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  • lening3
    07-14 01:15 AM
    One of the RFE we got has the following two questions.

    1. IRS Tax Return Filing Status: Submit an original computer printout from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), date stamped by the IRS, showing the status of all tax returns filed by the U.S. company.

    2. IRS Computer Tax Records: Submit original computer printouts from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), date stamped by the IRS, of tax returns filed with the IRS by the U.S. company for the years: 2007-2008

    How to get these documents from IRS website?
    Time left is very short, pls help !

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  • ramus
    07-06 06:21 PM
    I think doesn't matter how many times I asked members to do some research and see if thread already exist and if they just add it there, it doesn't matter.. they will create one for every single thing they see..

    Go ahead .... create new threads and get confused yourself.

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  • p_t_smiles
    June 1st, 2005, 06:57 PM
    Here are some of my earlier pictures with my Kodak Easyshare. Look forward to comments and critisism.

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  • kirupa
    09-13 02:26 AM
    This thread is designed to help collect discussion on the Simple Page Navigation ( tutorial.

    Feel free to drop in :)

    Kirupa :mario:


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  • yuvarajc
    09-14 08:31 AM
    Thank you for the link.

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  • roseball
    09-26 12:17 PM
    We filed a H4 to H1 Change of Status petition for my wife. The file was opened and processed by USCIS and a RFE was issued. Due to some family situation, we had to withdraw the H1 petition instead of replying to the RFE.

    My question is: Is the security/anti-fraud fee ($1500) returned by USCIS in such cases. We applied through a big consulting company.



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  • gimme_GC2006
    09-04 06:31 PM

    With only 3 weeks left in Sep 2008 (keeping in mind that my PD is current since Aug-01), I have decided to contact DHS Ombudsman and Congressman for help.

    But I dont know how to start.

    I read the posting from googler.

    Is that number provided still valid or is that fax number?
    Does any one know?

    Also, how do I go about contacting Congressman? I can look up their address but dont know how to make a first move? should I write to him directly or should I call his office and explain over phone?

    Any thoughts?

    All help will be very much appreciated.:)

    Note: For all peeps, who are going to say, "You cant write your own english letter?"..No..I dont...What I know better is write C++ code :D

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  • Esherido
    07-11 04:20 PM
    Awesome! I love colors and the picture of him. Like the price too, 5K.


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  • immi_seek
    05-10 02:13 PM
    Hi all,

    I got my labour approved in Jun'07 and applied for my I-140 in Aug'07 and have been waiting for it to be approved since then. I have not yet applied for I-485. Also,I am almost reaching my 6th year of H1-B visa(FYI:I have not got my visa stamped yet).

    Now my questions are,

    1) Will I be able to switch my employer now that I am in my 6th yr of H1-B.
    2) If it's OK to switch, how many months are supposed to be left on H1-B visa to transfer to another employer.
    3) What will happen if my present employer revokes my GC application.
    4) When is the best time to switch as I will get 3 yrs of extension once I-140 is approved.
    5) Will I be able to retain my priority date if my employer revokes my GC application.

    Please do respond. I look forward to your replies.


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  • pappu
    03-28 03:36 PM
    Immigration Voice (IVpappu) on Twitter (


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  • tintya
    08-31 04:25 PM

    Does anyone know if a H1B can be transferred from a University to a company? Has anyone gone through this process?

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  • Macaca
    05-19 07:54 AM
    3 Months of Tense Talks Led to Immigration Deal ( By CARL HULSE ( and ROBERT PEAR (, May 19, 2007

    WASHINGTON, May 18 � Hours before a bipartisan deal on immigration policy was to be announced Thursday, a tenuous compromise was threatening to unravel, and tempers flared once again.

    Just off the Senate floor, Senators John McCain of Arizona and John Cornyn of Texas, both Republicans, exchanged sharp words, with Mr. McCain accusing his colleague of raising arcane legal issues to scuttle the deal. Mr. Cornyn retorted that he was entitled to his view and noted that Mr. McCain had spent more time campaigning for president than negotiating in recent weeks.

    The senatorial dust-up, described by witnesses, was just one of the tense moments in remarkable negotiations over the last three months that resulted in this week�s accord. Senator Arlen Specter, the Pennsylvania Republican who oversaw the talks, compared them to a floating craps game, with a changing cast of characters and shifting sites.

    Lawmakers and staff members who participated said passions occasionally ran high in the dozens of meetings, with Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts, sometimes using his temper as a negotiating tactic. Senators who had spent hours anguishing over the smallest details had little patience for colleagues who made brief appearances to offer their views.

    �New people came in and wanted to revisit the whole deal,� Mr. Specter said. �That happened all the time. It was very frustrating.�

    In the end, negotiators overcame political divisions and some level of distrust to produce the agreement that will be debated in the Senate beginning next week. Lawmakers said they forged bonds partly through the telling of personal stories about their own family roots, as well as long hours spent together and the prospect that the bill might be a last chance at reaching consensus on a major national problem.

    �It was like waiting for a baby to be born,� said Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, about the negotiations. �On occasion, it was like being in mediation with a divorced couple. It was like being at camp with your buddies. It was feeling like a part of history.�

    As difficult as the negotiations were, they might ultimately seem tame compared with the fight the authors of the plan now face. Before the language of the bill was even published, the proposal � a major domestic objective of the Bush administration � was under attack from the right for allowing illegal immigrants to earn citizenship and from the left for dividing families. The offices of the negotiators were under siege from critics who had the phones ringing endlessly.

