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  • diptam
    06-29 09:08 AM
    1) If A# is not available so we need to populate it with I-94# ? I got
    this weird idea from Point 10 of I-765 form where it says A# or I-94#
    Of course in other places it just asks A# ( specially in I-131 form)

    2) For I-131 there are lot of doubts - want to double check

    a) Class of Admission - ?
    b) A# is the very first Information sought !!
    c) Date of Intended Departure and Expected length of Trip
    d) For how many Trips you intend to use

    3) In G-325A Bigraphic form also at the end - it again asks for
    ALIEN REGISTRATION NUMBER - what is the that ??


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  • waiting_4_gc
    07-31 07:13 PM
    I found the answer to my question but i cant delete my post :(

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  • Lord Rahl
    03-04 10:03 PM
    This reminds me of the guy from office space for some reason or the guy from that other one.... what's it called.... the quiet guy I think?
    Nice job.

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  • ruby
    10-13 06:43 PM
    My RIR labor was filed and have a PD of Nov 2004. It was stuck in BEC and my company decided to file my PERM in 2006. Now my I-140 based on PERM application was just filed, when my RIR based labor was approved. My 6 yrs of H1 exp Feb next year. I can't file my RIR based I-140 as my PERM based I-140 is already filed. So I'm planning to premium process my perm based I-140. Also my comany will file I-140 based on my RIR application for better PD . My questions are:
    1) If I get 3 year extension based on PERM based I-140, will there be some problem in future if I change my company and try to use my RIR based PD (after I140 approval)
    2) or should I premium process my RIR bases I-140 also (after getting my current PERM I140 approved), so that I can file my H ext based on RIR applications to avoid any problems in future for PD retension


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  • pamposh
    08-05 02:19 PM
    I sent my application to vermont based on the USCIS answering system on June 30th that folks with approved I-140s should send 485 applications to the center where it was approved. Any ideas, if there is a problem with that and if the app gets transferred how much time it will take.

    anyone else in the same boat?

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  • nrekha
    10-05 11:13 AM

    I am planning to get my H1B extension Visa stamped in Montreal, Canada. i am in US right now. I have completed the online application. I have paid the fee through my credit card and the status of the transaction is showing as "Pending" in my bank account. I can able to see "MRV Fee Receipt Number". i can also able to see Schedule Appointment First Available: Friday, November 12, 2010 09:30 AM. But I am not able to schedule an appointment. All of the steps I performed on Yesterday. So I have waited for today for any changes and all remains the same.

    Please help me.

    With regards,


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    06-14 09:22 PM
    Company A has file for H1B and it got stamped. I came to USA last week and did not join them (Company A) as they were not able to provide me job and were asking me to delay my trip to USA. Now last week monday they (Company A) said they will terminate my visa and will report to USCIS. My new employer has yet not applied for H1B transfer. So i wanted to know how much time do i have left to do it (H1B Trasfer). Suppose Company A filed for visa cancellation on 11th June, Monday. Please let me know if there would be any problem in filing for H1B transfer now as Company A has filed for cancellation before I file for H1B Transfer.

    I would appreciate a detiled reply.


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  • BEC_fog
    12-27 11:05 AM
    The primary can keep working on H1. If you don't plan on changing your job, be on H1. If there is any issue with your application, then you are still on H1. If you are on EAD and your application is denied, then your EAD also becomes invalid.


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  • h_shaik
    10-17 12:44 PM

    hair George Soros bought a george soros family. criticizing George Soros
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  • cfa
    09-23 06:09 PM

    gurus, please respond. Sorry for posting again.


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  • udayak
    03-06 03:41 PM
    Does anyone have feedback on "Saga Consulting Services"

    They say that, they can pay at 90/10 or 80/20
    and also pay some amount in "per-diem"

    This will make effective rate to be "more than 90%"

    Is anyone currently working with this company ?

