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  • same_old_guy
    10-10 02:48 AM
    Visa Bulletin November 2009 (

    All Charge-ability Areas Except Those Listed CHINA- mainland born INDIA MEXICO PHILIP-PINES

    1st C C C C C
    2nd C 01APR05 22JAN05 C C
    3rd 01JUN02 01JUN02 22APR01 01JUN02 01JUN02
    Other Workers 01JUN01 01JUN01 22APR01 01JUN01 01JUN01
    4th C C C C C
    Certain Religious Workers U U U U U
    5th C C C C C
    Targeted Employ-ment Areas/ Regional Centers C C C C C
    5th Pilot Programs U U U U U

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  • dhirajs98
    05-04 02:54 PM

    My lawyer received an RFE on my EB3/RIR labor cert on priority date 01/26/04In Feb sometime and responded back exactly on the last day (03/01/07) it was due. I have not heard anything back from DBEC since then. Anyone here have any idea how much time they take to approve the labor after RFE is responded back, if at all they do approve it? I know couple of my friends in CA who got their labor approved within a month after their RFE was responded back. My labor was filed from WI.

    Please post your experiences if anyone experienced this before. The RFE was about company's financial document. I am not worried about the financial status of the company as it is doing pretty good from last 3-4 years consistently.

    any info on this issue will be appreciated.



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  • missedthecut
    06-16 09:37 PM
    Hi Friends,

    I have been cheated by a desi consulting company e-Data experts located in Harrisburg, PA. They applied for my labor in December of 2007 and it was audited and finally I was told in June 2010 that it was denied. Actually it was denied in January 2010 but they did not reveal this information intentionally. Now I am in my 6th year of my H1b which expires in March 2011. Can someone help me out how to sue the company for not revealing the information and firstly how can I stay in the country. BTW I have done Masters here and I am with another company now. Appreciate all your suggestions.


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  • automaton2
    April 13th, 2006, 01:54 PM
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    anybody know how long it will take to receive receipt after filing I-140 in PP [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : anybody know how long it will take to receive receipt after filing I-140 in PP


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  • sanz
    02-25 11:20 AM
    how true is that .. whenevr spillover happens it happens

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  • genuser
    02-02 12:01 AM
    I held an H1 B Visa from 2005 to 2008. I worked in the US from for 1 year from 2006 to 2007. I had to return to my home country and my visa expired in 2008. I have been out of US for more than a year and now I am on H4 status (not employed currently) and I would like to know the below:

    1. Am I eligible to renew my previous H1 visa. Will my visa petition be considered as an extension of my previous H1 B?
    2. Will my application fall under the cap exempt or will I be subject to cap limit
    3. If the above fail, what other options do I have?

    Pls guide.



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  • alg
    06-04 08:57 PM
    Thank you very much for your reply Elaine!

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  • div_bell_2003
    07-07 06:40 PM
    You are only counted against the quota once for a 6 year period , so I believe, she won't come under the quota , although it's getting harder to get H1B extensions every day


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  • Blog Feeds
    04-29 04:00 PM
    Some of you may know that I've been a co-author of the annually published LexisNexis' J-1 Visa Guidebook for the last dozen years. J-1 visas are used by a variety of folks including students and researchers training in a lot of fields. For many decades, J-1s from developing countries have been required to comply with a requirement to return to their home countries for two years following their J-1 time in the US. The idea is that the J-1 program is a part of the US foreign aid system and the two year requirement is a way to ensure that...

    More... (

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  • newtoh1
    04-29 11:47 AM
    My H1visa expirs on Aug 2009.I am travelling to india this month and be back at the end of May09.I have EAD and AP in my hand and valid till next year.
    After I come back I want to change my employer using EAD in the month of July09.

    1.While return back which one I have to show at POE? H1 or EAD?
    2.If I show H1 I will get I94 card only till Aug09.So later If Ichange to EAD will it be problem?
    3.If I show AP at the POE, my status legally changes to Parole.So can I continue till Jun09 with my current employer on H1? Because I don't want to change to EAD with my current employer as I am getting offer in July09 from new employer.
    4.I am planning to add my spouse to my GC status after I come back.He is on H1B right now.What are the impacts if I migrate to EAD?

