Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • andy garcia
    10-01 02:11 PM
    From where did you get 174,968?
    Is there any case where unused FP #'s were captured for EB?

    Recapture of Employment-Based Immigrant Visa Numbers Unused in Fiscal Years 1999 and 2000 Section 106(d) of PL 106−313 provides for the recapture of those EB numbers that were available but not used in FY 1999 and 2000.

    Beginning in FY 2001, those unused numbers (which totaled 130,107) will be made available to applicants in the EB1, EB2 and EB3 preference categories once the annual Employment-Based numerical limit has been reached.

    In FY 2002 they used 28,951 out of 130,107. The rest is history.

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  • girishvar
    07-11 11:02 AM
    Priority Date to 2006 to me is like a flashlight in the middle of the tunnel. Whether battery will run out (retrogression again) before USCIS acting on my file is a miilion $ question.

    Let us hope for the best.

    I pray for EB3 brothers and sisters and they realizing so called american hope sooner with CIR.

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  • iqube00
    09-10 01:49 PM
    I contributed $100 by Paypal and sent out an eamil to about 15 of my friends who are in the same boat as I am. My email mentioned everything IV is trying to achieve and encouraged them to contribute too. I hope atleast a few of them will come forward.

    If all of us contributing can email our friends and encourage them to do the same - that might help contributions pour in faster.

    Great job IV!

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  • sureddy
    09-09 05:02 PM
    Here is a small contribution of $100.00 towards the rally. Go IV.

    Google Order #317901158632766


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  • a1b2c3
    08-17 12:34 AM
    Looking at the recent approvals looks like USCIS does the following:

    1. Pick up x number of files using a random algorithm.
    2. Arrange these files in a random order using the same random algorithm
    followed in step 1.
    3. Randomly pick any file arranged in step 2.
    4. Toss a coin.
    5. On odd dates if it is heads,approve the file. On even dates if it is tails
    approve it.
    6. If file is not approved in step 5 put it on the shelf to be picked up
    in step 1 in next cycle.

    I can only hope you are wrong :). I hope they sort first by PD and then by RP.

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  • la6470
    03-07 12:44 PM
    Everyone feel like giving up but none of us give up :)

    I think all of us gave up - i.e gave up on our home country when we decided to settle here- there is nothing more to give up .. we are all just waiting passively for whatever destiny (USCIS and the economoy) has to hand it to us........... there is nothing to give up because nothing was yours from the beginning and nothing you will take with you when it is time to go.


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  • mallu
    04-02 02:29 PM
    You don't need to be harsh on your comments. You can go ahead and file a case with USCIS. That's what I've been saying here all the time.

    Calling me a numbskull I think is inappropriate. You can disagree with me and I can disagree with you which is the essence of this forum but not to abuse each other.

    I didn't call you numbskull and I will never call anyone numbskull, so I guess you owe me an apology.

    That is right. People can express their opinions. No name calling and rough language.

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  • 9years
    10-28 07:19 PM
    Hi Hebron,

    I have filed EB2 & EB3 with the same company (As explained earlier). EB3 as Programmer Analyst and EB2 as Database Adminstrator ( MS + 2 yrs exp.). I think it is better to take some expert attorney advice on your case. It does not hurt if you consult ( or crosscheck ) with some other attorney about your case. Most of the legal experts charge around $250 to evaluate your case and suggest.

    Best of Luck to you.



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  • Lollerskater
    05-07 12:48 PM
    Received my stimulus package. I am H1-B waiting for 485.

    Thread title extremely misleading. The rules are clearly stated of how to receive stimulus package. OP's wife is clearly not eligible. We are all frustrated about USCIS but let's be fair to respective parties and not slander the innocent.

    Requesting a mod change the title or close thread.

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  • waitin_toolong
    07-30 04:37 PM
    My husbands DL expires on Oct 1st, 2007. The North Carolina DMV insists that he should have a valid H1B visa stamp in his PP in order to renew the license. He does have a valid H1B extension with I-94 at the bottom till Oct.2009. We dont want to leave the country as we are filing for our I-485's.