    Any type of feedback on this company is


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  • freddyCR
    August 12th, 2005, 04:00 AM


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-03 02:10 PM
    Despite regular statements by pundits that lawmakers can't move an immigration reform bill in the middle of a recession, several recent polls show the public not only is ready, but that support for reform has actually been INCREASING. I've blogged on recent ABC/Washington Post and CBS/NY Times polls and yesterday I listened in on a media conference call hosted by the pro-immigration advocacy group America's Voice that featured Pete Brodnitz of the firm Benenson Strategy Group and Celinda Lake of Lake Research Partners who discussed their recent public opinion research. Benenson's firm has done recent polling on the subject and...

    More... (

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  • atlgc
    11-02 03:55 PM
    can any one reccomend a relaible ,inexpensive attorney who can do h1-b (beyond 6years with 140 approvals),prefer some one in atlanta but doesn't matter



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  • JamesBB
    08-26 09:17 AM

    Our H1B/H4 status has been approved with 3 yr extension. We have an approved AP also. As of today, I am on H1 (don't want to use it) and my spouse is working using EAD (got the EAD as a resultant of my 485 dependent).

    Now, I have two Q's?
    1. Since she is working using EAD and now that her H4 extension is approved, will this approval invalidate her EAD ?
    2. If we go for stamping (and that our H1/H4 will be stamped), will that stamping also invalidate my spouse's EAD ? We can very well come back using Advance Parole, but to be on safe side we want to get the stamping done (as others suggest). Don't know what would be the correct and best way. Appreciate your response and advice.

    Thanks ~

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  • ckpas
    01-07 10:22 AM
    When my employer looked up my case number on the DOL site, the case status showed as "certified" and apparently when he downloaded the certified ETA 9089 the section where it says "Signature of the certifying officer" doesn't bear CO's any stamping/signature.

    My employer came to know this only yesterday obviously 'coz he overlooked and we just have two more months remaining on this PERM validity. My employer also said he can't file for I-140 unless we hear back from the DOL on the CO signature issue.

    He has apparently emailed DOL asking for clarifction on this.

    1. Would DOL even bother to look at the incoming emails after the case has been approved?.

    2. Does CO's rubber stamp signature really required for 140?. What if we don't hear back from DOL on time, can we just go ahead with 140 filing?.

    3. I am on my 6th year of H1b.

    Any response on this matter is truly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot to everyone.


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  • joeshmoe
    08-31 01:46 PM
    I filed on June 5th, TSC.
    FP done on July 24th
    Got EAD for me and my wife about 3 weeks ago
    I am EB3 ROW Dec 04

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  • julsun
    01-20 10:26 PM
    Hi All,

    We had filed for AP from NSC for my wife in Oct. She needs to travel on 1st Feb, so we took a local infopass appointment hoping to have local office issue AP. Two days before our local Infopass appointment, online status for my wife's AP said that they have requested further evidence. We are yet to receive the document for same so do not know what evidence they are asking for.

    On Friday, when my wife went to local Infopass office, she was told that they can not issue local AP if her case has an RFE at NSC center, and was told to wait for the document. We are in a bind right now as she needs to travel and local office wont issue AP.

    Any suggestions for this one? Have already contacted NSC twice to get details on RFE but they are also saying wait for the letter :-(


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  • suchiram
    12-19 10:53 PM
    I have been on q job with a client since October. The setup is like this. Me->my employer->Vendor-.Client.

    The work order my employer has states that my work with the client ends June end, with a possibility of extension. if i file my h1b now, will i be a good candidate for rejection , considering that I do not have a long term project? Also, how true is it that the USCIS is giving visas out only for 1 year under such circumstances, as opposed to the regular 3 years term, and if true, how do I avoid it

    Lastly, what is your take on how H1 filings on Apr 1 2010 will be? Is it expected to the same as last year, or will companies file left right and center on day 1 itself?

    05-07 02:59 PM
    Do you know why extension was denied?

    04-15 02:48 PM
    My cousin who came here on H4, found a company that sponsored her H1-b and she was working as a consultant to a big firm. She had to return to home country last year, and she had to get her papers stamped - which was denied.
    she continues to work for the same firm from India. She has a house in the US, that she has put on market, and continues to pay the mortgage. Does she realistically have a chance of returning to the US on H1-B?

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