Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • Cantamessa
    05-05 07:50 AM
    Hello i am new user for this site. so i do not enough this site. thanks

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  • cannongeorge
    03-12 10:03 AM
    Trying to help Mother-In-Law over from China for visit. Unsuccessful w/ tourist Visa process, so now going for Green Card. Received Notice of Decision against me, unable to establish my Petitioner wife is daughter of Beneficiary Mother-In-Law. No hospital records. Previous evidence was "Notarial Certificate of Relationship." I have just received new evidence "Notarial Certificate of Birth" from civil authorities - along with affidavit from school teacher - I need to file EOIR-29, I think to call it APPEAL, OR IN THE ALTERNATIVE, MOTION TO RECONSIDER - can anyone provide a "go-by" as to what format my letter should take? Is letter format acceptable or is formal pleading format needed?

    Time is of the essence, I have to file within 24 hours or give up and pursue DNA testing....

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  • reachtoravi
    01-17 02:45 PM
    I want to change my recurring contribution to my new shining miles card ...
    is there an easy way to do this ??

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  • Macaca
    11-01 05:29 PM
    Conservatives Launch Caucus ( By John Stanton | ROLL CALL STAFF, October 31, 2007

    Frustrated by what they see as a party gone astray, a group of House and Senate conservatives led by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) today will announce a new bicameral caucus aimed at returning fiscal restraint, ethics and national defense to the fore of the GOP's philosophical and policy platforms.

    The group - which in addition to DeMint and Hensarling is made up of Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.), Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) and Rep. John Campbell (R-Calif.) - will officially announce the creation of their new caucus - dubbed Reagan21. They also will unveil their "statement of policy commitment," which includes 10 key positions on issues ranging from Congressional earmarks to health care reform.

    While participants are billing the new caucus as a complement to the leadership teams in place in the House and Senate, Republicans familiar with the project acknowledge that to a certain degree it is a challenge to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), because implicitly the call for a new direction is a rejection of the course they have steered along with President Bush.

    "When you're saying, 'Here's the vision of what the party should be,' you're saying the vision isn't there right now," said a House Republican not directly involved with the effort.

    A second Republican agreed, arguing that a more broad change in how the party runs is needed.

    "Whenever there's a vacuum in elected or political leadership, there's a need to fill it. When you have leadership positions not resulting in leadership, people will go elsewhere," the second Republican said, adding the problems of the party go far beyond simple messaging conflicts.

    "It's a fight for [the GOP's] soul, not just a superficial divide. There are people who believe it's the job of Republican Members to come here and send money home to their states and to expand government. And that's just not what rank-and-file party members want."

    Today's announcement of the group's principles for reform of the Republican Party are the first in a series of steps that the caucus will take over the next several months. Members are in the process of setting up independent outside institutions - similar to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation - to support their activities, and they will have a Web site up and running in the next few weeks.

    Although details of those plans were unclear at press time Tuesday, one member of the group said the caucus will use the foundation as a semi-independent apparatus to communicate with Republicans outside Washington, D.C., as well as the general public.

    Although members of the group declined to comment on the caucus on the record, one Member involved said the lawmakers believe the GOP's elected leaders have strayed from the party's traditional fiscal conservative roots.

    "A few of us here are trying to change the culture" of the GOP, the lawmaker said, adding that "the core values of the Republican Party are not being adhered to by the party inside Congress. But there's a yearning for it outside the Beltway."

    According to Republicans familiar with the effort, it arose from meetings between DeMint, who chairs the Republican Steering Committee in the Senate, and Hensarling, who chairs the Republican Study Committee in the House. Both organizations are the hub for conservative efforts in the chambers, and following the disastrous 2006 election, DeMint and Hensarling began holding meetings in an effort to better coordinate their efforts.

    Eventually, the two began to bring other lawmakers into these Member-only meetings. Following months of discussion, the group decided to start the caucus, choosing a name that would invoke the core fiscal principles of former President Ronald Reagan for the 21st century.

    The principles - which new members will be required to make a pledge to follow and which will be the centerpiece of the group's legislative and public outreach efforts - cover a wide variety of issues. For instance, members of the caucus will be required to foreswear asking for any new earmarks in legislation. The principles also call for reforms to the tax code and entitlement programs, including the implementation of personal "ownership" of retirement security and health care decisions, according to a copy of a document obtained by Roll Call. Members of the caucus also will support expansion of intelligence and other national defense programs, as well as an aggressive border security approach to immigration.