    Any one in NC have any suggestions?

    Maybe he needs to go higher sometimes these officers dont understand that I-94 is all that counts. they might need some intervention to explain things you might also need to check the rules on the relevant DMV websites and quote thoses.

    States have a lot of discretion when it comes to rules they frame with regards to DL's


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  • deepimpact
    08-23 09:29 AM
    deepimpact, shame on you to think like this. This is just one more of example of how ignorant the immigrant community is about the ground realities of these law changes in the employment-based immigration rules which includes H1B, L1s, EB apps etc.

    1. The neufield memo of Employer-employee relationship & giving not 3 years of H1B visas but in some cases depending on the contract 3 months of H1B visas.
    2. The fee hikes of H1B & L1 visas.
    3. Make EB1, EB2 etc more strict to make it almost impossible to get anymore EB2 apps approved. BTW there is nothing which stops them from issuing another memo to review all EB2/EB3 I-140 approval and revise the approvals & deny them if deemed necessary. What would you say then?

    You completely missed the point. Put the events in chronological order and you will realize why IV Core insists on meeting lawmakers. Pretty soon, there will be no avenues even with a lot of legitimate experience for an immigrant unless they end up winning nobel prizes....sorry there are not many nobel prize winners in this world and I have not met one so far.

    Anyway, hope others continue to meet the lawmakers leaving your EB2-EB3 divide to ask them for recapture and removal of country limits.


    I aplogize if I hurt someone. But don't shoot the messenger, I was trying to enumerate the possible impacts of the memo. And looking at current changes to employment based immigration policies be it about H1B,L1 or EB it appears they are trying to clamp down on rather lose interpretation of minimum requirements for these visa categories which has led to overuse and abuse of them.for e.g H1B going to lottery on the very first day in 2008.
    But it seems these specifications are about EB1 and EB2 with exceptional ability (not with advance degree category) where the requriements is just a list of 10 items without any emphasis on what is defined as a succesful crietria of meeting those items.

    I guess you may have got pissed off with my third point , believe me I am not one here to create EB2-EB3 divide. Because no change in legislation is going to be for a particular EB category, it needs to be for the entire EB. Be it visa recapture, per country limit removal or dependants not being counted.

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  • scottsmith
    09-15 03:33 PM
    Very well said there are ppl like "GCTest", that will start this thread try to divide the whole community instead of supporting HR 5882 & calling all the Committee Members.

    There are people that used
    1> Labor substitution
    2> Worked in LC backlogged state like CA, NY, TX etc but filed in fast moving states like Maine, NH etc..
    3> Applied in EB2 when their job requirements wasn't really EB2.
    4> Made up five years of experience so as to apply for EB2.
    5> Packaged NIIT diploma et al as masters..

    Then there are others Who applied in EB2 because they had a masters or genuine experience AND their job demanded EB2. Also people, irrespective of their categories, toiled at BECs.

    I would be a bit skeptical about folks that filed EB2 thru a body-shopper or a consulting company. It doesnt mean that EB3s are holier-than-thou and hasnt resorted to fraud.

    My point is, the whole system is biased against people who follow the rules.
    Unless you play the system ( using the points mentioned above), you have to wait and wait and wait..

    At this point, its hard to find out who belonged to the former category and who belonged to the later. Do you think people would come forward and accept?



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  • Totoro
    05-02 09:44 AM
    Why is there so much discussion surrounding this stimulus package, I thought all of were highly skilled, high educated clique who made the big $$.
    I have seen numerous occasions where people boast of large pay packets, bill rates, and now this is a measly $1,200, an amount that could be made with working 2 days is generating such a huge discussion. This does not add up???

    This is not only about $$$, it is about discrimination. The Military families who are affected need this money more than we do, and I feel for them. However, what if next time they push through a law the prevents you from claiming any credits, no child tax credits, no mortgage credits, nothing. Then they add new "immigrant taxes", which in fact the ITIN rule already is. The only way to stop more legislation like this one is to stand up for our rights.

