Thursday, June 30, 2011

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    08-13 10:40 PM
    Immigration Lawyers Blog Has Just Posted the Following:
    USCIS has added new online customer service options, including online inquiry and improved case status information features. The electronic inquiry is currently only available for case status information on Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card (Form I-90) and Application for Naturalization (Form N-400) cases that are outside normal processing times. Another added feature is online case status notification and change of address now available in Spanish. For more information on the new customer service features, visit D&vgnextchannel=68439c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

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  • Prashanthi
    07-14 02:59 PM
    I and my wife are on h1. I want to come on her h4. She recently applied for h1 extension as her employer is nonprofit org and has some policies of his own, he files every year. She filled in may�09 and got receipt number, as the case is still pending who we can apply for h4 now. Is there any way around to apply for my h4 while the case is still pending?

    You can file your H-4 based on the H-1b receipt of your spouse, this is not a problem. They will approve your H-4 for the same duration as your spouses H-1, you will get an approval of H-4 only after your spouses H-1 is approved.

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  • iamgsprabhu
    04-19 10:10 PM
    Want to Know What the President Thinks about Immigration Reform? Ask Him!

    Cite as "AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 11041944 (posted Apr. 19, 2011)"

    On Wednesday, April 20th at 1:45 pm PT / 4:45 pm ET, President Obama is hosting a live Facebook town hall event titled �Shared Responsibility and Shared Prosperity� from Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, California. The event will be live streamed on the White House Facebook page and the White House website.

    Participate in this event by submitting your questions (immigration-related or not) on the White House Facebook page or submit a question using the following form.

    Is there anybody from core team who can communicate our EB3 delay to the President ?

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  • sundarpn
    03-15 10:01 AM
    there have been several threads with same question. Unfortunately no confirmed answers.

    Do post what you find, if it is from a qualifed source like an attorney.


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    05-05 06:50 AM
    While Congress has the ultimate responsibility to determine immigration law, the American Immigration Council reminds the President that he has substantial authority to make fixes to the immigration system within the confines of current immigration law. From AIC director Ben Johnson: Ben Johnson, Executive Director of the American Immigration Council, noted upon release of the memo: �Ultimately, responsibility for failing to reform our dysfunctional immigration system rests on Congress. However, it is rarely the case that a President�s hands are tied by existing law�and where the President disagrees with current law, his or her policy choices regarding the implementation of...

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  • NandanIn
    09-24 06:00 PM

    I'm working on H1-B visa since last 6 months.
    My wife is joining me on H4 visa and her H4 is approved till July'2010.

    I have switched my Employer in the first month as I arrived USA and my New Employer filed my H1-B Transfer petion as regular, but still my case is in pending. But my wife's ticket is confirmed on 7th of October and she is coming to US on OCT 7th.

    Two day's back my employer changed my case from Regular to Premium.

    My question is that what will happen to my wife case..?? Does she need to re-apply for her H4 visa once my H1-B gets approve..?? Can she come to US with her previous stamp..??

    Thanks in advance..


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  • kirupa
    10-27 10:36 PM
    Added :)

    I actually can't even see the highlight!

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  • ashishpok
    08-26 09:49 PM
    Hi mkrao, I received an email from CRIS today stating that my I-140 and I-485 is transferred to Washington, DC local office as well. Have you received any update on your case?


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    07-08 11:30 AM
    Iranian-born Omid Kordestani was Google's 12th employee and he is one of the key executives who has turned the firm in to one of the world's most successful companies. I just read an interesting article about Kordestani where he credits his immigrant background for much of his success and urges America's young people to adapt an immigrant mindset: �To keep an edge, I must think and act like an immigrant. There is a special optimism and drive that I benefited from and continue to rely on that I want all of you to find. Immigrants are inherently dreamers and fighters�...

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  • pepch
    03-02 03:18 PM
    I have applied for my I140 under EB2, I have a question regarding a gab between my employments. I worked for a company A from Dec 2005 to Feb 2007 and then I switched employers, and I was between projects. The next company I started working for gave me an offer letter only when I found a project (May 2007). So technically there is a 2 month gap. Even the experience letters from that company says I have started work from May 2007.
    I'm not sure if this will cause a problem in my I140 stage. Kindly advice.

    I have changed two companies after that and I'm filing my GC through the current company. Any response will be much appreciated.


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  • sb0k
    10-12 07:42 AM
    hi everyone..this is my first time in this forum and please allow me to introduce myself..i'm domenico and i come from this forum i found a lot of interesting things like this contest and i want try to enter in this competition..

    this is my first button! :proud:


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  • addsf345
    11-19 12:50 AM
    push and pull, and i finally decided to exercise my AC21 rights.....

    AC21 pioneers, any recommendations on picking lawyers around NYC? specifically those that are fairly responsive and charge a fair price on all the procedures / docs that come with maintaining AOS, including a possible AC21 notification letter, renewing EAD/APs....

    thank you for any guidances.

    Bro, checkout this Thread (


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  • gesfox
    03-24 09:57 PM
    yup, everything here is done in flash... vectorized.. tnx for the comments dude!

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  • a_paradkar
    07-27 09:27 AM
    I am currently working for Company A and would like to join company B on EAD. I have a valid EAD and would use it to switch over.

    My question is

    1. what document's are needed to send to USCIS for AC 21 for/from company B.
    2. Do I need to send any documents?

    Thanks for you


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  • morchu
    06-11 09:18 AM

    My I-485 is pending with EB3 Feb 2006 priority date. Invoked AC21 and currently working for a different employer. Have Masters degree and 9+ years of experience.

    Is there a way to re-apply for Green Card under EB2 category thru a 3rd employer and retain the old EB3 priority date?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • vpadman
    03-13 06:55 PM
    Is it possible to file H1B1 transfer without lawyer?
    There is a desi consulting that says they will do H1B1 transfer without lawyer.

    For premium processing, they charge a fee of $3500


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    11-02 08:50 AM
    Can a Saturday or a Sunday be a "business day"? It depends on who you ask. The U.S. Department of Labor says yes, while the Department of Homeland Security thinks otherwise. What's an employer to do? On October 12, the Board of Alien Labor Certification Appeals (BALCA) issued a decision "In the Matter of Il Cortile Restaurant". This case involves a PERM application for a chef, and has been bouncing around in the Labor Department (DOL) for three years. In May 2007, the employer posted a Notice of Filing (NOF) of a PERM application for ten consecutive days. The Certifying...

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  • royus77
    07-17 08:32 PM
    Currently I am on H1B visa.I will file my 485 as secondary applicant.What are my options in case If I have to leave my job and my 485 is still not approved.

    Do I need to file H4 (Since 485 is still not approved) ?

    Thanks in advance.

    You can status will be Adjustment of Status ( AOS ) but cant work . IYou need a APO if you want to travel . If you want to work you need an EAD .

    Check with attorney .This is the essence of mail which i got from my attorney when asked regarding my son status

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  • Digitalosophy
    03-10 12:10 PM
    FYI.... Vash has helped me with a ton of php/mySQL, which i am very thankful for. He really knows his stuff, so yall can take my word as well. ;)

    Bobby Digital
    November 24th, 2005, 11:33 AM
    How can I transfer a raw file into a jpg file in Photoshop? It only give me a few options-tiff., phtshp, ect... I want to upload a few pics and can't figure it out.


    06-02 01:52 PM
    does anyone know how long is Nebraska Service Center taking for EAD approval.

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