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  • missourian
    06-02 07:37 PM
    Guys I am a new member of IV , joined two weeks back, just made a one time contribution, Please follow the fund drive thread and contribute and ask new members to join IV.

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  • sufferer
    02-07 10:06 AM
    I been a member of IV for a long time and just to keep myself anonymous for a while I created this account. I am so sorry for opening a thread in a completely irrelevant forum but I have no idea what to do. So, I request all the members to please help me by providing some kind of information.

    Here is my story:

    I came to US in 2002 and completed masters and been working since then. I got married couple of years ago. Whatever the monetary gifts the girls parents gave as part of the marriage, I put all that in an account on the girls name within 2 days of the marriage. We came to India and from then on the problems started. She and her parents want me to separate from my parents and support their family by sending money to their parents which I couldn't do. How can I leave my parents in their old age when they worked very hard to give a decent life. She has been harassing me mentally for this all the time. Recently her parents have been threatening me saying they will file dowry case in India if I don't send money or cut myself off from my parents. I provided for the girl in all possible ways, even encouraged her to join school to get a masters degree which she stopped soon. We had a baby recently and my parents visited us to help us with the baby. She started harassing them too by saying something or other.

    I am very frustrated at this situation and I don't know what to do. I am on H1B and applied for 485 too. At times I feel like applying for divorce but when I think about my little baby I am not able to take that step. The house we currently live in, I bought long before the marriage. It came to a situation where we cannot live together. I cannot ask her to go out of the house because she doesn't have anywhere to go and with the baby even if she leaves, it will be very tough. I said I will leave the house and stay in a apartment for which she threatens to commit suicide. So, I don't know what to do. I am worried about my baby because between all this my baby's life will be spoiled and I don't want that. Can anyone please tell me what I can do in this matter?

    Thank you very much for taking time to read this.

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  • rongha_2000
    07-23 11:20 AM
    Obama, did not vote.. Not sure why?? This is very frustrating.!:mad:

    BTW how did Obama vote?????

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  • conchshell
    09-10 05:04 PM
    In the past when we predicted the visa bulletin, people came up with estimated number of visas available and based on that predictions came through, which were pretty accurate.

    Does someone know (vdlrao?) what is the rational behind this move? When new year 2009's visa quota is available, how come dates have gone so much backward. So far i was keep hearing that EB2 India will retrogress by couple of months ... but what we see in visa bulletin is a retrogression by couple of years. Are there so many people waiting between 2001 and 2003, that EB2 dates have gone back to 1 April 2003? Any thoughts?? As far as EB3 is concerned, I am speechless... god knows when these people will see any light at the end of the tunnel.


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  • sureddy
    09-09 05:02 PM
    Here is a small contribution of $100.00 towards the rally. Go IV.

    Google Order #317901158632766

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  • smuggymba
    08-23 03:22 PM
    I know a Controller making 70K and got his GC via L1-A in 6 months. I make 50% more than him and got my PERM approved in EB2 2 weeks ago. Life isn't fair, take it easy.

    How can a multinational executive make 70K and qualify for L1-A?


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  • p_aluri
    09-10 03:53 PM
    Contributed $200.00.

    Here is google order number : 775559432259797

    So far I have contributed $400.00

    Great work guys..

    thank you sxm101, nosightfgc for contributions.

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  • saimrathi
    07-06 01:59 PM
    Or Singapore...

    How about newzealand?


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  • Milind123
    09-17 11:49 AM
    It is not my intention to make anyone feel guilty. Taking you there doesn�t solve my purpose. It is very momentary and there is a sense of regret for both of us, if this happens. You will repent for pulling the trigger and I will repent for not trying hard enough to make you see things the way I see it.

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  • kevinkris
    09-12 05:13 PM
    Hi All,

    Lots of people agreeing.
    singhsa3, since you started it, finalize on what we all need to do.



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  • saileshdude
    05-20 05:14 PM
    Thanks to Chanduv23 and others IV members who are trying to address this issue.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    07-06 01:39 PM
    The article suggests that people in the namecheck hole were granted GC's which is WRONG. Most are still languishing with no reprive.

    When they say 25k or 60k GCs were approved, i am sure they would have stuck to the per country caps and the security clearance.


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  • yoda
    09-13 03:00 PM
    Sent this to Boston Globe and the largest TV Channel of NH (WMUR Channel 9)

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  • rockstart
    06-27 03:00 PM
    Instead of telling them what they will lose, lets tell them what they gained from us and what they would not have if it were not for the immigrants.

    If two thirds of all PhD's are foreign born. And 60% of Masters degree holders are also not US citizens. Now this is the best talent that US corporations need to keep up the competative edge. No infosys wipro can fill this void.


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  • anurakt
    12-18 02:32 PM
    # nycgal369, Senior Member like you coming up with this idea...hmmm..

    Do you think mass rallies by illegals has helped them? Did not it back fire? will be the same for us. Will not help. The question is not about being scared, its more about doing the right thing.