    Can you please respond back immediately.Thanks a lot.


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  • ivar
    07-06 10:01 AM
    You mean she got an Audit (RFE) ?

    Hello all,

    My wife's labor has been stuck for 2 years ( she got an RFE ). Her company lawyers arent too helpful and asked us to just wait. Wanted to know, what steps one can take to try to figure out what is happening.


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  • GSingh
    10-13 07:27 AM
    Hello folks,
    I am on H1 B visa. I want to change my last name. If any H1 B visa holder has changed his/her name in US, please let me know the procedure and probelms encountered during the process.

    My second question is - I have valid H1B visa stamp on my passport, If I change my name, do I have to go out of the country to get my visa stamp again ?


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  • roganandric
    01-18 01:12 AM
    I hyphenated my name while I was applying for a green card. All of my Canadian documents like my passport and my Canadian photo ids like my Ontario drivers license and health card are all in my maiden name. Can I bring my green card alone with no other documents or do I need some other government issued id? The only thing that has my current name is my green card. What do I need to get a license.

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  • nkavjs
    10-09 03:03 PM
    Friends : I meant to start this thread for updates pertaining to applicants whose applications are receipted from NSC, TSC and other centres, but still waiting to recieve their finger printings notices, EAD cards and advance parole too.
    Lets share the info.


    485/AP/EAD - 2nd July, filed at NSC,
    Checks cashed - 1st Oct, 07
    Notice date - 1st October, from TSC
    Finger printing - no news
    EAD - no news
    AP - no news



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  • ck_b2001
    08-28 09:07 AM
    Did everybody who filed Jul 2nd at NSC got their reciepts?
    seems like TSC is done entering Jul 2nd application as Jul 3rd-5th are getting their reciepts. It makes me wonder as to how the reciepts are issued if Jul 2nd filers are waiting and farther dates got their reciepts. Is it only issuing delay ?

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  • skn
    11-09 05:00 PM
    My I 140 was filed recently online. I noticed that we missed out Part 4.2 where it ask for Permanent address abroad. Does anyone know if this will be an issue?


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  • Blog Feeds
    04-29 10:00 PM
    In compliance with the precautionary measures and the travel health warning issued by the Department of State, the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez is canceling all immigrant visa and waiver appointments from April 30, 2009, through May 8, 2009. Individuals with immigrant visa appointments scheduled during this time will receive a letter with the rescheduled appointment date. Individuals with a scheduled waiver appointment will be contacted via e-mail or phone regarding the rescheduling.

    Additionally, appointments for non-immigrant visas that were scheduled between April 29, 2009, through May 5, 2009, will be rescheduled. Applicants will be contacted by the call center via e-mail or phone. Additional information is available at the Ciudad Juarez Web site (

    More... (

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  • omega
    06-20 11:16 AM

    I know this is forum is not the correct place to discuss this topic. But I am posting this because some members of the forum must have already faced ths issue.

    I ahve a one month old newborn. We are planning to go to India for vacation end of July. I have to apply for my baby's US passport. But she has not received her SSN. The instuction says that SSN is not mandatory but IRS can fine you if you dont disclose that information. I tries to contact SSN office, IRS office and Passport Office. Each one will point to the other Agency. So not sure what what to do. Anyone who was in the same boat, please let me know whether there are any issues with applying for passport without SSN number.


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  • Blog Feeds
    09-28 12:40 PM
    South Korean-born Dr. Jim Yong Kim today assumes the presidency of Dartmouth College and becomes the first Asian American to lead an Ivy League university. The physician, teacher and infectious disease expert told the Dartmouth community: It is �deeply humbling for me � the child of Korean immigrants from a small town in Iowa� to follow in the footsteps of his predecessors and lead Dartmouth College. Here is a clip from today's inauguration:

    More... (

    06-15 02:35 AM
    Hi Everyone
    I am fron the UK and my PD is July 2007. I140 approved Feb 2009. Does anyone have any Idea of the length of the backlog for E3 visas for the UK.

    01-15 02:36 AM
    My I485 application was received at the Texas center on Nov 6th. No receipts yet and checks have not cashed, although the USCIS website says it is current for receipts. Anyone in my situation?

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