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  • ngaheer
    09-09 04:52 PM
    Here is a small contribution of $100.00 towards the rally. Go IV.

    Transaction ID: 3C843613FY738681B

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  • mirage
    04-01 02:45 PM
    C�mon boy I�m not asking to make Steve miller their VP operation and use that million dollar in grants to fund that project. What I�m asking is �can you tell us how many applications you received of which chargeability and in which EB categories� and assurance that they will issue EADs and APs in less than 90 days. To ask this you don�t need citizen rights you are asking a public agency a service which they are supposed to provide and they are charging us to do that� I'm not saying we don't have rights, but what you are asking are the internal workings of a government agency.

    You can't even vote. You can't even just change employers without hassle. You can't even just leave the country and come without proper documents. You can't even apply for a student loan. You can be deported any time you have a problem. You can't even renew your driver's license without showin proof of proper residency.

    Even with GC your rights are still not as good as a US citizen.

    Yes we do have rights.

    But the government is only answerable to a certain level. You cannot ask for information of the internal workings of a government. That's not going to happen.

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  • addsf345
    12-04 05:40 PM
    addsf345, did you get the answers? if yes, please share. Thanks much.:)

    Well, find them below.

    1. Will this immediately cancel my EAD? if so, I may have to resign.
    EAD most likely doesn't get cancelled immediately. Find a post by 'lazycis' on this thread. Even if it gets, which is rare, one can still continue working on EAD. I know this sounds not right, but again search this thread. This is confirmed by few replies and ref links are provided to RG's website.

    2. If I continue working while filling for MTR, will it be illegal?
    again... look for links to RG's website for this. As per RG, this is considered as something 'beyong applicant's control' i.e. an applicant has nothing illegal, but CIS committed an error, so an applicant can not be punished for CIS error. My personal opinion is, it is always much safer if you have a good experienced immigration attorney on your side.

    3. How much it costs to go thru' MTR process? How long it takes?
    Most likely 60 - 90 days. Costs can vary, but it is not really really high.

    again, like most ppl say in their signature, I am not a lawyer. So take professional advice first.

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  • priti8888
    06-26 01:51 PM
    What is america losing?

    Lets take a typical example:

    My friend and his wife both have jobs here. They pay around $50K-60 income tax (approx) as a couple.

    They have 10 yrs of exp. (approx) or have masters degree. They have a decent bit of 401K. And about 30 years of career left. They also have capital investment in India which is growing at a good pace.

    Now if even one is forced to go back I am sure both of them will go back to India or wherever they are from. Makes sense?

    So what are they losing by going back to India? Some $$$$. Thats all? No debt. no hassle, just semi retirement early enough.

    Now think about 100 couples like this?

    Now think about 1000 couples like this?

    1000* 60 K = $60 million of taxes and social security lost. Who is going to pay the troops in Iraq? Or the USCIS dumbo? Will he have a job to do if we leave?
    And if we leave who is going to pay the medical bills of the baby boomer who needs medicare soon?

    Lets say, they replace us with younger workers. what will be their salary? 50K or 75K. lets say 80 K. Chances are they are single. If they are married. Will their wife work immediately. If no, they are collecting taxes from him at a married rate while his spouse has no income. If his wife is educated, how long will she want to live on H4? If she doesnt get H1 will they both go back or stay here endlessly? Chickens (americans).

    How much tax will they will pay? If they are on F1 EAD, even better, they dont even pay social security.

    Of course we lost $$$$ income, but we are not in so much deep shit as US would be if they lose 1000 couples, just 2000 people.

    Now lets say we go to India and undergo semi retirement. Fine, US companies maintain competitive advantage and they gain most. But if we decide to continue to excel, can not such 2000 start a formidably competitive business? Who wins? India or USA? Or will they start multiple businesses?

    Its about the numbers. If 1 or 2 dont get GC , it doesnt matter. But if thousands are impacted, most of them smart people, it will hurt someone here or many ones.

    What have we really asked for in return? Just a piece of plastic that will let us live and contribute like everyone else here.

    They have a problem with that too. Bloody morons.

    For how many years this game of making people fools will continue? Message spreads fast. I am already telling my junior relative what to expect in America.

    I totally agree with you, but think about this.

    For every couple who plan to leave, there are 5 couples anxious to replace them. Do you know the % of visas approved vs visa applicants?.The 5 couples could be from anywhere, not just from india where the economy is in good shape.

    My point is that America does lose when someone goes back.But the loss is on a very very micro level----and replacement is not that difficult.


