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    09-15 05:40 PM
    New numbers are out on H-1B usage and the past week showed last week's substantial pickup was just noise. Only 800 visas were claimed against the 65,000 cap, half of last week's total and somewhat less than the typical weekly usage we've seen over the summer. 37,400 H-1Bs have been counted now. I'm moving my exhaustion projection date back a week. My target is based on a rolling four week usage average so variations from week to week are discounted. Usage over the last month has been about 1075 H-1Bs per week. On the masters cap of 20,000, the pace...

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  • Greatdesi
    08-11 01:40 PM
    Where to send the communication for AC21 to Texas Service Center? Has anybody used the email pilot?
    Also, it has been 4 months since I changed my job. Should I file AC21 now?

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  • vegasbaby
    05-04 07:16 PM

    Firstly, I would like to apologize for my ignorance & starting a new thread on this topic. I have some questions on porting & hopefully you learned people would help me on this.

    1. When is the actual PD porting done? Is it done at I-140 stage?
    2. I have I-485 filed in EB3-I. Now, I do my labor in EB2 & then at the time of applying I-140 do I tell USCIS that I have an old EB3 with PD of Nov 2004?
    3. Say I do that, will USCIS automatically change my category on my pending I-485?
    4. When I filed my I-485 in EB3, I was single. Now I am married. If USCIS automatically adjudicates my pending application, I believe, I will be in soup since my wife is not included in that. So should I (or the attorney) tell them NOT to adjust category on my pending I-485 instead I file a new I-485 under EB2?


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  • psoft27
    07-25 03:55 PM
    Hello - I am on H1visa, which is valid until Sep 30th 2010 with stamping. To get eligible for a new 6year H1visa - Can I work for the same company but geographically located out side of USA for one complete year. [ Let's assume from Oct 1st 2010 to Sep 30th 2011]

    Then apply for the new H1 from the same company in april 2012? OR can I apply in april 2011 and enter US at Oct 2011?

    Thank you.


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  • nkhandelwal
    01-06 05:54 AM

    Following are my case details -

    Visa and I94 expiration date: 12 Sep 2009
    Filed extension: 11 Sep 2009
    Extension denied: 18 Nov 2009
    Left US: 15 Dec 2009

    Refiled H1 Visa: 15 Dec 2009
    Visa apporoved: 22 Dec 2009

    What should my answer for following question in DS-156 as I left US within 30 days of receiving the denial letter?

    Have you ever violated the terms of a U.S. visa, or been unlawfully present in, or deported from, the United States?

    Kindly suggest.


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  • visacase
    07-10 02:41 PM

    Thanks for my previous response. I am on H1B and between projects. I have an offer to work for a couple of days for a company other than the one holding my H1B. They said they are not gonna report to the IRS as its an hourly job for 2 days and the number of hours are not going to accumulate enough for the IRS. But they need my SSN or tax-payer ID to run their payroll. I am gonna receive my dues as a simple check (like a rebate check with just the total amount showing up & NOT a paystub). Please let me know if I can work for them or not.


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    08-13 10:40 AM
    Really disappointing. Senator Schumer says on the one hand that the targeted companies are not violating the law and on the other says they are underpaying their workers - which would be a violation of the law. Which is it? And he disparages the entire staffing industry - an industry that in the US employs far more American citizens than immigrants - by questioning the legitimacy of the business model and complaining that these companies don't make anything. I'd remind Senator Schumer that most physicians at America's hospitals work for medical groups which are glorified staffing companies. Same for a...

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  • sundar99
    02-18 10:58 AM s

    24-Hour Schedule for: 2/18/2006
    Date Pacific
    Time* Programs:
    Click links for descriptions or show all.
    2/18/2006 12:00 AM U.S. Immigration Reform: Can The System Be Repaired?

    S. Immigration Reform: Can The System Be Repaired?

    Marc Rosenblum, an International Affairs Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, gives a riveting presentation on the problems he sees with current attempts to reform immigration laws and offers potential solutions that he believes will lead to a more just and effective immigration system. This talk is sponsored by the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies and the Institute for International, Comparative and Area Studies at UC San Diego and California Western School of Law.


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  • softcrowd
    11-30 07:44 AM
    The images of Perm & 140 approvals are found in the link below...

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  • indyanguy
    07-17 04:53 PM
    bumping for help..


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  • amsgc
    09-22 12:28 AM
    That's EB3

    How do we identify EB3 or EB2 category in approved I-140 ?

    In Section , it was written as "Sec. 203 (b) (3) (A) (i) or (ii) ".

    Not able to figure it out.


