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  • sunny1000
    07-06 06:24 PM
    And how does it not apply to AOS.
    For Consular processing people have to plan trips and get medical and all that.

    Why doesnt the same analogy apply to AOS. - Please explain...:confused:

    The difference is that AOS is handled by USCIS and the CP is done by DOS. It is the USCIS which ran out of the 60000 visas (supposedly) before July 1st even though DOS opened those numbers up for the entire July.

    Now, DOS is saying to USCIS " you guys used your quota even before the rush started and so, we won't give you any more visa numbers but, we will continue to honor our quota via CP which we accounted for July". Just my interpretation. Don't shoot the messenger ;)

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  • santb1975
    05-23 12:54 AM
    If you have made a contribution and posted on this thread or on the thread we had before your name should be on the list. We do not have an automatic way of updating this list once someone had made a contribution through paypal at this time. Every night I go through this thread, update numbers and names. I could have made a manual error and missed some names but once people have brought that to my attention I have been double checking and responding back to them. I know I am behind on verifying one or two contributions but I will catch up. I work long hours,take classes and I live 80 miles away from where I work. I wish I had more than 24 hours in my day. If you could help us with maintaining an accurate list that would be awesome.

    Hope I answered your query :)

    wondering how yu came up with a list of contributors.......if i provide my transfer confirmations to IV and still cannot find my name in the list then how will I trust the veracity of yur list.....

    ....not for an argument but a query

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  • p_aluri
    09-10 03:53 PM
    Contributed $200.00.

    Here is google order number : 775559432259797

    So far I have contributed $400.00

    Great work guys..

    thank you sxm101, nosightfgc for contributions.

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  • immig4me
    05-04 08:57 AM
    This campaign starts at 4:00 PM EST on 29th April, 2010 and will run until the end of next week. We request all IV members to call the Senate offices listed below between 9:00 AM EST and 5:00 PM EST.

    So, this Campaign runs for another 3 days, IV members need to pick up the phones and start calling. Remember, if no bill is put forth before the end of May, it will be legislatively impossible to take CIR this year.

    It all boils down to, how much are we willing to help our own cause.


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  • himu73
    07-15 08:34 PM
    Contributed 20$ , Reference number: 10397

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  • leo2606
    09-28 09:45 PM
    Make sure your script set the issue date 3 or 4 years in the past, we can apply citizenship soon.:D

    LOL. :) If I am a volunteer as an IO, I would get the names of all IV members, write a small script to approve their GCs, make sure the cards are delivered to the members, and immediately resign my job. :D



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  • 485Mbe4001
    11-09 05:03 PM
    count me in, i am in Irvine, south of LA. If i can be of any help please let me know. I have already done the emailing part, most of the people i know are already members IV.

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  • ronhira
    08-12 02:36 PM
    yawnnnnnnnn...... i'm waiting for someone to start attacking & blaming others for this...... something like andra v/s tamil or north v/s south india fight..... when r we going to start that..... i'm ready with a box of popcorn to enjoy that "debate"..... lets add some masala to this.... otherwise its boring.....


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  • JunRN
    09-11 10:39 PM
    By the way, we can also send "relief goods" to Texas Center plus our letters of sentiment.

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  • vrbest
    03-10 10:31 AM
    Chase, Union Savings bank, Wells Fargo & Citi. I think if the sales person(agent) talking to us is well informed about our status they will work with the underwriters to get the loan approved- since it helps on their commissions as well.

    vrbest, Who is your lender. Can you name the bank you worked with. It might help the some in this group. I have done a Mortgage and 2 re-fi in the past with no issues, but last time, I had issues with Bank of America, Wells Fargo and one other bank (don't remember name). The reason was being on AOS/EAD, They were fine with H1b, but did not understand what EAD / AOS is. It all depends on the underwriter and if he is not knowledgeable on the Visa issues, then you are done. You can't ask for an alternate underwriter. I was able to secure through a credit union though.


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  • arnab221
    06-20 10:43 AM
    I was wondering which center my PERM app will go? Atlanta or Chicago? My co is detroit based. I am just filing now, so if it goes to chicago, there is a chance that I can file my I-140 before 1st October deadline (assuming the new CIR becomes law) .

    any clues?


