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  • perm2gc
    12-05 04:35 PM
    I applied an LC from an employer on March 27th 2005 (Pre-PERM)
    It is shifted to P-BEC. I have not got any 45 day letter for that
    How do I get the 45 day letter?
    Please search the forum.Many thread have been posted in past and are addressed.

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  • rkgc
    03-31 12:26 PM
    I got my PERM labor approved yesterday, for applying I-140 were can I find the processing dates for I-140? I mean specific to Country? Because, if I go to the processing time for "Skilled worker or professional" is April, 1 2008, does this date apply for all? Thanks in advance.


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    09-09 07:20 AM reports: The Homeland Security Department plans to establish a database of immigration data that will identify fraud in applications for benefits, and provide information to intelligence and law enforcement agencies. DHS will create a mirror copy of multiple databases the Citizenship and Immigration Services uses to award federal benefits to immigrants and nonimmigrants and develop a single user interface employees use to access the stored information, according to a notice the department published in theFederal Register on Wednesday. The Citizenship and Immigration Data Repository System of Records, which will include real-time updates and a search engine, will allow officials...

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  • watertown
    08-03 04:08 PM

    Just want to share my latest info. As you know my case has been stuck in Boston-CIS since May 22, 2007 after interview. Latest SR got me a letter yesterday from local office stating "need to perform additional review...blah...blah..." On other hand I got another letetr last week from CAO-USCIS as Washington signed by a supervisor staing that my case is stuck coz "I never attended NSEER interview in 2003 and as a ocurtesy she has arranged for my interview at ICE office in Boston". I was amused coz my passport is littered with NSEER stamps and I had the same RFE during one of EAD renewal and after the reply they promptly approved the EAD!

    It speaks volume about USCIS's efficiency. Anyway, I'm saving all these letters and will file WOM at the beginning of next year.


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  • sk.aggarwal
    02-09 11:51 PM
    No. You should be good.

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  • luncheSpecials
    02-19 05:09 PM
    I filed 485 last july and want to file EAD now. I had FP done last year. If I do efiling for EAD will I have to go to ASC for photos. I saw in other posts that they have linked Biometrics but what abt the photos ?



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    01-14 08:20 AM
    Cuban-born Emilio Estefan has been one of the most well-known residents of my home town of Miami since my childhood. He was a member of the famous band The Miami Sound Machine and in the years since he has become a highly successful Latin music producer in South Florida's music community. Estefan has been nominated for 28 Grammys over the years and won 14 times. He's also the husband of fellow band member Gloria Estefan. And he is the producer of well-known Latin music stars Marc Antony, Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin. And if life as a musician and producer...

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    10-30 12:20 AM
    New York Yankees designated hitter Hideki Matsui, a Japanese native, just hit a beautiful home run in game 2 of the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies. Matsui is an unusual player because he bats left-handed and throws right-handed. The 35-year old Matsui was a star in Japan before he was recruited to play for the Yankees in 2003. He's the first Japanese player to hit 100 or more homers in the Major League. Matsui also has the odd distinction of being the player selected by Paul Rudd for a fantasy baseball draft in the movie Knocked Up and he...

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  • birdwing
    10-10 11:53 PM
    this is hilarious :lol:

    i know im late ... shuddup

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  • sertasheep
    06-15 09:08 PM
    The Z visa is just a proposal. It doesn't yet exist as the Bill hasn't been yet written into law by the President.


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  • Macaca
    04-27 09:43 AM
    Sen. Luddite Strikes Again ( -- Once more, a mystery Republican blocks electronic filing for Senate candidates, Friday, April 27, 2007

    JUST AS she did on April 17, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) went to the Senate floor to call for unanimous consent on a common-sense bill that would require candidates to file their campaign finance reports electronically. And just as he or she did on April 17, Sen. Ima Luddite (R-Who Knows Where) voiced opposition. This time the mouthpiece was Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.). "On behalf of the Republican side," he said, "I object." We object to the obstruction.

    Honestly, what is the big deal here? Filing campaign finance reports electronically has been standard operating procedure for candidates for the House of Representatives and the White House for years -- as it has been for political parties, political action committees and "527" groups. Yet Senate candidates are still trudging down to the Senate Office of Public Records with paper copies of their reports, which are then passed along to the Federal Election Commission, which sends them to a vendor that punches in the information and zaps it back to the FEC electronically. That finally makes them widely available, sometimes too late for voters to see who's donating to whom and how the money is being spent. With this seeming fear of modernity, it's a wonder the Senate isn't calculating budgets with an abacus. Or is it a fear of disclosure?