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  • eeezzz
    02-23 01:44 PM
    All the data and inside information point to EB2 and EB3 to become current some time in the future.
    Bring every category to C is not a good news at all. That just means the greedy CIS needs more money and wants it now.

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  • Green.Tech
    06-07 12:30 PM


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  • gc28262
    03-12 03:12 PM
    .................................................. ..................................

    Core team may not like this but I can understand your point. There is a communication gap between IV Core team and members. Core team wants to hide everything they are doing assuming that anti are reading the forum and they will know what we are doing. On other side members feel uncomfortable as nothing comes out as solid / strong plan of action. There were couple of instances were I personally felt that core talks too much among themselves and release almost zero information to members, it may be good for community overall but not good for an organization where everyone is participating directly or indirectly. By recent posts by Pappu, I think they are improving.

    We need to give them a chance as anyways their act is selfless. They may be lagging in personal management but they are not bad by heart or doing anything for personal benefit.

    With all due respect to the selfless hard work of IV core, I concur with ItIsNotFunny. There are many members who feel this way. IV core should be more open to members. I feel a cloud of secrecy always surrounding IV. Of course they cannot be public about all their activities, but more needs to be done on this front. You will see more members actively participating if core is more open.

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  • stldude
    07-06 02:56 PM
    Anything we can do to get through without having to spend sleepless nights till Oct'.......


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  • p1234
    09-13 08:15 PM
    I'm getting red dots now for believing in the right!
    Who cares? Give all the red dots in the world...:D

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  • vinabath
    07-20 12:44 PM
    What happens if I get my EAD after 180 days of concurrent filing i-140 & i-485, and my employer no longer has a vacancy for me. Can I start at another job or do I have to refile the i-140. (I'm not presently working for the company yet - Schedule A applicant)

    I think you can start another job with the same job description. EAD is not tied to the employer. It is tied to you. AC21 is a blessing for us in this regard.

    After 180 days, you are free and you almost got virtual GC except that you need to work in the same job description and maintain character.


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  • pankajkakkar
    08-08 12:17 PM
    Stuck for years
    In the debate over illegal immigration, don't forget the many legal immigrants waiting for their turn.

    by Pankaj Kakkar

    Legislators in Congress are as divided over the issue of illegal immigration as Americans are. Opinions are strong, debate is passionate, and no end is in sight. Proponents of quick reform, from both sides of the divide, stress the urgency of the issue and the need for a solution soon. In this debate, however, the plight of legal immigrants is forgotten.

    The path to legally acquiring US residency and eventual citizenship is long and unnecessarily complicated, yet many deserving immigrants attempt it every year. Legal immigrants are roughly divided into two categories - family based immigrants and employment based immigrants. These immigrants face years of waiting due to anachronistic laws, discriminatory quotas, onerous bureaucratic hurdles and paper files needlessly being pushed through the system. They also face mounting legal and other tangible and intangible costs. Through all this, they work hard, pay their taxes, and live upright, lawful lives. It is in the interest of the United States as a whole, and Americans individually, to expedite the immigration process for both employment based and family based immigrants.

    The benefits are easier to see for employment based immigration. This category has attracted the best researchers and entrepreneurs of the world for the last half century. Immigrants from this category have started companies that employ hundreds of thousands of Americans (with some of these companies featured in the Fortune 500 list). Others have done research and invented technologies that have earned them the highest awards in their fields, such as the Nobel Prize. Even those who haven't been as successful have been an indispensable part of America's economic growth and progress, especially in technology, over the last half century. In my country of birth, India, the phenomenon of the best minds leaving for the US was called the "brain drain" - it isn't hard to see that India's "brain drain" is but America's "brain gain".

    Family based immigrants also benefit the US, although in less economically tangible ways. The best minds of the world, immigrating to the US through the first category, would be most comfortable and most productive in an environment where they're close to their family. These family members themselves contribute to American society by being productive, law abiding, and patriotic citizens.

    Typical legal immigrants have to wait 5-10 years, and some family based immigrants as long as 20-25 years, before they can even get a Green Card, after which another 5 year wait for acquiring citizenship ensues. These long waits have already persuaded several potential immigrants, many of whom could have been founders of Fortune 500 companies or Nobel Prize winners themselves, to go back to their countries of origin. Quite a few have also immigrated or are considering immigrating to countries where immigration laws are friendlier and less bureaucratic, such as Canada, Ireland and the U.K. While legal immigrants benefit the United States greatly, America does them, and herself, a disservice by making them suffer through an interminable immigration process and countless bureaucratic hurdles. America can and should do right by them.