    First of all, forget about back firing, can we get 100 people to do this. IV has been trying for funds and i dont think even 10% have contributed..why would u think any one would loose a pay day? even if you take 20$/hour i.e 160$ per day. Lot of members are not ready to contribute 50 bucks :) There might be a few who can not contribute due to various reasons and i totally sympathize with them but what about the remaining?

    My point is not to discourage but just for a reality check

    I completely agree.....

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  • sumansk
    12-21 05:44 PM
    Hello Pappu,
    I have written this article on the plight of Work visa holders.Feel free to make editions.

    Here it is..

    Rewards of Being a Legal Immigrant!

    The spirit of this nation had always been to award hard working and law abiding people irrespective of their color, race, culture or origin. But off late there has been a rise in the anti-immigration sentiment. One reason for this is an alarming rise in the illegal immigrants in United States estimated to be around 12 million. This has led many to believe that immigrants in general are not good for the already settled (Permanent residents and Citizens) Americans and they depress economy and put burden on the economy. This is a false notion harbored by many and needs analysis. First of all there is a vast difference between a legal and an illegal immigrant. A legal immigrant or people living temporary are here to help this nation make progress and are here to contribute to the economy of this nation. They have come here on the specific request by the companies; universities and other organizations. They are unnecessarily being victimized for their status as part of the larger immigrant community. They are the most misunderstood community today among the immigrants in general.

    The temporary visitors largely are H-1 B, L-1 and Business visa holders .Many of these people are here for many years and waiting for their Green Card after having applied for it. While they continue to work for the same employer waiting for their permanent residency, they feel stagnated in their career path, salaries and even on personal development front because the law does not permit them to change employer while their green card is under process. If they do change then the whole process will have to start afresh.
    As one frustrated and depressed work visa holder, Rajneesh puts it ?The plight of an immigrant can only be understood by those who are in the same shoes?. A legal immigrant who is in USA is only here on invitation by the US based companies or organizations willing to legally sponsor them for reasons that they do not have enough skilled professionals to do the job. The fate of being a person waiting in queue for a Green Card was never dreamt by me unless I was a victim of such a wait myself. The whole life revolves around waiting for just one card called green card. All the life?s plans are shelved off for some future dates. Many of them wait for settlement as they fear that buying a home or property or starting their own company may be at risk if their green Card is not approved or if they are out of status and in that case they may have to leave the country. There is a constant fear lurking in their psyche that what if they are laid off when they are waiting for their visa dates to become current so that they can apply for adjustment of status. Their dependent wives cannot work legally as law does not permit them to work while on dependent visa. These in many cases have resulted in domestic violence and depressed spouses resulting in disturbed and broken families.The spouses of these legal temporary residents stay at home and feel frustrated as they are also highly educated and can tremendously contribute to the development of the nation if given an opportunity. They feel choked as they have to plan well ahead in time for visits to home country and have to keep themselves abreast with latest immigration laws and by laws. A lack of this planning and understanding has resulted in many being denied entry while trying to re-enter. There are so many issues that they have to deal with being a temporary resident here just because they chose to come to America in search of realizing the American Dream. Most of them feel as if they made a wrong decision having come to America. This has sent a negative feedback in their native countries that America is no longer a welcoming nation for temporary work visa holders and one may have to wait up to more than ten years to get permanent residency. This feedback has turned many potential high tech and software professionals elsewhere. The current wait time in Canada and Australia is less than a year. European nations are also becoming a very welcoming society for these people. So the competition to secure them is getting hot.

    While the wait becomes long the anxiety and depression starts to sets in most of the cases. Many have therefore already left this country and this is a drain on the economy as they are now a part of other nation?s economic development. Many of this class of people were educated in United States and were contributing but the immigration laws have forced them to go elsewhere. This class of people have advanced degrees from either US or other countries and have an average work experience of more than 3 years.They form the top class professionals among the populatoin and their loss is a loss to this nation.America is land of opportunity and for those willing to work hard for a better future should be rewarded and taken care of, but it seems there is no one listening right now to their voice. The spirit of America seems to be getting lost somewhere.

