Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • lskreddy
    04-30 03:17 PM
    Guiterrez (spelt wrong) was brilliant in stating how screwed the FB system. He was particularly clear on his examples for FB. Kudos to him..

    And, they talked about the statute and bulletin mismatch of words...

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  • rustamehind
    07-24 03:03 PM
    I don't know much about the process, I just came to America less than 1 year back, but I know my lawyer was supposed to mail application to reach on July 2, 2007 instead he made a mistake to reach on June 29, 2007 because he said July 1, 2007 was a Sunday so he would rather be early than late. USCIS accepted and receipted me.

    I am the manager in my brother's gas station in LA. He got a investor visa when he came from Punjab but now he is citizen. I am on EB3. I have Bachelors in Business Administration from Panjab University in Chandigarh. I can't be EB1 or EB2, I barely made it through college :D

    Paaji , Hope your are not from Punjab Police.Everyone is scared of them , that might be the reason , why your application was pocessed out of turn.:D

    Just kidding , N'joy man , you are one lucky guy.

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  • Keeme
    03-06 05:57 PM
    To keep the HOPE high;) One more point to consider , remember a month back there was a information going around on the # of Cards ordered by USCIS? Man, all these crazy things going around with
    a) LUDs
    b) Name Check 180 days rule
    c) # of Cards ordered etc etc., etc., is making ppl. more anxious.....

    Agree. I still blame name check 180 rule - a major decision by USCIS/FBI helped this backlogg to go from bad to worst.

    Name check 180 rule -it allowed thousands of people from EB1 / EB2 Row to get their 485 cleared and consumed major chunk of 2008/09 EB visas. Had it been not there, many old timers, would have used visas as their Name check would have been cleared before them.

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  • gbof
    02-08 03:02 AM
    If the girl is working and earning money, she has all the rights to spend the way she wants, including giving money to her parents. If she is not working, then help should be based only on humanitarian basis because we never know when one's financial situation changes. I can't understand how any girl can force her husband to spend for her parents and siblings especially when she is not earning.

    I fully support need based humantarian help. Irrespective of daughter earning or not, most
    parents (in middle class) in india WILL not accept beyond a token. Gifts/help to siblings is some what natural. There is a limit to everything and people should understand this and draw a line.


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  • digital2k
    05-03 07:58 PM
    This is The call
    Don't miss the chance

    IV and We suceeded in July, 2 Year EAD and many more ...

    Pls pick up the phone and do your bit

    IV is YOU and is Your Best Friend

    As the CIR bill outline is getting introduced today, we all need to do our share in making our voice heard. Our issues are real and affect about a million people patiently waiting in line for past several years. We are high-skilled immigrants who have followed all the rules and contribute significantly to the innovation and economy of this county. Our strength is our grassroots efforts, so let us all call our lawmakers and ask them to take immediate action on the immigration bill.

    Call your Legislators:

    Immigration Voice is organizing a nationwide call-the-lawmakers drive. We request members to call each and every senator and congress member. This drive will precede the �Advocacy Day(s)� in Washington, DC and �Meet the lawmaker� drive in local districts. Members can use this phone call conversation with their local lawmaker offices to follow-up with lawmakers when they meet during the break just after the Memorial day.

    Don�t miss this opportunity:

    This is the perfect time to call the lawmakers. The bill needs a push via support from people like us and all lawmakers needs to be encouraged and urged to help us. There are indications that there will be lot of activity on immigration issues in both House and Senate after the Memorial day. We need to make those activities go in our favor and not die like the CIR bill in 2006 & 2007. Thus it is important to starting calling lawmakers, starting from the Senate members. In order to capitalize on this opportunity, it is very important that everyone calls every lawmaker of this country. The similar next opportunity will be in 2013. We can participate now or we will all have ourselves to blame.

    This campaign starts today at 4:00 PM EST on 29th April, 2010) (Today) and will run until the end of next week. All IV members are encouraged to make multiple phone calls whenever they find some time during the day.


    This is the order in which we would prefer that members call. Call all the senators listed here, even if they are not from your state.

    This is the list of offices where there is maximum potential to swing votes either because they are new in the US senate or because they may be reconsidering their position on CIR if the bill has stricter provisions in it.