    �It is real easy to demagogue this thing, and some people probably won�t be able to help themselves,� said Senator Mel Martinez, Republican of Florida and another key participant in the talks. �We are going to have to stick together on the fundamentals of this agreement.�

    The talks had their genesis in last year�s failure on immigration after House Republicans essentially chose to ignore a bill passed by the Senate that conservatives derided as amnesty since it would have allowed some of the 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States to remain and eventually qualify to be citizens.

    President Bush helped plant the seeds of this year�s negotiations on Jan. 8, at a White House event celebrating the fifth anniversary of the No Child Left Behind Act. Mr. Bush pulled aside Senator Kennedy, and they went into a room off the Oval Office to talk about immigration.

    A month later, Senator Jon Kyl, a conservative Republican from Arizona who would become an important figure in striking the deal, began meeting with other Republicans and administration officials to explore ways to find a legislative response to an issue with potent political and humanitarian ramifications.

    When those talks progressed far enough, the Republicans on March 28 invited in Democrats like Mr. Kennedy, a longtime advocate of immigration changes, and Senators Ken Salazar of Colorado and Robert Menendez of New Jersey. What followed was a series of meetings around the Capitol, typically on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, as the lawmakers, staff members, White House officials and two or three cabinet secretaries immersed themselves in immigration rules as part of unusually direct high-level negotiations.

    �To take an issue and basically start from scratch and write it from the bottom up is something I haven�t seen done in a really long time,� said Candida Wolff, chief of Congressional relations for the White House.

    The first big hurdle was cleared a few weeks ago when the negotiators settled on what they called the grand bargain, the main outlines of the issues they were going to address. Major elements included border security improvements and other measures that would have to be undertaken before new citizenship programs were put in place; potential legal status for millions of illegal immigrants; new visas for hundreds of thousands of temporary workers; and clearing a backlog of family applicants for residency.

    Republicans also won support for a new �merit-based system of immigration,� which would give more weight to job skills and education and less to family ties. The negotiators decided to adopt a point system to evaluate the qualifications of foreign citizens seeking permission to immigrate to the United States.

    No question was too small for the senators. They asked: How many points should be awarded to a refrigerator mechanic with a certificate from a community college?

    The negotiations were a roller coaster ride that continued until the deal was announced Thursday, with negotiators expressing despair one day and optimism the next.

    �Wednesday evening was one of the most important moments,� Mr. Kennedy said in an interview. �The mood and the atmosphere were good. You got a feeling that maybe this would all be possible. But on Thursday morning, it suddenly deteriorated again.� He told his colleagues that �it�s imperative that we announce an agreement� on Thursday afternoon, or else they could lose momentum. The announcement was made.

    In some respects, the lawmakers benefited from the Congressional focus on the Iraq war as they were able to negotiate below the radar, avoiding the disclosure of every twist and turn in the talks and pressure from influential interest groups. Those involved also said the deep participation of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff was vital.

    The senators who put together the bill say they have their own reservations about aspects of it. And some of the regular participants, including Senators Cornyn and Menendez, have backed away from endorsing it. But those who have embraced the bill say they intend to see it through.

    �We made a pact,� said Mr. Specter, who was referred to as Mr. Chairman even though Democrats control Congress. �We will stick together even on provisions we don�t like. We are a long way from home in getting this through the Senate.�


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  • ruchigup
    08-21 02:28 PM
    I made address changes to pending EAD renewal and I-485 yesterday in the afternoon for myself and spouse. Same day later in the evening I got email saying CPO for EAD renewal. This is a story of 8/20/2008.

    I tried called 800 number and was told that they can't verify that address was successfully changed on the application.THey don't have access to personal information. They are asking me to take Inforpass to verify the address.

    There is no LUD on either I-485 or EAD renewal after address change. Is LUD an indication that address change has been done? There are no infopass available for 2 months ( I will keep checking if somebody cancels )

    Does anybody has any pointer as to how I can verify address change without infopass


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  • Blog Feeds
    08-19 02:21 AM
    Last month, we spotted some language written by the State Department in the August Visa Bulletin which indicated that certain categories might advance rapidly in the September 2010 Visa Bulletin. And for many thousands of people, the September Visa Bulletin is a dream-come-true. Not for those with India and China employment-based (EB) priority dates who have waiting in line for much too long (Did you hear that, Congress?). For who then? For those in the worldwide EB-3 category for instance. For professionals and skilled workers, the numbers advanced over 5 months in September while for unskilled workers, the advance was...

    More... (


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  • newtoh1
    05-04 10:46 AM
    Is there any issues for my Greencard if I work for full time position for a TARP fund received bank using my EAD.?My GC is sponsered by another employer..Now I want to shift to a full time position to a bank which received TARP using EAD.

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  • vibedesign
    04-09 10:41 AM
    I am wondering if anyone knows how to create wireframe text in flash...text with a white outline so that you can se through it..or something to that effect..I'm hoping what I'm saying makes sense.


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  • sukhyani
    04-22 06:03 PM
    Key Issues to Passage of CIR

    Notwithstanding all the opposition, it seems like negotiations and compromises emanating out of those negotiations are in full swing behind the curtains.

    Lets keep our fringers crossed and hope for the best!

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  • aillarramendi
    08-31 11:28 AM
    :confused: I want to start this thread to know for how long we will be waiting for receipts:

    Filed I-140, I-485, EAD and AP : 08/14/2007
    Service Center : TSC
    EB3 - ROW
    PD : 07/2007
    Receipt: Waiting
    Check cashed: Not yet

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  • clockwork
    01-14 05:18 PM
    Thanks for sharing the info.

    05-13 04:24 PM
    Hey guys,
    No, you cannot draw anything in Swift3D besides the simple polygons such as spheres, cones, etc. What you can do is create complex 3D shapes and import it into Swift 3D. Swif3D is used primarily for 3D Animation instead of 3D creation.

    03-30 12:16 PM

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