Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • svam77
    09-23 05:59 PM
    Hello All,

    My checks got deposited on Friday and when I checked my wife's I 485 status with the LIN # on the back of the check, it said that the finger printing fee was rejected and that the case is now in suspense.
    It said that I have to submit a new fee and that the case will be resumed again.

    Do you know why this happened. My bank statement says that the finger printing check for her got deposited.

    So if there is a mistake in the check, would they still deposit it ? And would her EAD application get processed even if the finger printing fee is wrong ?

    Did this happen for anyone ?


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  • kshitijnt
    04-24 12:35 AM
    It is possible to approve I-485 if I-140 is approvable but is not approved. One of my friends got his GC this way.

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  • arnet
    12-07 03:53 PM
    I've a situation here to switch from Company A (who sponsors my GC and H1B) to Company B, I've completed AOS (6 months period too):

    1. Whether I can transfer my H1B (sponsored by company A) to company B when i join them? (but H1B is not stamped yet on PP) if not H1 transferrable, then I've to use EAD only.
    2. Company B will ask me what papers I need for GC sponsorship either NOW or in FUTURE, can anybody know this? please help
    3. I know that i need to file AC-21 to do the switch, what are the procedures like:
    a. job position should be same or similar?
    b. what paper work other than AC-21 needed to do this switch in changing employer information, fees for doing this change?

    any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know.

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  • Ann Ruben
    02-12 12:45 PM
    I believe it is taking about 2 months (without premium processing).


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  • jthomas
    04-06 12:40 AM
    good article

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  • watertown
    09-26 11:33 AM
    I had my I-485 interview at Boston-CIS in May,2007 and since then they were telling me lots of BS like NC, One security check open, additional review. Finally they sent me a letter telling me I need to attend NSEER interview at ICE office in Boston and I did that this week and the nice ICE officer told me that he was sending my file back to NSC. Last time I saw that thick file was when I was interviewed by IO at Boston-CIS!. Does it mean NSC will approve it now? I'm EB2 ROW and I was never finger printed more than once. So far had 2 EAD/AP and I applied in 2006 August


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  • Dreamflower
    05-14 03:19 PM
    Hello All,

    My employer is planning to apply for my Green card (labor) next month. My employer has multiple work locations. My employer is going to apply the green card from Washington DC office location but I stay in Delaware and work from Delaware Office Location.

    1. Will this impact the process in any way?
    2. Do I have to move to Washington DC office to work at any point during the Green Card process? If yes, please let me know at what stage?
    3. And if I have to move to Washington DC office to work then do I have to move to stay in Washington DC or can i still stay in Delaware and work from Washington DC?

    Appreciate the help!

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  • Blog Feeds
    06-04 01:30 AM
    If you're going to fudge the truth, you would think she would pick something tough to refute. From the Arizona Republic: Gov. Jan Brewer said in a recent interview that her father died fighting Nazi Germany. In fact, the death of Wilford Drinkwine came 10 years after World War II had ended. During the war, Drinkwine worked as a civilian supervisor for a naval munitions depot in Hawthorne, Nev. He died of lung disease in 1955 in California.

    More... (


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  • Joppe
    05-13 04:09 PM
    Thats real nice.. and soft .. Like it :thumb:

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  • roseball
    03-24 01:05 AM
    Since 6 months earlier he was on H1, he wont be counted in the quota....


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  • auvrm
    05-28 12:57 AM

    I'm in H1b since March 2006 and it Expired in March 2009. Got extension Until Sept 2009 Only (as per RFE and client information).
    ( I'm about to deliver a baby in Oct 2009, so I need to be in the country atleast until Dec 2009)

    1) If my further extension were to be denied (touch wood), say that decision was made by USCIS in Nov 2009,
    Can I do COS ( change of status) to F2 or B2 visitor once I came to know about the denial?
    Do I need to initiate a COS when the case is pending?
    Do I need to initiate a COS when I have a valid status, say in Aug 2009 itself?

    2) Assuming, I do COS successfully from H1b to F1 ( say in Oct 2009)
    Then, in Feb 2010 would I be able to get back to H1 again with the same or different employer? without needing to wait for Apr 2010 quota to open?

    3) Also, when a H1b is denied does it mean that the person has to wait to get into another cap? or
    can they still apply for H1b year round as they are already counted in Cap sometime before?

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  • tabletpc
    07-30 12:59 PM
    Can I change to different employer while the i140 is pending and also keep the PD. What i would like to do is..i want to change to a different employer and ask the present employer to keep the i-140 process as it is.

    Is it ok if the i-140 gets approved while i no longer work for that company. I understand if i get any RFE, then employer need to respond accordingly.

    Thanks in advacne for u r inputs....


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  • greyhair
    04-30 12:58 AM
    Superman Renounces His U.S. Citizenship in 900th Issue of Action Comics - (

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  • mattz
    10-09 09:50 AM
    click on layout and then look just below and you will see
    the layout specs you can adjust, units, width, height.


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  • kirupa
    08-16 05:04 AM
    Looks real cool upuaut8 =)

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  • e3visa
    04-26 09:19 AM
    The E-3 visa holder can hold mutiple jobs and the E-3 visa holder from practical application be sponsored for a green card as well by their employer.


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  • x1050us
    01-06 09:34 PM
    My 140 was filed for a future Team lead position. I am currently a Sr Sw Engg with the same employer. The job description is nearly the same. But I am not sure how this little quirk effects my AC21 eligibility. When does my 180 day start counting ? From filing date or from the date I get the Team lead title ?

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  • myuname
    06-25 11:58 AM
    Can I use AC21 portability to move to another employer C or better yet use it to transfer 485 to current employer B using my EAD?

    Any Insight? Thanks,

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  • Rendering_Rebel
    06-17 09:58 AM
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    01-15 03:41 PM

    09-21 11:06 AM
    I took the citizenship test, biometic now the second time .passed it 2 1/2 years ago . I was told the immigration did not have my filed . So Wait. Went to immirgation office 3 times. no result . Case under review ????? what is that mean????? Am confused ... No one can tell me what was going on . I have done no wrong. pay my taxes....
    I even write to my congress woman , no reply .. so sad
    Where should I go .... . please advise . thanks

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