    Senator Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts)
    (202) 224-4543 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting**************(202) 224-4543******end_of_the_skype_highlighting

    Senator Judd Gregg (R-New Hampshire)
    (202) 224-3324

    Senator Richard Lugar (R-Indiana)
    (202) 224-4814

    Senator Michael Enzi (R-Wyoming)
    (202) 224-3424

    Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina)
    (202) 224-5972

    Senator John Ensign (R-Nevada)
    (202) 224-6244

    Senator Orin Hatch (R-Utah)
    (202) 224-5251

    Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas)
    (202) 224-2934

    Senator John Kyl (R-Texas)
    (202) 224-4521

    Senator Mitch Mcconnell (R-Kentuky)
    (202) 224-2541

    Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota)
    (202) 224-3244

    Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri)
    (202) 224-6154

    Senator Jon Tester (D-Montana)
    (202) 224-2644

    Senator Jim Webb (D-Virginia)
    (202) 224-4024

    Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-Rhode Island)
    (202) 224-2921

    What you could say to the Senator offices listed above:

    When you call:
    Be courteous. Tell the lawmaker office that:

    I am a high skilled immigrant and a member of Immigration Voice. I fully support the proposed comprehensive immigration reform bill due to be introduced later in the day today.

    I am calling to express my support for the high skilled provisions to resolve the current green card backlogs of the doctors, engineers, research scientist and professors etc. This group of highly skilled immigrants stimulates every part of the economy participating in creating economic prosperity, innovation and entrepreneurship for creating more jobs in America.

    I strongly urge the Senator to please support this bill. If it is possible, could you please share the position of the Senator on the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill?

    Thank you and I am counting on the Senator�s support for this very important bill of national priority. Please convey regards to the Senator.
    If you belong to the constituency (State) of the lawmaker, then tell them that you belong to their district/state and are calling to seek their help. If you are talking to a Senator office then tell them you are anxiously waiting for a Senators support for the immigration bill.

    - Then ask: What is the lawmaker�s position on this bill/issue for you? If the position is
    - Supportive: Then thank the lawmaker office for it.

    - If they oppose it: Then request them to support the high skilled green card provisions of the bill that will greatly help you. You sincerely hope that the lawmaker will reconsider his/her position and help you.

    - Be polite and persuasive in your message.

    Question What if some Senators say they do not support amnesty. -

    Answer "For last 10 years there has been no High-skilled immigration bill passed by the Congress. The world has changed in last 10 years. I understand that the Senator is a champion for creating more jobs in America. Employment based green cards will create jobs in America. I want to start my own company and hire people in America. But I cannot do that if I don't have a green card.

    I would sincerely request you to please convey to the Senator if he would consider supporting some version of the immigration bill
    giving more weight to green cards and creating jobs in America, or maybe the Senator could lead the effort for improving the proposal"


    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Nevada)
    (202) 224-3542

    Senator Dick Durbin (Illinois)
    (202) 224-2152

    Senator Chuck Schumer (New York)
    (202) 224-6542

    Senator Patrick Leahy (Vermont)
    (202) 224-4242

    Senator Dianne Feinstein (California)
    (202) 224-3841

    Senator Bob Menendez (New Jersey)
    (202) 224-4744

    Sen. Ben Cardin (Maryland)
    (202) 224-4524


    When you call:
    Be courteous. Tell the lawmaker office that:
    I am a high skilled immigrant and a member of Immigration Voice. I fully support the proposed comprehensive immigration reform bill due to be introduced later in the day today.

    Thank you for the Senator�s leadership on this very important issue of immigration. Please convey my gratitude, full support and regards to the Senator.

    - Be polite and persuasive in your message.

    Stick to the message and you will really make a big difference.

    Please post the outcome of your call on this thread. For more information please contact IV.

    Thank You,

    Immigration Voice

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  • lonedesi
    08-06 12:45 PM
    Please leave a comment on this thread after you have mailed the Form & letter. We need to get an idea regarding how many people actually took the time to send out the letters. Your post will motivate people who are just watching to join us in this campaign.


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  • justin bieber et selena gomez.

  • yabadaba
    12-21 08:39 PM
    Nathan Muller on Dec 21, 2006 at 09:59:25 said:

    Your statment: "They claim that persons on H1-B do not pay taxes, that they bring in millions of family members and produce thousands of 'anchor babies.' These are the same lies being touted by Tancredo and his breed. Under the H1-B visa we are not exempt from any taxes charged by the IRS."

