...

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  • zoozee
    10-06 01:10 AM

    I am not sure if this has been ever discussed or no but will appreciate any pointers on it : Can one keep extending the H4 visa even if EAD is been used?

    Thanks In Advance.

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  • vegaspd
    05-19 04:18 AM

    first labor approved in may 2006 under EB3
    140 was approved in 2007

    Since I already had masters before I joined the company
    EB2 labor applied and received approval in Jan 2011

    My attorney applied for 140 porting but received priority date as Jan 2011 instead of may 2006. My attorney says immigrations has made a mistake, attorney contacted them and received a reference number basically asking attorney to call back on Jun 1st. I'm concerned on what went wrong and what could be the worst case scenario. How much time are talking about here.

    Any information will be greatly appreciated.


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  • prout02
    02-09 03:20 PM
    Do you need to submit copies of your approved LC or I-140 to support your stay beyond 6 years? I don't see it mentioned in the I-129 application.

    And do you say yes or no to the following question (Q.5, Part C of H-1B Data Collection and Filing Fee Exemption Supplement form)?

    "Has the beneficiary of this petition been previously granted status as an H1-B nonimmigrant in the past 6 years and not left the United States for more than one year after attaining such status?"

    This probably wishes to know whether you have a reason to stay here for more than 6 years. But I don't see anywhere to explain that. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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  • chunghongchunghong
    02-27 07:45 AM
    anyone knows how to make stick man using this program? I cannot find striaght line to draw.

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  • logiclife
    01-18 06:04 PM
    They will in Feb.

    They have to. Otherwise the universities who provide these advanced degrees only to ask students with advanced degrees go go back saying "Sorry folks, no H1s" will have to kiss goodbye to 13 billion in revenue.


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    11-02 10:20 AM
    This story really makes me happy. I just wrapped up a dozen years of service on the board of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the organization that helped my family and my wife's family immigrate to the US. Sergey Brin, the founder of Google, was a more recent beneficiary of the good work of HIAS and I've honored him as well as an Immigrant of the Day. Sergey's mom Eugenia is a lovely woman who is a HIAS board member with whom I've had the honor of getting to serve on committees. Recently, the Brins donated $1,000,000 to help HIAS...

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  • felix31
    07-24 04:59 PM
    Need quick help!

    Per old instructions everyone was sending to Nebraska, and new instructions published are for 'direct filing'.

    Do I follow direct filing rule or Nebraska only rule?

    I am finally ready with medicals and photos and will be sending packet tomorrow.

    Thanks for help..


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  • gesfox
    03-23 10:27 AM

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  • rajasagar
    03-10 01:23 AM
    My H1 was filed as an individual application while i was in India last year by a consulting company.Later in May 2007 i was transfered to US on L1B.
    Since then i'm in US and now i have taken a vacation off, and during this i wish to appear for H1 stamping interview.
    Supposedly i get my H1 visa stamped, i am hoping i will be able to travel to US but that will be on H1 with a new Employer, but i should be resigning with the old company once i reach there. (Please correct if this legal because my old company still thinks i am on L1)

    And other hand if i'm not able to make it through stamping, my old L1 status is still valid ?

    Please clarify the above doubts ...!!

    Thanks for your time...!!


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  • badkarma
    07-10 11:40 AM
    Are you commuting between the US and Bhutan, with residence established in the latter?

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  • minimalist
    07-26 12:20 AM
    You have to pay the fee.
    Not a lawyer
    EB3-I May 2006
    Contributed $100


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  • purgan
    09-23 02:00 PM
    Sep 22, 2006

    The US Department of Labor is reporting to the American Immigration Lawyers Association that it has adjudicated about half of the estimated 362,000 labor certification cases at its backlog reduction center and that it has issued 45 day letters in every case now.

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  • Dhundhun
    01-13 05:12 PM
    I applied AP around same time and got it couple of days ago.

    Check not cashed is indication of missing mail, either by mailing services (USPS, FEDEX, ...) or in USCIS. Average time for check to be cashed is less than 10 days.

    Whether you should open SR or re-apply, someone who faced similar situation can provide better answer.


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  • ski_dude12
    09-13 12:25 AM
    Firstly you need to update your profile and give some background related to your case.

    You cannot expect someone to give you advice without knowing details of your case.

    i have 1485 family based was denid . can i apply for green card through my nclex and nuring licence that i have? and how to do it

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  • mrsr
    06-19 08:42 PM
    because the G325A form is normally in four colour ( 1st white , then green , follwed by pink and blue )

    This is not necessary. Curious what gave you this impression?


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  • rameshraju11
    09-30 02:36 PM
    My parents-in-law visited the USA in the last week on B1/B2 visa. At the port of entry the immigration officer marked the expiration date on I-94 for my father-in-law for 6 months and however did not mark the expiry date on my mother-in-law�s I-94.

    As they are visiting first time they did not know the procedure and they could not bought this to the immigration officer�s attention before they left ?

    I assume they entered the expiry date in the system for my mother-in-law since both applications were processed at the same time with the same officer.

    How this can be fixed ?

    Is there any way I can call DHS and confirm the I-94 expiry date in the system ?


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  • dummgelauft
    02-23 10:12 PM
    Yo BlogFeeds, cut the crap. Most of these people you mention in you "Immigrant of the day" stuff are white men and WAYNE GRETZKY.
    US has a problem not with white people immigrating to US, but with people of Color, the ones who "don't look the part". Okay, so stop it already.

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  • neel_gump
    08-28 10:43 AM
    we should assume as "no changes" from previous week ;)

    07-10 11:48 AM
    i found it!

    it's near the man who sells socks on table up-left, near the green sock (not the Tweenlite guy :-] )..

    I 'm from morocco, i don't know about waldo, but thanx to uncle google, I got it!

    04-22 03:54 PM
    Key Issues to Passage of CIR

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