    While all of the members of the group would likely fall under the broad rubric of "social conservatives," the principles steer clear of issues like abortion or gay marriage. According to those involved in the effort, members of Reagan21, according to one, have decided that while those issues are important to them, they have decided to "focus on the fiscal policy issues that I think really killed us last year."

    Republicans privately also applauded the decision to stay with traditional fiscal issues rather than expand the group's focus into social topics. One source noted that while most base Republican voters are fierce social conservatives, many independent voters and disaffected Democrats - who agree with the GOP on fiscal issues and ethics - are turned off by the party's heavy tilt toward its social wing.

    According to GOP aides, the group has operated under strict confidentiality rules as it has hashed out how it will operate and what its mission should be - so much so that staff continue to have only a sketchy idea of what their bosses are envisioning. Additionally, the members of the group have agreed to not tip their hand to either Boehner or McConnell before today's news conference, although they have begun reaching out to like-minded Members in the House and Senate to join the group.

    The formation of the caucus is the latest in a series of breaks between conservatives, particularly in the Senate, and the party's traditional power centers this year. DeMint and Coburn have openly and repeatedly attacked "Old Bulls" in the party like Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) for their use of earmarks. Additionally, conservatives openly broke with their leaders this spring over the immigration bill.

    The Reagan21 member cautioned that the caucus's critique of current GOP positions should not be seen as members "tak[ing] a swipe at anybody" in leadership positions. "They've got a tough job and it's hard to get your arms around the whole party" in a way that could facilitate reform, the lawmaker explained, adding that Reagan21 participants see themselves as "the conscience of the Republican Party here" in Washington.

    But reform will be key if Republicans are to avoid further electoral loses next year, this member said.

    "Unless the Republicans get together and define themselves we're going to get caught in fog. ... I don't want to be Democrat-lite," the lawmaker said, adding that the group hopes to attract Members who have long been fiscal conservatives as well as new recruits. Reagan21 hopes "that a lot of these Republicans who like to think they can have it both ways - go home and talk like conservatives but come here and vote for whatever they want - will be forced to come to our side. We can't continue to allow a few people in our party continue to pervert what we are about."


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  • freedom1
    05-22 01:02 PM
    This is the scenario:

    1. Husband becomes a LPR this year.
    2. Wife still undocumented.
    3. Wife was working long time ago, but became a housewife for the past 6 years, so no work.

    How would the wife adjust her status under the new CIR if she was not working for the past 6 years?
    Would she have to wait until the husband is able to petition her through other regular means?

    Any ideas or is it too early to tell how USCIS will issue it's regulations about CIR?

    Freedom1 :confused:

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  • saddaypally
    04-15 07:34 AM
    Folks, I'm in the current sitation. In 6th year of H1B, aplied for PERM labor pending with ATL processing center for >15 mtonhs. Attorneys are filing for 7th year extension. I need to traval in the next 2 weeks but not confident enough to get everything right, I need my visa stamped aswell, which with the current H1B validity, would be onlyuntil 22nd Oct 2009. I did try to convince my Managers that they file the extension under premium processing and I could get extended visa until Oct 2010, but Attorney advised that it is not necessary and I should be fine to go, get my visa stamped and come back.

    2 points I'm concerned about are,
    1. Since I have < 6 months validty on current H1B is it safe to travel and I would hopefully have my extsntion reciept number when I go for stamping.
    2. Heard lot about denial of entry at POE, I'm trying to avoid certain airports that I has problems (JFK, EWR etc). Not sure I'm doing enough to be safe.

    Any advise is greatly appreciated.



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  • dallas
    09-28 02:44 AM
    Hi Seniors/Lawyer,

    My brother is US Citizen and my parents visited US, my brother want to apply green card for my parents. What all the documents from India are needed from my parents to apply for GC?

    1.What forms/applications do we have to apply?
    2.What is the first step should we have to take?
    3.Do we need to apply form I130 and along with that can we apply I485?
    4.What all documents should my brother submit along with the forms/applications?

    Please Seniors/Lawyers help me.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • anilsal
    01-14 12:28 PM
    Even when officers work on your files, there may not be any LUDs.