    I challenge you to produce a quote from Tom Tancredo or Lou Dobbs where they say this about H1-B workers. I follow this issue closely and I have never heard of such statements about H1-B workers coming from either of these men.

    Before you accuse others of lying, please tell the truth yourself!

    Ali on Dec 21, 2006 at 07:51:16 said:

    The fact that the visas you came in on are "temporary" in nature and only allow you to switch IF you can get green card sponsorship for the proscribed number of slots already tells you that Americans are willing and able to accept a certain limited number of immigrants--and no more.

    Those of you who imagine that a temporary visa such as a student visa or H1-B guarantees you a green card are kidding yourselves.

    raj on Dec 20, 2006 at 13:49:50 said:

    swesome artcle.i

    Brian on Dec 20, 2006 at 12:34:03 said:

    Currently I work with many H1b workers form Indian. These temporary workers are creating anchor babies all the time. Now we have to educate their children as well as give them our jobs.

    Since these H1b workers have come to the United States our globlal corporations refuse to train or permote Americans. They are not great minds but cheap labor. The H1B visa is a temporary work visa. Please go home after your work is complete

    bill gates on Dec 20, 2006 at 11:31:41 said:

    Pribh Das, please go home. We have enough race baiters already.

    Go on with your life somewhere else.


    Post Your Comments

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  • satishku_2000
    07-05 05:05 PM
    No... Why?

    Can you please tell me the senators office you called so that I can call them too ..:) more calls the better


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  • desi485
    12-03 01:28 PM
    There is a different thread also going on, but sharing it here for anyone who have not noticed it yet. RG updated his website with below information.

    Good news concerning AOS denials based on I-140 revocations

    Looks like the header of that thread is misleading...though its a good news for those suffering because CIS error, it can mislead some IV visitors that issue is over. Unfortunately this is not the case, though it is some what relief to know that MTR are successful. However in first place, an applicant should not have to go through this HORROR. I wish CIS comes out and accept this error and make sure that this is not repeated again in future.

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  • pkv
    05-07 10:09 PM

    Congress penalizes U.S. troops, legal U.S. residents in attempt to punish illegal immigrants
    By Ken McLaughlin
    Mercury News
    Article Launched: 05/07/2008 06:51:18 PM PDT

    map loc val immig state

    When Congress passed an economic-stimulus package giving hefty rebates to most taxpayers, it tried to make sure that illegal immigrants didn't get any of the cash.

    But in doing so lawmakers inadvertently penalized hundreds of thousands of legal U.S. residents - and tens of thousands of U.S. troops stationed overseas - simply because their spouses lack a Social Security number.

    "Imagine an American soldier in Iraq whose foreign-born wife is waiting for an immigration petition to be approved and doesn't have a Social Security card. Now the couple can't even get a rebate," said Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-San Jose. "That is really stupid."

    Others in the predicament include about a million legal residents whose spouses are still overseas because of long immigration queues and hundreds of thousands of H-1B work visa holders in Silicon Valley and elsewhere.

    The scope of the problem is only now becoming clear as the government begins mailing out rebate checks. The first checks were electronically deposited in bank accounts last week.

    Because illegal immigrants don't have Social Security numbers and instead routinely use "tax identification numbers," Congress banned rebates for taxpayers who use the IRS-issued numbers.

    If a married couple files jointly and one spouse doesn't have a Social Security number, the couple won't get the $1,200 checks that other couples will receive. They're also ineligible for the $300 rebate per child. Many Armed Forces members stationed overseas have foreign spouses who can't get Social Security numbers.

    William Luong, stationed at a U.S. naval base in Yokosuka, Japan, said his fellow seamen resent that they've landed in the same category as illegal immigrants.

    "They understand the reason they're getting the shaft," said Luong, 21, who is from the Los Angeles area. "but a lot are frustrated or angry about it."

    More than 288,000 troops are stationed overseas, according to the Pentagon - not counting those in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many live in places - Korea, Japan and Germany - where extended stays often result in marriages to locals.

    The unintended situation developed after the House in late January passed the economic-stimulus legislation at the urging of President Bush. But anti-illegal immigration groups then lobbied the Senate to add the Social Security requirement, fearing that illegal immigrants would get their hands on the checks.