    Another reason to act on this matter is the SSN issue. I know I have come across several situations when my family members ran into difficulty because they don't have SSNs. This law could provide an opportunity for getting SSNs for family members.

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  • soda
    08-12 09:46 AM
    If I had my I-485 applications mailed on July 2nd and had it postmarked on July 2nd, but reached USCIS on July 3rd, according to USCIS, does that mean that my application was filed on July 2nd?

    I'm asking this question again. Can someone please respond?


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  • hmehta
    07-24 06:39 PM
    Probably it differs by state, but DL has no ties with H1-B renewal or vice-versa, at least in CA. My wife's H1 expires in Apr 09, but she recently got her DL renewed until Sept. 2012!! If it was a federal law change (after 9/11), it would have to be applied to every state.

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  • cnag
    10-25 10:27 AM
    I have emailed to the Ombudsman
    what is the e-mail id for TSC/NSC?


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  • ita
    08-25 08:13 PM
    I'm looking for homeloan options in India. Which bank would be good to apply for home loans.
    Was thinking about ICICI bank but got scared after going through the other thread about how ICICI bank is into stealing.
    I would appreciate it if anyone can give me few suggestions on this.

    Thank you.

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  • forgerator
    09-27 10:21 PM
    I think the longest wait I have ever seen is of my friend who entered the US in 1992. He did his Bachelors, then did some work on OPT, then did his Masters, then did some work on OPT, then tried to do PhD but couldnt finish it in , got a fulltime offer, worked on H1 then on extensions and finally got laid off in 2008 before his 485 could be filed. He had enough of it and finally said goodbye to US and left :) So that's 16yrs!

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  • JazzByTheBay
    09-10 08:51 PM
    It was naive for everyone, including those with PDs in 2006/2007 (and - here's the funny part.. even those who recently filed... ) to suddenly expect the tap to be flowing with full force and everyone's AOS being approved magically in the months of August and September 2008.

    We have historical data about the USCIS' efficiencies - but for those who believed (and I'm not excluding myself here... ), it was probably a welcome break, full of hope. It was great while it lasted.

    In the process, we've lost focus on the bigger goals - HR 5882 being one of them.

    When things were "CURRENT", all we could think of was tracking LUDs and claiming superiority based on an earlier PD or a "U.S. Masters... ".

    Again, it's time to take a hard look at past successes and failures, question why we're still in this country, and if you have no doubts about that - get back to the business of pushing for legislation, imho.


    Please realize that HR 5882 is the only hope for now. I had mentioned in my previous posts that EB 2 I/C will retrogress in Oct (many said i was just saying this because i was EB3). This is not the time to be complacent or hope that USCIS will start dishing out visas and clear the backlogs. Help in working towards getting something done with the bills, the window of opportunity is very short.

    03-17 09:48 PM
    Did anybody notice this in the IRS communication that was sent out to taxpayers:

    For taxpyers, the amount of money will be "reduced" or " completely phased out" for individuals making adjusted gross income or more than $75K ( or more than $150 if married and filing jointly).

    How about that?

    Not surprising. People who earn $75K (single) or $150K (as a couple) are not the ones who drastically change their lifestyles because of recession or high gas prices. In fact these people are anyways earning much above the national average. It's the low/middle-income folks that bear the brunt of high inflation and soaring gas prices...they are the ones being goaded into spending.

    Anyways, think twice before you spend the rebate foolishly. Why not send it to IV, contribute to an IRA or fund your kid's 529 plan?


    07-06 02:10 PM
    No, they did not take the original was there online in archived sections. They may be getting calls seeing the current one and the archived they thought to clarify (making us read both of them together). That is all.

    {hmm....that makes me think...did USCIS complain to DOS that they are still receiving 485's and that the old bulletin still exists online. So, DOS found this solution....Just my 0.02
    But when they revised it on July 2nd they took the original VB offline. Now they bring the original VB back online and they are asking folks look at both of them together.

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