Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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    02-15 08:40 PM
    A few weeks ago, I posted a story written by one of our clients, a Registered Nurse from the Philippines employed by a hospital in the U.S., who was stopped and held by CBP officers as she and her family tried to drive north from their home in El Centro, California near the U.S.-Mexican border to Palm Springs to celebrate her husband's birthday. The entire family had pending applications for adjustment of status, but in a bizarre twist of fate, they were held by the CBP all day and threatened with criminal charges, incarceration and deportation. Here is the story...

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  • smuggymba
    03-03 10:00 AM
    Thanks Kutti.

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  • Klue
    03-31 08:07 PM

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  • zilmax007
    08-23 01:24 PM

    Today my EAD status shows the following message:

    Current Status: Card production ordered.

    On August 17, 2007, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will contact you. If you move before you receive the card, call customer service. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.


    PD: Aug-2006
    LC Approved: Sept-2006
    EB2 I-140 Approved @ TSC : Oct-2006
    485 Filed on 7/2 @ TSC
    RD, ND received last monday.


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    03-16 08:40 AM
    Senators Schumer and Graham presented a three page outline of their reform proposal when they met earlier this week. The Los Angeles Times gave a few hints in an article that appeared yesterday: Although details of their blueprint were not released, Graham said the elements included tougher border security, a program to admit temporary immigrant workers and a biometric Social Security card that would prevent people here illegally from getting jobs. Graham also said the proposal included "a rational plan to deal with the millions of illegal immigrants already in the United States." He did not elaborate on what the...

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  • GCard_Dream
    03-21 05:17 PM
    I am just wondering if anyone can suggest a good immigration attorney in Arizona. I need to find a good attorney as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for your inputs.


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  • s416504
    11-04 11:20 AM
    I think answer is NO if you want to come back of L1A from B employer.
    To be eligible for L1A, You need to be on outside USA payroll from B employer for atleast 1 year (from past 3 years).
    With H1B, you will be on USA's payroll for that period.

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  • kmdhar
    06-16 10:31 AM
    Please let me know if you have any information on this. I am in the same boat. Do we have to file different PERM if moved to different location with in same metro area(city/county).



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  • eager_immi
    07-20 03:29 PM
    please update your poll to have option done both or neither?

    I thought we should have a poll of how many sent cards to senatorr/congressmen/directors etc

    Also, how many uploaded the YouTube.

    Please delete this thread if it exists already

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  • Babuji
    07-18 11:24 AM
    Primary applicant is on EAD, how much min amount primary applicant has to show on W-2s?

    question related to Dependent RFE:

    Please submit evidence to prove legal immigration status in the USA from Jul 01, 2003 to Jul 29, 2004(I485 Receipt Date).

    As dependent I came to US on H4 in 2001 and applied for H1 and approved in Jan 2002 (approved from Jan'2002 to Feb'2004).

    Then don't know lawyer applied for my H4 extension along with my spouse's H1 extension. But they sent my passport for H4 stamping (stamped from Dec 2003 to Dec 2005). ie. I have 2 statuses at the same time and also here note that during december I was working. One more thing here my lawyer applied for my H1 renewal and got extension from Feb 2004 to Dec 2006.

    Which extension papers(H1 or H4 attached with I94), should the dependent need to send to show legal immigrant status for the above query?really scared situation.

    Please give your valuable suggestions.


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  • Lasantha
    01-29 11:29 AM
    Hi All,

    I found this link from Delta airlines which tells you in detail about the transit visa requirements when travelling via a 3rd country. Thought this might be helpful to those who are planning to travel. You fill in your nationality, country of residence, destination country and connecting country and it will give your transit visa requirements in detail.

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  • brij523
    03-01 04:52 PM
    Friend Paskal is very much right. Also if associates don't want to come in front that is fine. Just find leads and let IV CORE take care from there.
    Let me repeate TIME IS NOW.


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  • chanduv23
    09-14 12:29 PM
    For some known/unknown reason you may have decided not to do this. But lateron, you want to change your mind - but then you want to fight your desire - because you want to maintain your earlier decision and be strong on your earlier decision.

    Please follow your heart and change your attitude. We at IV are your friends, there has been a lot of investement and strategy and planning.

    Yes, we want you to realise - stop thinking and start acting

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  • mchatrvd
    05-25 04:09 PM
    Just search I765 on Google and go to USCIS site link. They have both instructions and forms.


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  • loku
    12-28 11:54 AM
    Please let me know!!

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  • Jason31586
    07-08 12:01 PM
    is it possible to do animations with people and stick figures like done in flash 5,
    is there away to get lines to draw in swift 3d instead of stuff like spheres and cubes, please answer


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  • xtronics
    01-12 12:37 PM
    How long does it take tio get the I-140 approved in premium processing?

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  • GTGC
    01-22 01:21 PM
    My employer has been holding back my wages on some excuse or the other. Since I was awaiting my GC, I had no choice but co-operated with them. I got my GC last year in July 2010. I worked with them until September 2010 and due to this payment situation, I have chosen to work elsewhere.Now they promise to pay the back wages from 2010 but the payment never arrives. Repeated followups, emails and calls have yielded the same result. I am not sure what are my options here at this point. I no longer work for that Employer since they never pay on time.

    I will appreciate your input.

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  • kirupa
    04-24 01:42 PM
    Looks really nice chris :) I'll have this added up shortly during my next stamp adding spree!

    08-06 05:07 PM
    Hello everyone,

    This question is for my wife. She is currently in her 5th year of H1 which expires in Oct-2011. i.e Her 5th year ends on Oct-2010. She is planning to quit her job now (Aug-2010) due to personal reasons and plans to switch to H4. Her employer (Company-A) has already filed for her GC and her LCA and I-140 is approved, but I believe they will be discontinued once she quits. So here are my questions -

    1. Since she will have a little bit over 1 year remaining on her H1, can she file for H1 again if she get a new job offer?

    2. Assuming that her next company (Company B), files for a GC within one year, Will there be a problem getting her H1B extended ? Since her new LCA (with Company-B) will be filed less than 365 days before her H1b expires.

    3. OR Will USCIS look for the LCA filed by Company-A and grant her H1B extension?

    Thanks in Advance...

    07-18 12:29 PM
    The reversal that they are talking about is the July02 bulletin that said that they will not be accepting any applications as for the bulletin that came out in June for the Month of July (where the PD's were current). Nothing to worry about. Relax and continue with your filings. :)

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