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  • siddhu98
    07-23 12:43 PM
    My daughter (5 yrs) is an US citizen and having passport valid until end of Sep 2009 and having POI card for 15 years from Indian consulate.

    Now I am planning to take her to India for 3 weeks from Aug 1st week. The travel agents says her passport should have at least 6 months valid from the date of date of the return (Aug 4th week). Is that true/correct? Can she enter here in USA after her India visit with 20 days left in the passport validity?

    I will be using my AP though I maintain H1B status (I-797) and work for the same employer.

    Thanks for your reply.


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  • ekaurgcf
    06-01 08:46 PM
    Hi Folks,

    Can I travel on a valid / approved AP when my H1 Extension is in progress. This is my

    Valid AP in Hand valid till next year.
    H1B expiring 6/20/2011
    H1B extension applied on 4/7/11 have rcpt notice.

    My questions are this:

    1.) When I enter US back in with my AP in mid July will that impact my H1B extension in any way.

    2.) Without any EAD will I be Jeapordizing my AOS in any way.

    I will be continuing to work with the same employer who is the sponsor of my current

    Request your thoughts and inputs on this situation. Appreciate any replies/advices you may have.


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  • number30
    03-16 04:53 PM
    I believe working on 1099 is allowed when you have the full time work on H1B going.

    There are different types of 1099. 1099-Misc is not allowed. 1099-Int , 1099-G are the examples of allowed 1099s


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  • monkeyfresh
    11-14 05:28 PM
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    07-09 08:40 PM
    Every once in a while a government agency in the immigration space does the right thing. If I'm to maintain credibility and objectivity in the eyes of readers, I need to call out functional behavior when I see it -- notwithstanding that this blog is dedicated to dysfunctions in the immigration ecosystem. The agency worthy of plaudits is a unit within the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice known as the Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Employment Practices (OSC). Under Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) � 274B(c) [8 U.S. Code � 1324b(c)], the OSC is charged, among...

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  • lecter
    March 8th, 2004, 09:33 PM
    39 baht to the dollar! when did that happen?!!!

    (JK, I was in Thailand back in '76 and it was I think 23 to $1)

    It was an interesting place to celebrate turning 21 with your best friend.....

    It was around 50.... such is the demise of the US dollar.....

    Poll : early July Filers [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Poll : early July Filers

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  • dixie
    08-17 01:18 AM
    I am on H1B 8th year extension, my priority date is September,2004. When I join new employer, Will I lose my current priority date as well as LC?

    Depends on whether or not your I-140 is approved. If it is, and your old employer does not withdraw the petition then there is a possibility of carrying on with your old PD. I am no expert on this, but the issue has been discussed several times on this forum. Do a search for more info.

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  • rajasagar
    03-10 01:23 AM
    My H1 was filed as an individual application while i was in India last year by a consulting company.Later in May 2007 i was transfered to US on L1B.
    Since then i'm in US and now i have taken a vacation off, and during this i wish to appear for H1 stamping interview.
    Supposedly i get my H1 visa stamped, i am hoping i will be able to travel to US but that will be on H1 with a new Employer, but i should be resigning with the old company once i reach there. (Please correct if this legal because my old company still thinks i am on L1)

    And other hand if i'm not able to make it through stamping, my old L1 status is still valid ?

    Please clarify the above doubts ...!!

    Thanks for your time...!!

    08-03 05:18 PM
    I am unmarried son of citizens of usa and have my priority date current.I filed for I485 adjustment of status to permanent resident, which earlier got rejected,but then on refiling,I got a MSC receipt number saying next process is biometrics
    My question is that as I am presently on student visa and my classes are starting from august 17th.Do I still need to maintain my student visa status and enroll in 12 minimum units,or is it ok If I don't enroll and just wait for my further case processing,and I won't be considered out of status as my I-485 adjustment of status is being processed?Is there still chance of my I-485 being denied(I don't have any criminal or any wrong record and maintained my status prior to filing my I-485 adjustment of status).Please guide whether to still enroll in 12 units and be on student visa or is it ok if I don't enroll as I no more want to pay high fees but,am worried about maintaining my status.

    04-07 05:32 AM

    I am a Indian. I got the L1 VISA on Mar-2008 and it is valid till Mar-2011. I have been to US with this VISA for 8 months during 2008. After returning from US, i have lost my I-129 and I-797 forms. I have the chance to goto US with same VISA but i donot have I-129 and I-797 forms.

    Please let me know is it possible to get the papers back? I have enquired with my employer and they are saying that, it is very difficult to get the papers for the VISA which was issued 2 years back. Even, I donot have copies of I-129 and I-797.

    Please advise me on this issue.

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