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  • txj1012
    09-28 11:31 AM
    My background:
    1. Got Ph.D three years ago
    2. worked in a hospital as a PI and postdoc training for three years
    3. worked as research associate at University of Houston last year
    4. working as research assistant professor(Faculty) at UH
    5. Four foreign grants including national grant
    6. several awards including the First Prize awards in foreign provincial health field
    7. Published more than 20 papers, only two are SCI (one is PNAS published this year without citation so far), others are foreign language papers have more than 40 citations.

    Now I am preparing files and will apply as EB-1b.
    can you tell me the best points to claim?
    I will tell you any progress in the coming days. Thanks forum friends.

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  • Blog Feeds
    11-05 08:50 AM
    Obviously, the prospects for major immigration reform legislation are being dealt a blow this evening. But it looks like the lord of the anti-immigrants - Tom Tancredo - is going down to defeat in the Colorado governor's race. Marco Rubio seemed to push an Arizona-like law for Florida in the election campaign, but his speech this evening was all about the immigrant dream. Perhaps he'll follow in Mel Martinez's footsteps and lead in re-establishing a pro-immigration Republican caucus. Exit polls are showing that immigration was NOT driving most voters decisions. And it's a little early to call it, but it...

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    06-05 01:20 PM
    The United States L1 visa allows companies situated in the US and overseas to transfer employees from its foreign operations to the US operations for up to seven years.After the maximum period in L-1 visa status, the employee must be employed leave the US for at least a minimum of 1 year before a new application is made for the L-1 visa or even H-1B Visa status. The employee must have worked

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  • Templarian
    01-22 10:29 AM
    At work I either use tabs or separate forms. I'm sure panels wouldn't be drastically different.

    (although i've only developed small inventory apps for scanners nothing excessively complex for these newer 6.5 devices)


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  • supers789
    07-21 02:29 PM
    yes. ur 140 is still valid. you don't need paystubs from company A, but its better to be working for company A the time you are filing 485 with them to make your case more authentic.

    hope it helps!

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  • sapking
    10-11 07:13 PM
    Contact your attorney..


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  • mhkumar
    06-05 11:38 AM
    Is my birth certificate needed to invite my parents on visitor visa? Isn't my SSC certificate showing date of birth and both parents name enough?

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  • ravifine
    05-05 01:49 PM
    I have 3yrs degree(Microbiology) and one year postgraduation diploma in computer science and 9years of work experience, Can I apply on EB2, some peolple saying at I-140 stage it gets problemetic with your degree, my employer says you can eligible to apply on EB2, Iam in real dilama, can any one please help me... thanks


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  • freedom2007
    07-15 01:24 PM
    This is the address I used. We just got approved AP 2 weeks back.

    Texas Service Center
    4141 North St. Augustine Road
    Dallas, TX 75227

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  • Tarheel1997
    07-08 09:24 AM
    Hi, this might not be the right forum for my question but at least I am hoping that I can either can an answer or steered to the correct direction. So I quit my job in the US about a month ago because I was immigrating to another country. My job was located in Arizona and I immigrated to Israel. My company knew this was the reason I was quitting. So I am wondering if I should have received a severance package or unemployment benefits because of the reason of immigrating to another country.



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  • Vic
    11-26 09:07 AM
    I dont think this means anything. With the huge influx of AP and EAD applications - I am quite certain that the last thing on USCIS's mind was making sure that the LUD was kept updated for the 485 apps. The important thing is that you have your 485 receipt and that is the acknowledgment that they have recieved the application and its in order.

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  • keepwalking
    05-14 05:55 PM
    My priority date will become current on June 1st 2011. I will add my wife to green card process on June 1st 2011 (she is in US in H-4 status now). My I-485 is with Texas processing Center.

    If I leave my sponsoring (green card) employer after 3-4 months of getting my green card and join another employer or have my own company, does it affect my wife's green card that may be still in process


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  • logiclife
    01-18 06:04 PM
    They will in Feb.

    They have to. Otherwise the universities who provide these advanced degrees only to ask students with advanced degrees go go back saying "Sorry folks, no H1s" will have to kiss goodbye to 13 billion in revenue.

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  • vishals78
    07-19 08:35 PM
    I am in a unique situation. I have filed for my H1B through company A and pretty recently got a 3 year extension too. I also have an approved Labor and I-140 through them. This May the company had an asset only aquisition and is now operating under a new name and Employee ID. Since we are all open to file our I-485 I contacted my immigration lawyer and explained the company reorganization. At first the lawyer was claiming that we should file an Amended I-140 due to the reorg. My company lawyer informed my Immigration Lawyer that the new company has not taken over the liabilities of the old company, it only took over the assets. Now my immigration lawyer claims that I will have to transfer my H1B to the new company and move forward with my original I-485 application and then port after 180 days. I wanted to get a second opinion from someone on this board.


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  • miguy
    06-26 09:42 AM
    After we have filed for 485 and lets say we (me and my spouse) receive our EAD's. If I quit my job after 6 months of filing, can my spouse (secondary applicant) continue to renew her EAD's or would she have problems since I (the primary applicant) is no longer working for the company and maybe working for myself?

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  • saibaba
    12-10 10:57 PM
    I'm going to India and is planning to get my h1 visa stamped...

    How are stamping scenarios these days at Chennai?..esp"lly due to PIMS stuff...

    I have followed lot of discussions around H1 stamping and people got struck for weeks/months in India due to PIMS and other issues..

    Is it advisable to go for H1 stamping as i'm into 7 th year of extension and I can't afford getting stuck in India for more than the granted period of vacation...I have approved AP documents handy and can use them while coming back to US...

    Can someone pls advise me on this?


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  • Blog Feeds
    05-17 12:40 PM
    There have been many op-ed pieces discussing the GOP's suicidal alienation of Latino voters. There is no evidence that Republicans will even get a short term boost from anti-immigration voters (the relatively small number of people who make that their major electoral issue) since these folks overwhelmingly vote Republican anyway. And the long term harm in terms of getting votes from the country's fastest growing electoral group will be massive. The Washington Post's Michael Gerson piece this morning does a good job summing up the stakes: Ethnic politics is symbolic and personal. Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kennedy gained African...

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  • Raj2006
    01-16 02:25 PM
    can someone please reply?

    thank you.

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  • the_jaguar
    09-29 05:44 PM
    My I-485 receipt from USCIS does have my priority date listed. In fact, they even say on the receipt that the priority date listed might not reflect the oldest priority date that you might be eligible for.

    07-10 11:40 AM
    Are you commuting between the US and Bhutan, with residence established in the latter?

    01-31 08:24 PM
    I140, we dont provide spouse information. I think, it should be fine

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