Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • myimmiv
    12-17 02:10 PM
    My wife will be coming back in April 2nd week through Denver. CO POE. Her AP is valid until June 3rd week.

    My question is that is 2 months of AP validity / cushion enough or safe to enter the US.

    Will she get a 1 year I-94 validity from the date of entry or only until her AP expires?

    This question has also been posted in the member forum and I have posted it here to get advice from the eminent lawyers from a legal standpoint.

    Thanks in advance for all your time.

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  • goel_ar
    05-18 08:54 PM is the right place for it.

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  • mach1343
    09-24 05:18 PM
    You will be out-ofstatus. And you need to find a job before 30-day grace period (it depends on the person who is handling your case) and move back to H1. Otherwise you cab either change to a different visa category if possible else you have to find a job and get your H1 through consular processing which happens to visit your home country get the visa stamped and comeback to US.

    I am not sure about your previous H1B. if they have revoke your h1 then you cant do anything.

    This is my opinion. But you can wait what others to say about this.

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  • virtual55
    11-22 01:57 PM
    Hello Gurus,

    Can we change company based upon approved I140 and get a 3 H1B in the 7th year of H1
    what happens if my previous employer cancels I140.


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  • das0
    12-08 04:38 PM

    Need a immigration lawyer in Austin TX who specialize in AC21 and Employment based visas

    please advise

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  • sxk
    04-19 04:08 PM
    I have EAD, AP and H-1B. I don't have H-1b stamped on my passport. I would like to travel on AP.
    According to my lawyer;
    "For every paper (AP) you have, you can make one trip with it. So if you have 3 original papers, you make 3 trips in and out of the country."

    Is this true? My friends who traveled outside the country were told at the port of entry that AP can be used for multiple entry and the above does not hold true.

    Any insight would be appreciated.

    thanks in advance


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  • pappu
    06-03 10:32 AM
    Yes IV recognizes this issue and that a lot of our members are suffering from it. We also recognize the cutoff date and how all new applicants will suffer from it. Please read my post in the funding drive thread. If you have questions on IV position or work, you can PM us. Thanks

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  • arc
    11-07 07:58 PM
    but as far as the AD is concerned, an AD is for a position not for a person, if 1 AD satisfy the skill set and available position then one AD can work for multiple positions.


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  • ShinX001
    03-18 08:42 AM
    So I am trying to create an ellipse which has a few bumps in its shape(path),
    I want to be able to dynamically create new shapes that have a different
    path each time a new one is created. Any one have any idea about how
    to go abotu the concept for this?

    Dont need code just need ideas on best ways to go about this.

    Thanks in advanced.... :mario:

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  • pappu
    11-28 10:29 PM
    Is there only one member in the IL chapter? I am sure we have several IV members from this state and nobody has responded. It is sad to see such response from members. IN order to get anything done, we all have to pitch in and help out.


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  • Blog Feeds
    08-24 02:00 PM
    When she and her husband called me, she thought that she qualified for benefits under CSPA. Initially, I was skeptical. In every seminar regarding the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) that I have presented on behalf of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), my mantra has always been, if you marry, you lose whatever benefits you gained under CSPA. Still I listened to what she had to say, and in the end, I agreed with her. She and her husband were both physicians, born in India and trained in the U.S. They both would have qualified for permanent residence in...

    More... (

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  • rdehar
    07-16 02:46 PM
    Thanks sachug22.

    I don't know when EB3 is going to be current for me, this gives something to weigh my options against.


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  • gc_kaavaali
    09-20 03:19 PM
    It should be okay. I sent to my attorney as well as my HR. I do not see any issues as long as it is just GC copy.

    My attorney asked me to send a copy of my GC to make sure the info is correctly printed. Is it ok send it to them?

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-03 12:50 PM
    The folks at the Immigrant Legal Resource Center have come up with a list of recommendations for legislators as they craft a legalization plan in the upcoming comprehensive immigration reform debate: 1. Date of entry requirement for eligibility: The required date of entry should be as close to the date of introduction of the bills as possible. This will accomplish the goal of legalizing as many otherwise deserving immigrants as possible as well as simplifying the administration of the program by CIS. [Simple and Broad Eligibility Provisions] 2. No �known to the government� requirement: The legalization program should not include...

    More... (


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-13 05:40 PM
    I've heard from police before who believe that turning local law enforcement officers into immigration enforcement officers discourages people from reporting crimes and distracts the police from doing their jobs. They also know that illegally present immigrants are targets for criminals and this drives up the crime rate for everyone as crime is rarely contained in one community. The chiefs all called on Congress to pass immigration reform. This week, leading police officers from around the US held a press conference held a press conference in Washington that included Chief of Police Art Acevedo of Austin, TX Chief of Police...

    More... (

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  • StuckInTheMuck
    07-23 11:36 AM
    The absence of I485 receipt may be an issue, because they would put a stamp on that paper after taking your (I485) FP. They would do the same on your EAD FP notice letter.


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  • GC2010
    03-05 04:29 PM
    Hi, I have/had valid I-94 all the time. Recently I renewed my passport in US. But I renewed it 3 months after expiry of old one. I heard from friends that, you need to have valid passport for the entire period of H1B petition validity. Wondering, If am in trouble for not renewing my passport before it expired. Please give your opinions.

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  • gc2
    09-29 07:20 AM

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  • bibs
    02-10 11:25 PM
    With the current market crisis, you never know when you will be out of job.
    Though I have my H1B valid till 2011( my I140 is approved and is already over more than six months, 485 is pending), Most of the people suggesting me to apply for EAD.

    1) What are the procedures I have to maintain ( in connection to USCIS and my green card application pending) if I change employer?

    2)Can I also work for multiple employers on EAD?

    Thanks in advance.

    08-28 01:53 PM
    Hi All,

    I am trying to change my wife from H1B to H4. There is this question in I539 for which I am not sure how to reply,

    If you answered "Yes" to Question 3g in Part 4 on Page 3 of this form, fully describe the employment. Include the name of theperson employed, name and address of the employer, weekly income and whether the employment was specifically authorized byUSCIS.

    would something of this sort be enough

    I, xyz am working as a Systems Analyst with abc Inc. My job responsibilities include blah blah.

    abc Inc is located at blah.

    I am drawing a monthly salary of $xxx. A weekly income based on monthly salary would be $xxx

    The employment was authorized by USCIS, the receipt number is EAC-xxxx

    06-22 01:55 PM
    You need to give more information. Do you have two approved I-140? Or u asking that if two I-485 can be filed with one I-140?

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