    There are organization and groups like NumbersUSA who oppose any increase in their visa numbers which can drastically help these victims of bureaucracy, but due to their short sightedness they fail to see that the same people whom they are opposed to will help increase the economic well being of this nation once they become permanent residents. This is so because once they get permanent residency, they all will move up in the ladder demanding higher salaries and thus supporting the proponents of anti-immigrants view point. Right now they are all stuck in the same state for years. This may in some case lead to their exploitation which may in fact depress wages. Their short-sightedness, misinformation and vague propaganda have created an atmosphere where the na?ve public fails to understand the difference between the real benefactors and illegal immigrants. This has led public develop an overall anti-immigrant sentient.
    Presently there is a bill pending in Senate called the SKIL bill (S.2691) introduced by senator John Cornyn (TX) Co-sponsored by George Allen (R, VA), Wayne Allard (CO), Bennett Robert (UT) and others. There is another related bill introduced by John Shadegg (AZ).This bill seeks to increase the annual visa caps for Immigrants visa under Employment category, exempt students who earned masters in USA, Allows to apply for Adjustment of Status even though there may not be immediate available Visa numbers. The bill is intended to secure the American competitiveness in 21st century while countries like India, China, Australia and European countries compete for skilled man power in Software and high tech sector to secure their competitiveness. This bill will help reduce the wait times for Temporary work Visa holders helping them assimilate faster in US society and thus securing the nations? interest.
    There are reforms for this class of immigrants in the much debated comprehensive immigration Reform Bill passed by Senate but congress did not pass it. These provisions got lost in the shadow of illegal immigration debate and therefore separate bills were introduced by way of SKIL Act of 2006 to take care of the plight of Temporary visa holders. By clubbing the provisions for both legal and illegal population in one bill did much harm to this community as they were totally neglected by the congressmen. These people pay taxes, social security (unfortunately cannot be claimed once they leave this country), contribute to the social causes by volunteering, donating during emergencies and they very much feel themselves a part of this nation.
    But the administration failed to reform current Visa availability issue which is doing much harm to the nation.
    The public is expected to understand the plight of these people and pressurize congress to pass this bill and not misunderstand the other immigration bills pending in senate which are controversial. These people deserve credit and appreciation for helping this nation and definitely needs a much awaited attention from the public and Government.

    Surendra K Suman
    CR125M (


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  • SkilledWorker4GC
    07-15 10:20 AM
    I could keep track of that.

    I am Glad to see some momentum pick up again. How much have we raised so far?

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  • Ramba
    09-05 06:32 PM
    The unbelievable growth in India made me explore a bit in terms of investments, ended up with the financial advise and recommendation from experts that we cannot directly invest in equity as an NRI. Only investment allowed it seems, for NRI is in real estate. Not sure whether this is true. There holds the surprise I could not add up the numbers in real-estate in India. Real estate in India is darn expensive even by international standards (with per capita GDP of $700->$2500 per annum).

    Flats in Indian hub cities: 2-bedroom, 1000 sq ft apartment for average $200,000-$300,000 and above. ( Condos in most major metros in USA: 2-bedroom, 1000 sq ft average $200,000-$300,000 (google housing)

    Given that, median income in US is 50 times more than India. I thought the Indian cities are up in bubble. Next, look at agricultural land prices.

    Agricultural land in Northern part of India is average $50000 - $250,000 per acre (www. where in east, west and south is about $20000-$200,000. In Villages its about $15000 to $50000 per acre.

    Agricultural land in US is in the range of $6000-$15000 per acre. ($12,000 per acre in NJ, $6,000 per acre in California and $8,000 per acre in Florida. From USDA website)

    Now You can do the math. Commercial land is even more expensive in india.

    The reason, people say, population density. Now lets look at this factor, the density in India is much higher than USA. But, compare to NJ, NJ is actually slightly more densely populated than most states in India. Real estate is regulated by government in India that prevents easy buying and selling and land survey records are not properly maintained which makes it easy to bump up the price.

    Can someone explain to me how in the world, the farmers in India who make less than $1000 per annum continue to own land that is valued at several $100K? How many can afford a home in that country?

    Is this what economic experts call "bubble"? I believe there needs to be a correction in the market in India to avoid a disaster.

    There is no doubt about NRIs are the prime reason for the real estate boom in India. It is tottally unbelivable that 2 bedroom flat in a normal second class town has gone to up to 40 lakes. Decent independent houses are in terms of crores in small cites. Two factors. One is foreign money and second in black money from local dadas/politicians. Also demand vs supply. The availble land is small and demand for that land is too high due to these two gropus.

    I visited one of my NRI friends house in India, where he is not going to live as he is a US citizen. His parents already won two houses and they bought another house as a investment. This house in a recent development area in a small town where there is no high tech employment is avialable; In my feeling it may not worth 5 lakes; they were selling at 45 lakes. Even if anyone ready to pay 45 lakes there is no unit is avialable; everything was sold to NRIs. No resident won the houses in that area. All the dads and mos are baby sitting the houses. Renting alos not that easy. It is tottally unbelivable. I wonder why all the NRIs buying house in India and increisng the house price? The guys working here (or any part of the world) and not going to live in India, why government should allow to buy the house and increse the price? Everyone tries to do real estate bussiness there. That is the main reason for price increase.

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  • imv116
    07-15 09:04 PM
    The problem I see with Los Angeles is the high population of illegals. Any thing here looks like pro-illegal.

    Doing the rally in other cities in Los Angeles County or Orange County is the media visibility that we can get.

    Any suggestions from SoCAL members?


    02-23 12:51 PM

    i just returned from an infopass meeting... the guy i talked to said that they recently have a directive from the DHS/USCIS that they want to separate the legal stuff from the illegal stuff and hence they are planning to adjudicate a record number of EB apps in the next quarter or two... does anyone else concur? is this true or were my ears just ringing in that meeting?


    07-18 09:14 PM
    I have contributed my bit by signing in for $50 montly contribution. I hope that we will make IV a grassroot movement.

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