    The Federation for American Immigrant Reform - whose members went on radio talk shows to bash the House version of the stimulus bill - has no apologies.

    "No law was ever written that doesn't find someone falling through the cracks," said Ira Mehlman, a FAIR spokesman, who said he hoped government officials will come up with some way to help Armed Forces members.

    But H-1B visa holders and legal immigrants who are being denied rebates say they want some justice, too.

    "If the government collects taxes from us, we should be able to get rebates given to other legal residents, it should be a level-playing field," said Parveen Kumar, an H-1B visa holder who lives in Sunnyvale.

    Kumar moved to Silicon Valley from India with his wife three years ago. He now works as an engineer at Intelliswift Software in Fremont. But his wife, Anu, is on a H-4 "dependency visa" that doesn't allow her to work.

    After he found out about the rebate law, he went to the Mountain View office of the Social Security Administration and asked if he could get a number for his wife. He was told no.

    John Johnston, a spokesman for the Social Security Administration, confirmed on Wednesday that the agency's policy is not to issue Social Security cards simply for the purpose of issuing tax rebates.

    According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, there are now between 600,000 and 800,000 H-1B visa holders in the United States. Exactly how many are married to spouses ineligible to work in this country is unclear.

    Another group of immigrants - about a million nationwide - are non-citizen green-card holders who are already facing seven-year waits to get permission for their spouses to immigrate to their country.

    "I've been in America for well over 20 years, and I consider myself an American," said Amir Nikpouri of Orland Park, a suburb of Chicago. "All I'm trying to do is obey the laws, but this one seems really unfair."

    Nikpouri, 31, was married three years ago, but his wife won't be eligible to immigrate from Iran for a few more years.

    "We are here legally and paying taxes and enjoying what a married family should be enjoying," said Aung Moe of San Jose, 33, a Burmese political refugee who works as an engineer at Applied Materials. His wife, Mon, is an electrical engineer who is forced to live separately from her husband in Singapore.

    "Already we cannot be together, and now she cannot get a Social Security number," he said. "This needs to be fixed."



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  • amitjoey
    08-12 11:46 AM
    Just dont get what the senator is intending here ....

    Not sure if senator is missing it or dodging it ....

    The senator is missing it or dodging it - it clearly means one thing -we are invisible as constituents. We are being taken for a ride only because we do not speak up or go meet our lawmakers. They do not see us as ordinary constituents having the same issues as their other constituents. The whole human -angle is missing.

    We have to go meet our lawmakers and explain to them our part of the story/ They need to be told and made aware that we live in their constituencies and our grievances are genuine and need to be addressed.

    And although this particular bill does not affect people that are here already.. Beware!! the noose is tightening- the next on the chopping block is EB Immigrants.

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  • vbkris77
    08-12 11:08 AM
    So much for unions to support them for mid term elections.. Come next year, if dems still have same majority, H1B/L1B word will be removed from India's IT dictionary..


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  • chanduv23
    12-01 11:49 AM
    Another soft LUD on the 485 today - this is the 4th soft LUD since 11/24.

    Another soft LUD on the 140, 765, 131 - second soft LUD since 11/24.

    you may likely be getting an RFE or probably close to ur approval :)

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  • Kodi
    05-08 03:16 PM
    I'm new to all this. What is the 45 day letter?


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  • mundada
    06-11 04:29 PM
    Buddy you are right! I was at my relative's place and they received their GCs recently about a year ago.
    They were happy that the govt. is doing all kinds of H1-B checks and restricting immigration. I am not saying they are bad people but rising costs of living (not only because of inflation (?) but mainly because of growing children which require paying for swimming, paying for paino, etc., house maintenance, updating furniture, etc.) make people to behave in a certain way. They were all worried because immigration in IT was depressing their salaries and blah blah. It's natural cycle of life and very tough to be financially independent but then bajrangbali is exception as he could predict in march what well fargo would be in june and today he can predict what well fargo will be in september!

    Nitinboston is right. He is not saying that we do not deserve it. Just saying that we should not behave that we are entitled to it. The Govt did not promise that one will get green card in X years...and broke that promise. Yes, the system is flawed and all sorts of people get ahead in line..and some get stuck.

