Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • sdrblr
    11-27 10:34 PM
    This is such an open ended question. It will be very easy to answer if you can add few lines about your background, affordability and qualification(like GRE etc). If not the school names will be all over the place from MIT to the ABC the word "Good School" is very subjective.

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-03 12:50 PM
    The antis will tell you that if we could only get rid of cheap foreign workers, Americans would be lining up to take the jobs. An article this past week in the Wall Street Journal shows a different reality. The piece focuses on the dairy industry which is completely dependent on immigrant labor even in a major recession. And dairy is pretty similar to other agricultural fields. US workers are simply not desperate enough to take on these physically demanding jobs in remote rural locations. The antis response is usually the same - if these employers just paid more, then...

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  • woowjj2004
    07-23 02:42 PM
    Hello All,

    I need some advice here. Actually I have filed two labors.
    Company -A - EB3 - PD of March 2003
    Company -B - EB2 - PD of March 2006 (PERM)

    I got my Labor, I -140 from company B, and applied for 485 recently (July-2nd).

    Recently (Last week) I got the labor approved from Company A (as it went to Backlog).

    I was thinking that If I get I-140 from Company A then, My layer wants to use that Priority date in already filed 485 case.

    But to get the I-140 from the Company B, I may have to spend around 3k, so just thinking if it is worth doing or not.

    Any suggestions?


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  • sjnh_li
    07-28 12:44 AM
    Hi Folks,

    I have a unique situation. Well.. I have been working for a Company A that is owned by my uncle. Iam on H1B in 2nd year and I have my I-140 approved 1 month back. Now I got a new job in another company B with 3 times the current pay of mine. I want to change to the company B.

    My uncle said that he will continuing the process of my GC application, under EB2 in his company A. But I want to transfer my H1B only to the new company B, so I can get into the company B's payroll and get benefits. Can someone suggest how we can handle this without messing up with the current GC process with company A. Does changing to company B under new H1B impacts my GC processing. Can we show that the company A is processing my GC under future employement, though I worked for company A before..

    Please advise the consequences and my options.. I badly want to work for company B..without stopping my GC processing with company A..

    I appreciate your help in advance


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    08-31 11:30 AM
    Cuban-born Andres Alonso is the CEO of the Baltimore City Schools. Alonso graduated from Columbia University before going on to get a law degree and a doctorate in education at Harvard. Alonso was interviewed on NBC News last night about how federal stimulus money is helping to keep his school system running smoothly this year despite the economy. Alonso brings an interesting background to the job having worked for one of the top law firms in Washington, DC as well as a teacher in inner city Newark, New Jersey. He was the deputy chancellor of the New York City schools...

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  • doshhar
    07-04 01:24 PM
    Illegal non-immigrants did the rally to local USCIS offices. It would be good if we pick one day in 2nd week of July and have a rally to local USCIS offices. This will immediately catch the media attention.

    Rally news should be spread out to media so we can get enough coverage?

    Let's discuss if you guys like this idea.


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  • pappu
    08-22 09:29 AM
    I am Looking for a link on DOL site for complain against employers.

    I think someone posted such link few days ago and I cannot find it. It was a form that you can fill out.

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  • Bingy81
    11-09 09:25 PM

    I filed my GC on EB2 and current status is :

    I140 approved on Sep 2008
    I 485 in process - submitted RFE on Sep 10th

    Right now i m on H1B. I recently got married and my husband is on H1B he didnt start his GC process yet. At this stage can i add him on my green card. If so pls explain me the process ...

    tnx in advance ...


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  • chanduv23
    10-16 12:13 PM
    Are we so lazy that we do not care forr ourselves?
    Don't we have confidence in ourrselves?
    Can we not achieve results???

    Come on folks buck up. Get active on IV, join your State chapters and get going .........

    Everyone here must get fired up

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  • rdehar
    07-16 02:26 PM
    Hi Friends,

    What does it take to port from EB3 to EB2 (aside from job requirements, duties and all that), specifically:

    . Do I have to file labor/I-140 all over again ?

    Thanks for any useful info anyone can provide.



  • Vexir
    05-08 11:24 PM
    hehe okay i''l try

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  • kk_kk
    08-06 01:07 PM
    AFAIK, yes that is true.


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-19 01:30 PM
    USCIS kept on updating the total number of cases received for H-1B for FY 2009-10. However, the recent USCIS H-1B ( cap count indicates decline in number of cases than what had been previously reported. The updated count reports the receipt of 44,400 �Regular� cap cases, by June 12, 2009 which is lesser than the prior count of 47,700, given as of May 22, 2009. There is no explanation too from USCIS for this decline in trend. Thus, this reduced number may reflect either withdrawals by employers, denials by the USCIS, duplicate filings, or an error in the prior cap counts.

    As of this writing, both the Advanced Degree and Regular caps remain open. We will continue to provide updated H-1B cap count information.

    More... (

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  • drak70
    04-13 02:24 PM
    I have some experience and my wife has some.(We already have got our gc but I am glad to help)



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  • keepwalking
    06-02 06:19 PM
    I have added my wife to green card application. Can you please let me know when she can expect receipt notice and Fingerprint Notice and when she can expect her GC. TSC is processing my/her application. My Priority Date is in Aug 1st 2006.

    I am one of the ones who had missed the July 07 boat. My PD is finally current.
    My attorney is getting ready to file all the items (485, EAD, AP etc) tomorrow.

    How soon can I expect the FP Notice?
    Also, since I am applying only now, how long before I can hope to see Green?

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  • Ann Ruben
    04-15 09:13 AM
    The AC21 determination of whether a new job is in "the same or similar occupation" is made based on a comparison of the new job duties and those set forth on the original labor certification application. Job titles are not controlling. So, you need to have a copy of your original LC application and then compare the job description it contains to the duties of the new position.

    Hope this helps,



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  • whattodo21
    04-26 03:02 PM
    My friend opted for consular processing and he is now thinking it was a bad idea. He is in EB2, and his PD is sometime in 06 (not sure of the month)
    Can he file for an AOS now?
    Thanks for your inputs

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  • Guy786
    06-10 10:28 PM
    My I-485 is pending with EB3 Feb 2006 priority date. Invoked AC21 and currently working for a different employer. Have Masters degree and 9+ years of experience.

    Is there a way to re-apply for Green Card under EB2 category thru a 3rd employer and retain the old EB3 priority date?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • ali__amr
    07-22 07:13 AM
    hey everyone I was trying to download the swift 3d because a pparently it sweems like a cool one but the download trial wasn't accuriable anyway I looged into the net store and checked the full program, it costs about 159$ so I guess I want to download the trial first to give it a try before spending that much amount of money so if any of you know where to donwlaod it just plz post me a message with the title"FOund what you wanted" on your subjectt space.=)

    November 2nd, 2004, 06:19 AM
    Sure doesn't sound right. I'd suggest some controlled tests, using a gray card (or even a white card). Check the actual color with your favorite editor (Photoshop, etc). It might be your monitor calibration, too.

    At this point you don't really know if white balance WAS correct and, after the update, it's wrong - or vice versa.


    I-485 Case transferred [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : I-485 Case transferred

    11-29 08:58 AM
    I recently joined a company in New York area and my family resides in Chicago. Eventhough my permanent address is in Chicago, i temporarily stay in NY area. Do I need to file AR-11?


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