    Detroit = Michigan --> Chicago.

    CIR will not pass. Relax !! Not worth losing your sleep over the joke that is CIR .

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  • chanduv23
    05-15 10:41 PM
    I totally agree with you on this. But I am not talking about the MTR. I am talking about the fee issues. Why do we need to pay if its their mistake. I dont think we are talking about the fee waiver with congress men's office or anyone else.

    I agree. We definitely need to get some kind of process to correct "service errors" against filing MTR which is associated with a cost.

    Remember MTR is basically for presenting NEW FACTS and not to correct service errors.

    If members can come up with innovative ideas of correcting these issues, we can definitely do campaigns.

    All we need is cooperation and help from members.

    AC21 denials is clearly a service error and when one invokes AC21 the person should not be punished by slapping a denial and making him/her accrue unlawful status and forcing them to open a Motion.


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  • NKR
    04-02 07:24 PM
    Well said. I also wonder how that fellow has 4 greens. Funny forum. No fairness.

    How do you rate a post?. How do you give a green/red?.

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  • GotGC??
    01-03 03:05 PM
    This thread is long time coming, and thank you for starting this. This is a question often discussed in friend circles, but most people I know hesitate to take a position. I think the anonymity of this forum will let us express ourselves more honestly...

    When I came to the US 6 years ago, I had deliberately made the decision not to decide in the first couple of years about staying on or returning back after sometime. I had seen too many friends and relatives who all said "don't worry, we'll back in a couple of years" and never made it back. Marriage, kids, school, house, kinds of gets on you. And before you know, your kids are making the decision for you. I know of a couple of families with grown up kids who moved back to India only to move back to US because the "kids could not adjust". It's not hard to read between the lines that "we also could not adjust".

    As days go by, it is becoming more clear everyday that I will also return back one day, sooner rather than later. I have some questions that haunt me:
    - if/when I get my GC, and if I return back, is there a way to hold on to the GC status?
    - if someone has a US citizenship, when companies such as Infosys hire them, do they have to get a work visa or something? Is there a concept equivalent of H1/GC for non Indians yet?

    When my son was in 3rd grade, he was asked a question ...who were the pilgrims from your family. I told him it was his parents.

    I presume just like the first pilgrims in USA had a lot of struggle, similarly we too are in the same boat....a time will come when we all will get our GC's....however the true beneficiary of the GC will be our children and our benefit will come by seeing our children getting that benefit. However, we all seem to be living better off than the 1st pilgrims...we are living more comfortably, driving good cars and have homes, enjoying the US dream to some extant....Even now if you go to your home are considered a wealthy guy.....even if you have less money in your bank than your counterparts in India or other places...this is due to the standard of living in USA is expensive.

    With the global economy and Infosys hiring US Citizens, I am not sure where where the job market is going, but I feel for the next 50-60 years US is still the place to live, since it has a very strong economy. With that perspective I believe a little struggle is acceptable.....

    GC is out there for all of us...keep the hope alive...


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  • desi485
    11-17 04:07 PM
    desi - I am not sure how we do that but I personally think if we ask such a thing we are letting USCIS send us denial notice even though they must not send it.

    I absolutely agree with you that in first place, CIS MUST NOT revoke 485 when a person changes to similar job after 485 is pending for more than 180 days and 140 has been already approved.

    IV is already running the campaign to send letters (I did send mine) and hopefully it will get us good results.

    However, we should still know what happens to EAD in such unfortunate event. Many AOS candidate, specifically from retrogressed countries may have gone beyond 6 years of H1B and may not get H1B extended based on this pending 485. or many must be working on EAD as many employers are not willing to sponsor the H1B. In this case, knowing the validity of EAD will surely helps.

    Meanwhile, here is another RG thread ( found, clearly talks about this issue.

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  • GotGC??
    01-04 02:45 PM is the latest example (

    'One leg of an IITian is in India, the other in Air India' went a popular wisecrack of the late 1980s and early '90s. No longer. The brain drain from IITs has diminished to a trickle, with only 21 out of 3,980 BTech graduates going abroad in 2006.