    After the bill was blocked, Ms. Feinstein, chairman of the Senate Rules and Administration Committee, said, "It is very hard for me to understand who could oppose this and what their reason for opposing it could be." It is very hard for us, too. Sen. Luddite -- whoever he or she may be -- should come out of the shadows and explain the irrational fear that is keeping the Senate from joining the rest of us in the 21st century. Senator anonymous -- Another Day, Another Hold On Finance Bill ( By Matthew Mosk (, Washington Post Staff Writer, Friday, April 27, 2007

    Sen. Anonymous struck again yesterday.

    The infamous unnamed senator (or senators) has for more than a week blocked passage of legislation that would require Senate candidates to file campaign finance reports electronically.

    Electronic filings would make the names of campaign donors readily available -- it's how members of the House and presidential candidates have been doing it for years. When Sen. Russell Feingold (D-Wis.) first brought the bill to the floor last week, though, he was told that an unnamed lawmaker objected.

    Long-standing Senate custom allows the objection of a single senator to stop a bill in its tracks -- it's known as a secret hold. A measure that passed the Senate earlier this year, and awaits a House vote, would eliminate the practice.

    The hold unleashed a torrent of activity on the Internet, as bloggers tried to flush out the identity of the senator responsible for the hold. But after an onslaught of phone calls to Senate offices, the bloggers have no answer. No one owned up to being the culprit.

    Yesterday, the bill's sponsor tried again. And again, the Republican floor leader objected. A spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said he is sure the name of the secret senator is known "in the cloakroom," but he said that misses the point.

    "A hold can't stop something from coming to the floor," Don Stewart said. "It can only stop it from being pushed through without a full and open debate on the bill."

    That's true -- sponsors had been trying to pass the bill by unanimous consent, which does not permit amendment or debate. But Feingold told the liberal blog Daily Kos that the path was typical for a bill with 35 bipartisan co-sponsors that did not elicit a single objection in committee.

    Writing on the blog yesterday, Feingold said: "The fact is that someone anonymously blocked the bill, . . . that person has made no effort to resolve his or her concerns with us, and the Republican leadership won't even tell us who that person is."

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  • vin13
    01-10 09:08 AM
    You should be able to contiue your GC without interruption even if you did not work for the sponsoring employer. but just make sure you are employed with the sponsoring employer before filing for I-485.

    You may need a new H1 to go back to the previous employer. But GC should not be affected.


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  • kirupa
    09-13 02:26 AM
    This thread is designed to help collect discussion on the Simple Page Navigation ( tutorial.

    Feel free to drop in :)

    Kirupa :mario:

    tattoo Oil and Gas Conservation Images Of Oil And Gas Conservation. And the Alaska Oil and Gas
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  • glus
    02-25 01:26 PM
    NO, a 3-year extension is possible after I-140 is approved. In your case you will get a one-year extension based on PERM which is pending for 1 year, or is approved by the time you need to file for H-1B extension.


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  • imh216
    06-25 06:44 PM
    I am US citizen since March 2009. Husband just received an interview notice for August 11 after having filed all required documents and application for I-485 adjustmnent of status. Along with other documents, we submitted a xerox copy of his I-94 which he overstayed. Unfortunately, he lost the original. My concern is, the interview notice states he is to bring the original I-94, which he no longer has. He can prove however the date of his last entry to the US, as he still has a stamp in his passport with admission date, a sticker on his passport cover for baggage and I can probably dig up his boarding pass. Again - we also made a xerox copy of both sides of I-94 when we still had it. What do I do? Should I get a duplicate? Or is the xerox enough for the interview? I would hate his application to be denied because of this. Please let me know if you had a similar experience or any advice on what I should do.

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  • ranand00
    04-10 08:24 PM
    any replies on my question...


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  • harikris
    06-03 12:16 AM
    You might find better luck taking your question to a relevant forum.
    Here, we mainly discuss immigration issues.

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  • gk_2000
    07-31 01:54 AM
    Exactly my thoughts buddy, when I saw that on TV

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  • digitalchampion
    02-22 11:12 PM
    im trying to import a file into V1. Swift freezes just after the importation has comenced. I have to ctr-alt-del out of it. The File is a jpg which i have converted to eps using photoshop and freehand. Both have the same problem. The file is only small (150*150 pixels). I have reinstalled swift. I can import the erain sample eps file. but nothing else.


    09-04 05:14 PM
    You can only change the name on the visa by applying for a new visa. Since that is probably impractical and too much trouble, I recommend keeping the visa as is until you need a new one. If the name on your other documents is your married name, you can carry a copy of your marriage cert. to show the reason for the difference.

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    05-02 05:20 PM
    The second of three immigrants on the the Presidential Council of Advisors on Science and Technology is German-born Barbara Schaal. Professor Schaal teaches biology at Washington University in St. Louis and is the first woman to ever hold the position of Vice President of the National Academy of Sciences. Schaal's field is plant genetics and she has done a great deal of research in to evolutionary processes and plant species.

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