    If you input all your case numbers (old H1B approvals etc), you will see that those get LUDs once in a while. They may be batch jobs or someone pulling files frequently or filing old applications etc.

    Since your PD is a few months away, it is best to just relax and hope your applications are preadjudicated. When your PD becomes current, then go the Service Request - infopass - senator/ombudsman route.

    If you are that interested, take infopass appointments and find out where your application is. If the CIS person is friendly, they give out a lot of information. Dress well and talk politely.


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  • hebbar77
    08-28 02:18 PM
    I hope its in thousands... Just a guess!

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  • kisana
    06-09 08:51 AM
    Any help is highly appriciated.


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  • va_dude
    01-04 08:33 AM
    Your passport has nothing to do with you invoking AC21. AC21 is just a way of informing Uscis that you are switching to another job with similar duties, that's all. There's no official form or application to submit.

    Just apply for the renewal of your passport as you would usually do. That's all.

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  • RamaRay
    12-28 03:45 PM
    Hi , My wife is on h4 visa and I want to file H1B for her and she has It experience of 3 years .Please guide whats the procedure .


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  • ss2005
    07-29 10:15 AM
    My Wife is on H4/AOS.

    Her H4 is going to expire in September and she is planning to travel soon.

    She has AP and EAD but never used. I am on H1 and used AC21.

    My questions are..

    1) Can she go to home country and get her H4 stamped and return on H4?

    2) Apply AP and return on AP?

    3) Assume...If she returns on AP...and show valid EAD while entering at POE....
    But by that time her H4 expires.... In this we still need to apply H4 extension after entering US?

    4) Who supposed to apply H4? Is it employer or H1 holder can also apply H4?

    Thanks for your help

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  • anilsal
    09-14 05:25 PM
    when it says it has something to report.

    This is what I like about IV.

    I will be in DC anyway for the rally.


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  • sharadov
    10-01 05:55 PM
    Hello - I need to find out what job positions qualify for EB2 category.

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  • ivx
    03-18 01:50 PM
    My current H1 expires on Sept 30. My employer is planning to apply for an extension in the first week of April. Can they file my LCA in advance so that they can have an approved LCA by the first week of April? Or, do they have to wait till Apr 1st (6 months before current H1 expiration) to file for the LCA ? I was not able to find information about this specific scenario.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • ApixDesigns
    08-29 11:26 PM
    well this took me about an hour or 2 and if anyone wants the psd to add a car and a house or something in the grass thats fine by me, just pm me for details.

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  • Blog Feeds
    10-23 09:20 AM
    At a time of historically high unemployment rates, when it becomes convenient, even �fashionable� to highlight the frailties and abuses of the H-1B program, it is refreshing to take note of the �feel good� story of certain immigrants who have come to this country and achieved greatness and are living the �American Dream.� Indeed, the recent Nobel Prizes awarded this week to the first six (6) Nobel Laureates were to U.S. citizens�four of whom were born outside the United States. Perhaps we should take a closer look at the current popular theme of closing our borders to protect U.S. workers....

    More... (

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  • GreenMe
    06-15 04:09 PM
    Hello All,

    I am starting my employment based GC process. My employer is going to file for my labour certificate (LC) thru PERM soon.

    However, I want to know what happens if you Labour Application is not approved by USCIS?

    like - Can you then apply for Labour thru another employer? or start ur Green Card process thru another employer.
    - Can you get H1 extension after 6 year period is complete?

    Kindly advice.


    Blog Feeds
    10-06 01:40 PM
    I'm in Spain this week so can't give the full treatment, but thanks to readers who sent this happy news. The US has won the Nobel Prize in medicine for work done by these two scientists as well as Carol Greider. Blackburn is Australian-born and Szostak is British-born. They received their award for genetic research that is described here.

    More... (

    02-05 05:00 PM

    At the time of granting Green Card, USCIS may RFE request for evidence. What exactly do they need me to provde, in particular when AC21 is involved?
    Just employment letters? Or do they need pay stubs from the NEW employer as well? Then only the most recent paycheck or the whole history of payroll information with the NEW employer?
    Appreciate your help.
    In my case, I-140 was approved, and I-485 submitted over 180 days. Then I plan to invoke AC21 working for a new employer with similar job.

    ML 2/25/08

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