    Congressman Shadegg (R-AZ) has introduced a bill, called the SKIL (Securing Knowledge, Innovation and Leadership) Act, in the House of Representatives. This bill, which has 9 Republican co-sponsors, including Congressman Mike Pence (R-CO), a leader on the issue of immigration, will significantly ameliorate the wait times and hurdles that legal immigrants face, while also benefiting the American economy by making sure that the technology leaders of tomorrow innovate and invent in the United States, and not elsewhere in the world. A similar bill has already passed the Senate. The House should consider it soon, and pass it as well.
    Added by pappu
    Published on oct 02, 2006 b364b3d6b9f b364b3d6b9f

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    07-14 02:50 PM
    contributed $10 for me and my wife


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  • franklin
    10-01 11:25 AM
    What the you talking about? USCIS isn't efficient at processing? Are you crazy?

    There are a whole bunch of people on the ROW thread thread who think they are the picture of efficiency - they deny the existence of wasted visas due to inefficiencies in processing.

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  • chanduv23
    05-15 10:16 PM
    Maybe someone that has had to go through this can respond.

    When you are working for a large(r) corporation, where all fees (including EAD/AP) are paid for by the company, who pays for the MTR?

    I was under the impression that the employer pays for the filing, attorney, etc. fees, am I wrong?

    Depends on ur employer. Usually after AC21 - it is obvious that there is no fee involved and many companies hire you after ac21 because they do need to deal with stuff like this.

    Your employer ONLY needs to give a letter as per the AC21 rule and thats it.


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  • lp2007
    09-16 02:16 AM
    Just made a one time contribution of $100
    Order Details - Sep 15, 2007 23:30 GMT-07:00
    Google Order #412727833594707

    Unfortunately I cannot be at DC, but Thank You all for the efforts.

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-15 09:25 AM
    New Day today.

    Good morning everyone. Let's get back to making this campaign a roaring success. We need new High Fives today people. All those IV brothers and sisters who havent yet contributed their $5.00, please do so. It is a great cause and lets face it, IV is the ONLY organization of the legal immigrants, by the legal immigrants, AND FOR the legal immigrants ONLY.

    Also let us remember to update our signatures and include a link to this thread.


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  • dsairam
    09-10 02:50 PM
    Landed on 03/1997 on H1B. Didn't file for GC until 2003 as plan was to work for 2-3 years, get into an MBA program, and then go back.

    MBA resulted in loans of $120K which in turn meant spending some more time in the US which resulted in buying a house which resulted in even bigger loan.

    Now living the American "dream" on EAD.

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  • sparky_jones
    09-01 08:50 AM
    Arrived in the US in Sep 1999
    Started the GC process in late 2002.
    Labor filed in Aug 2003

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  • supers789
    12-10 06:54 PM
    I left old job 10 months before July 07. But attorney at new employer did mistake with advertisement, and PERM got rejected. Applied again, and USCIS audited all Fragomen cases, so mine stuck there attorney being Fragomen. By then July 07 was gone. In Sept 08 again my PD (Nov 05) was current but I was stuck with Audit.... Finally I got PERM approved, 140 approved, but since then NOV 05 is far far away....

    12-05 03:40 PM
    I'm getting MBA from Babson College in MA (top25). The total cost is $60K in just tuition. My employer pays appx. half of it.

    It's a huge investment of not just money but time as well. You have no life for three years.

    It's very rewarding to learn so many different subjects: Economy, Marketing, Accounting, Law, Leadership, Finance, Technology management, Organizational Behavior. I reach classes tired but come out fresh. It really broadens one's thinking.

    I got my B. Tech. from India. It's great to have American Classroom experience.

    Great Networking.

    I still have 30 years of professional life ahead of me to use knowledge/expertise gained from MBA. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.

    Due to demographic shift in US, large shortage of middle-management is expected in coming decades. MBA can provide a real leg-up in career advancement.

    At the same time... I can totally see when some people just go through the motions to get their MBA and do nothing with it. Don't approach it like just a degree. If you are committed to learning new skills, using them and improving yourself just a little everyday... Go for MBA.

    Also, don't expect big bucks immediately following MBA. Class knowledge , combined with some experience afterwards will actually provide super returns. Most of the studies that look at salary increment right after MBA will come up with -v e RoI.

    In a nutshell, there are many factors to consider in a decision about getting an MBA degree; tuition expense is not the biggest one. If you have any desire to get MBA, don't let others dissuade you.

    06-05 01:09 PM
    I am keeping an eye on the funding drive... and it seems that there is progress but somewhat slow. I think we need new ideas to promote the same. What about giving IV T-Shirts to all those who contribute $100+ for our 20K to 50K drive?

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