    About two decades ago, over 80% IITians hopped on to a plane for foreign shores, the preferred destination being the US. The 'IIT route' was a BTech from IIT, an MS (Masters) from USA and a dollar job. Much has changed since then, and brains that used to be siphoned off by developed nations are now preferring to stay back home.

    In the early 1990s, the outflow of computer science graduates to the US was so high that the World Bank, in a report, had suggested that an exit tax be imposed on IITians and other professionals leaving the country � this, it said, could earn the government over $1 billion (about Rs 4,400 crore) per annum. Today, if the government decided to adopt this, it would earn only crumbs.

    A quick look at statistics shows that in 2006, only three of IIT Kanpur�s 273 BTech students and two from the five-year MSc integrated course went abroad. All the others � 267 MTech students, two-year MSc grads and MBAs � stayed back in the country. At IIT Delhi, of the approximate 1,000 job-seekers, only one student went abroad to join CapitalOne, a financial consulting firm.

    The slowdown is evident even at the older IITs. At IIT Mumbai, 95% of the students were placed in India while at IIT Madras, only two BTech students went on to join Lehman Brothers at the Tokyo office.

    "There was a time when I had to set aside days to write recommendation letters for students wanting to go abroad, either to study or work," says Ashok Misra, IIT-B director. ��Now, because good jobs are available to BTech students, not many opt for post-graduate courses abroad. Only about 15% students go overseas for higher studies and approximately 5% take a job outside India."

    Ratnajit Bhattacharjee, faculty in-charge (training and placement) of IIT Guwahati, says corporate giants still opt for IITians but prefer to recruit them for their India operations. Bhattacharjee attributes the phenomenon of "almost zero brain drain" to the fact that MNCs have not just entered the country in a big way but are also looking at greater expansion here. "British Telecom used to regularly hire IIT Guwahati students,�� he says. ��It does today also, but for its Bangalore operations."

    Deepak Phatak, former head of the computer science department at IIT Bombay, who conducted exit interviews with students from 1991 to 1994, remembers almost everyone then was flying to the US.


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  • vjkypally
    07-21 08:29 AM
    Bring our issues in front of Ombudsman with the kind of time line we expect and let him take it up with the Govt.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    03-12 03:24 PM
    We cannot expect core members to be online all the time, and we cannot expect to see lobbying related information unless a bill actually comes out. I think what we CAN do is keep the average members like me who want to do something, engaged with things that are within reach.

    FOIA campaign was a great example of this.

    However, I am very sad to report that only 3 other members from Texas Chapter participated.

    I consider FOIA is a multifold success. Not only we achieved milestone 1 of $5K, we were successful enough to wake up members to do something after long time. Why do you think the very same members were sleeping? I don't believe IV Core was not doing anything in last few months but members always felt that there is no plan of action from IV. There is nothing worst could happen to us just by disclosing our plan of actions in controlled way like:

    1. <<ABC>> is preparing document for final data information.
    2. <<XYZ>> is evaluating other options how we could retrieve this information.
    3. <<DEF>> is understanding how FOIA works and how long it will take us to get data and what will be the best option to get it earlier.
    4. <<MMM>> is working on funding drive for this.

    There is no reason to hide even this kind of information. But if we do this, members understand what we are doing at high level.

    My 2 cents.

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  • Munna Bhai
    02-08 04:00 PM
    Online status certified...filed in Nov 2004...but no hard-copy that to do next??

    04-23 09:52 PM
    SGP, It took 3-4 weeks for a co-worker in eb2 to get an approval once labor was filed(excludes Pre activities like ads etc)

    Hello.... Anyone there?:confused:

    02-23 05:45 PM
    In the guideline for interpreting the dates USCIS hasn't mentioned anything about PD being current. So I think they process applications regardless of PD being current or not

    'The table shown below is intended to be a tool for customers to view our processing times. When applications and petitions are completed within our target timeframes, those timeframes will be shown (example: 3 months). If we are not meeting our target timeframes a date will be shown (example: April 16, 2008).'

    thats true, but when does the target timeframe clock start? when they receive the app or when the priority date becomes current?

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