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  • bestin
    09-14 01:49 PM
    I am on L1 .My wife is working for a Indian s/w MNC and was earlier in L1.Once her project got over they sent her to India.She applied for vacation and came here on L2.During visa stamping the officer cancelled her L1 visa in passport.We applied for her EAD in July and are expecting to receive it in a few days.This is the first scenerio.

    Secondly, we applied for 485/140/AP/EAD in the second week of Aug 07.No updates yet with regards to cheques/receipt notices etc.

    We tried to contact her company's office here to look out for employment based on L2 EAD.But they mentioned that they wanted her to goback and come here again on her company visa.I really cant understand what is that for.

    Now the question is

    1.Is it safe for her to change to L1again and have visa stamped in India given our situation of GC.If so when.I mean after receipt notices/finger printing etc etc?

    2.Any idea of y these companies doesnt employ their own staff who are in EAD.

    Any one gone thru any of the above situations.?

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  • Sumedha_inCal
    03-10 02:03 PM
    I am an architect, on OPT right now but do not have a job.I am looking for one, and hope to get one by April. I am looking for H1 sponsorships, and as is well known, the visa has to be applied by April 1.

    However it is difficult to find a job by then AND get my employer to sponsor me by April 1.
    Does anyone know how long will the window to file H1s be open this year?

    I am guessing that this year, the number of H1s filed willbe lesser than the 65000 you think that the window will be open longer?(I want to buy more time to apply)

    Please let me know.

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  • jamesingham
    07-22 12:55 PM
    My employer mentioned that my job description is Senior Analyst in the application. Does that mean I have to be a Senior Analyst till the time I get GC ? Cant I take up another job like Architect ?

    Also, for 140 application do I have to sign on any PERM labor related document ?

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  • Augusta
    09-30 04:29 PM

    Need some help here for my friend.

    He is an employee of company A and his first 3 yrs H1 is ended say Sep
    25, 2009. But he was already got a new H1 approved 1 month back from
    company B and that company had assured him to take him on board from
    Sep 26, 2009. So he and his wife had both approved H1/H4 from Company
    B. Now last minute the company B backed off from their agreement.

    So he went back to his company A and asked for H1 extension on Sept
    24, 2009 and for which they filed papers. But they didn't file papers
    for his wife's H4. Can she be on company B's approved H4? if not how
    many days she has to file for H4 linked to company A.



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  • sanjaymk
    07-18 09:54 PM
    Dear friends,

    My post regarding calling up the members after registration has apparently disturbed some members, first let me apologize for that and for some postings regarding that matter. The calling option was ONLY intended to ward of unwanted and vicious members using this forum to work against our goals.

    I understand that a lot of non-indians are in this forum(for instance, Greg Siskind quotes from these forums a lot), and my post could be interpreted as being against non-indians, but it was not the intention.

    I am sorry once again.


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  • sroyc
    06-15 06:30 AM
    Hi Richard,

    You should check the EB3 ROW (Rest of the world) date in the visa bulletin which is published every month - Visa Bulletin (

    The July bulletin shows the date as 15th Aug 2003. It's difficult to estimate when it'll get to July 2007 because the movement is not linear.

    Hi Everyone
    I am fron the UK and my PD is July 2007. I140 approved Feb 2009. Does anyone have any Idea of the length of the backlog for E3 visas for the UK.


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  • Jitamitra
    12-09 09:18 AM
    If I were, I would go with the first option. withdraw pending application.

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  • nixstor
    10-27 01:29 PM
    Can you AC21 portability be used for more than one employer?

    What if some one decides to stop working and go back to school?


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  • jaon31586
    07-08 12:14 PM
    i will go ry it now,

    thank you

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  • vijay1974
    03-10 08:48 AM
    I work in webster,ny office. I can help you with information you need.


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  • dealsnet
    04-13 11:07 AM
    I think you can employ any one on 1090 on temporary basis(nanny or home improvement, reapir etc) , not employ by start a company. Ask a lawyer.

    Would anyone of you know whether someone on H1B can go ahead and hire a US citizen and be their employer? I know some people do hire nannies. How about for other everyday occupations?

    Thanks and best regards.

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  • waiting_4_gc
    07-31 07:02 PM

    I am going to file my EAD and AP.I have older version of the forms.

    But should i use older version or newer version?:confused:


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  • freddyCR
    March 3rd, 2005, 10:32 AM
    I did use the fill flash...better re-shoot

    Namecheck/security check [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Namecheck/security check

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  • jetflyer
    05-07 08:23 AM

    I am starting this thread for the people who are Greencard Holders and not married. Please share some thoughts for bringing their spouse here.

    IV can help in this matter.

    If all visa holders and citizens can bring their spouse instantly then why GC holder have to wait for many years after getting GC after many years.




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  • hopefulgc
    09-15 09:22 AM
    last link won't work

    and it seems like an old article

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  • Silvermanto
    05-26 06:23 AM
    Hi I'm a US citizen and have around 15k or less credit card debt. All government loans were paid off. Something happened three and a half years ago in my home town and I had to leave Washington state and took care of it. So my question is: it's has been 3 and a half year and I'm heading back to washington state for short visit.
    1. I'm sure the debt did gall into collection agency. Will it go to court?
    2. Since I had been gone since 2007 and will there be a warrant on me since I didn't appear to court (if there was one)
    3. I will be entering Vancouver bc airport then to Seattle by driving. I'm afraid I will get caught for warrant at the border.

    Hopefully someone can answer my questions and thanks for the help in advance.


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  • nfinity
    04-16 03:40 PM
    Hello Attorneys,

    My company recently moved offices to a new location just a few miles from the old location. Its in an adjacent county but with in the same state. We moved from Northbrook, IL to Deerfield IL, does this warrant a change in LCA/H1B?

    Please advise.


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  • roseball
    04-17 05:24 PM
    Holding an I-20 doesnt mean anything if you dont enroll for the required minimum credit hrs...You have to enroll....

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  • dealsnet
    01-31 09:30 AM
    You are already counted in the quota. So it is just transfer. But for transfer need recent paystubs. Consult a lawyer how to handle this. Definitly you no need to wait for April 1 st quota for new H1B.

    03-12 08:16 AM
    If my priority date is current based on March visa bulletin, till what date can I file for my 485? Do I have time until end of April?

    You can file anytime after your dates are current.. Just don't take too long though, Remember if the dates retrogress again, then might get out of luck! Again!! So file it right away if you can...

    09-15 02:06 AM

    Please guide me in my situation.

    I am on OPT right now which is valid thru May 2008. I have already applied for H1 through Company A in April this year. I got a job offer from Company B recently. I would like to join Company B and start working for it on my OPT. Company A failed to provide job for me so I wish to transfer my H1 (once after it is approved) to Company B. Now I have the following questions:

    1. What happens to my OPT after I get approved for H1 through Company A?
    2. Do I have to stop working for Company B as soon as I get my H1?
    3. Can I transfer the H1 I get for Company A to Company B without any paystubs?
    4. Can I refuse the H1 and continue to work for Company B on my OPT and then apply for fresh H1 in 2008?
    5. Is there any possibility for Company A to cancel my status and make me go back to India?

    Please help. I am totally lost and confused.....:confused:

    Thanks in advance for any help..


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