    However, this crazy rants critizing the country where we want to settle down is a bit hypocritical. If you hate so much...please leave...its a choice.

    Once again, I am not saying we do not fight for improvement..and better quotas..better visa allocation (and more of them). But let us not behave like bad guests.

    I am personally suffering big time despite being in the country for 10 years..and will support initiatives. But I will not behave like as if I have been wronged. If one feels so wronged..please pack up and leave. If you think you have been cheated of your social all means...please go to a country where you can earn more money and keep all that.

    Once all of us become citizens...we will then start wondering that our jobs are being taken away by new immigrants..and the cycle continues........

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  • ArkBird
    08-12 03:10 PM
    Am I the only one here feeling like being used as toilet paper waiting to get flushed with other "stuff" ??


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  • axp817
    12-01 10:20 AM
    Another soft LUD on the 485 today - this is the 4th soft LUD since 11/24.

    Another soft LUD on the 140, 765, 131 - second soft LUD since 11/24.

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  • chanduv23
    09-12 11:07 AM
    In my opinion

    (1) Community must unite
    (2) People must come out of anonymity by providing true information
    (3) People must walk the talk - just not open threads and keep discussing
    (4) Efforts must be well organized - IV is a great organization - we have state chapters where people can organize themselves - helps us all to do things more effectively

    The biggest issue is - everyone come here and open threads but it alll stops there - people join state chapters but do nothing - just want to get updates - and always blame IV for whatever happens and question IV and want to grill IV as to what IV is doing.

    Can we all get organized?

    Sanjeev - I am sorry I am digressing from the original plan of this thread - but lets face reality - what is the use of all these tangential efforts - you may get hundreds of replies on this thread - but is there a proper directive? No one knows what to do it all starts and ends in discussion and waste of valuble time doing nothing.

    I would rather recommend
    (1) Lets get organized
    (2) Give out proper information
    (3) Pledge wholehearted support
    (4) Be committed
    (5) Join a state chapter
    (6) Expand the community
    (7) Work hard
    (8) gather support
    (9) take initiatives to lead - support will follow
    (10) Do not waste time on unnecessary predictions, discussing waste, roumors etc...
    (11) Understand the effort - lobbying - understand that IV needs a lot of money for lobbying - please contribute - please raise funds

    Is everyone ready to do the above?

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  • chi_shark
    02-23 12:51 PM

    i just returned from an infopass meeting... the guy i talked to said that they recently have a directive from the DHS/USCIS that they want to separate the legal stuff from the illegal stuff and hence they are planning to adjudicate a record number of EB apps in the next quarter or two... does anyone else concur? is this true or were my ears just ringing in that meeting?


    07-18 07:20 PM
    Thanks to IV and all its memebers for their efforts. And congrates to all on their success.

    Now its time to strengthen IV. We have just contributed (one time contribution), will again do so in future. Also will try to get friends to contribute.

    09-12 07:30 PM
    Allen American
    Athens Daily Review
    Azle News
    Corsicana Daily Sun
    Dallas / Fort Worth Heritage
    Denton Record-Chronicle
    Dallas Examiner
    Dallas Morning News
    Dallas Observer
    Dallas Post Tribune
    Dallas Voice
    El Hispano News
    El Sol de Texas
    Gainesville Daily Register
    Greenville Herald Banner
    Hood County News
    Paris News
    Senior News Source
    Stephenville Empire-Tribune
    Terrell Tribune
    Texas Jewish Post
    Wise County Messenger
    D Magazine
    KLIF 570 AM
    KNES 99.1 FM
    DCTV (Ch. 27A, 11B, 13B, 14B, 15B)
    Texas Triangle
    Plano Star Courier
    Fort Worth Star-Telegram
    KRLD 1080 AM
    WBAP 820 AM

    Printed Letters being mailed to:
    USA Radio Network
    2290 Springlake Rd, Ste 107
    Dallas, TX 75234

    Salem Radio Network
    6400 N Beltline Rd, Ste 210
    Irving, TX 75063

    KSCS 96.3 FM
    2221 E Lamar Blvd, Ste 300
    Arlington, TX 76006

    KETR 88.0 FM

    KNTU 88.1 FM (NPR ) Univ of North Texas

    KERA 90.1 FM (NPR)

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