Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Audi R8 V10 5.2 Fsi Quattro

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  • qplearn
    11-20 09:58 PM
    Work in progress; . Nice job; Sent you a PM.

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  • indio0617
    03-09 10:05 AM
    senator brownback: amendment on J1 visas

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  • pappu
    06-10 01:08 PM
    USCIS to Issue Two-Year EAD for I-485 Waiters at End of June 2008
    The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security announced on 06/09/2008 that the DHS would start issuing two-year EAD beginning from end of June 2008 for the I-485 filers. Hooray!
    Announcement: "I'm also pleased to announce that we will be extending the validity period of the employment authorization documents that we issue to individuals who are waiting adjustment of status to lawful permit residenture or in colloquial phrase, the green card. Currently, adjustment applications are granted employment authorization documents with only a one year maximum validity. Beginning later this month, we'll start issuing these documents with a two-year validity period for aliens who are waiting adjustment of status if their application is expected to be pending for more than a year. This, again, is eliminating a persistent source of frustration for workers who are here, who have a pending adjustment application but have to go and renew their employment documents every single year. It's going to cut the paperwork there."

    That is the victory due to our admin fixes campaign. Your thousands of letters are working here.
    We had received good feedback in our meetings with the administration.
    The whole process of making final announcements is just too slow!!

    We recently had another meeting to discuss one more admin fix item that has not been addressed yet and was part of our letters. Let us hope some decision comes out soon enough.

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  • cpolisetti
    07-21 02:31 AM
    That is exactly what I thought as well. Which is why I'm confused by posters ranting about "people who voted against SKIL bill" and getting their knickers in a twist

    Defense bill is currently on hold. This amendment is for HR2669.
    Amendment Number: S.Amdt. 2339 to S.Amdt. 2327 to H.R. 2669 (College Cost Reduction Act of 2007 )

    Title: To provide for reconciliation pursuant to section 601 of the concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 2008.


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  • vandanaverdia
    09-10 03:13 PM
    Thanks niva for your contribution...

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  • 2008 Audi R8 V10

  • pitha
    07-06 02:04 PM
    I doubt it, uscis used up 60k visas in one month just to make sure we dont get any ead, why in the world after doing all this nonsense would they accept our applications.

    My lawyer told me that they are working on something to accept all applications which reached on july ... lets hope he is right.


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  • ssnd03
    04-02 03:18 PM
    You don't need to be harsh on your comments. You can go ahead and file a case with USCIS. That's what I've been saying here all the time.

    Calling me a numbskull I think is inappropriate. You can disagree with me and I can disagree with you which is the essence of this forum but not to abuse each other.

    I didn't call you numbskull and I will never call anyone numbskull, so I guess you owe me an apology.

    No you or D.E.D. do not deserve an apology for being numbskulls as you both have an agenda of fear mongering so that folks do not raise voices for legitimate reasons.

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  • Suva
    07-18 02:57 PM
    Don't get disapointed. The date would retrogress to 2003/2004 very soon. So most of the applicants whose PD is after the cutoff date would not qualify for approvals. As your PD is very old you would be benifitted as you would be current in this case.

    This would suck for older priority dates.

    My priority date is March, 2002!! Application was delivered to Nebraska on June 15th but the Receipt date is in mid-July.
    So all those filers with priority dates after me (did not come across any with PD older than mine) that got their receipt notices before me would jump ahead in line!! Who knows how many years more...

    Hopefully they will change their procedure after this fiasco to go by Priority Dates first and then the receipt dates.



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  • Jaime
    07-20 11:41 AM
    Guys, don't be disappointed about the Cornyn amendment failing! Here's why:

    There is a lot of noise already (thanks to IV generating it) about the injustices that we legals face, and the urgent need to reform the legal GC path. I am thinking that senators have heard our friend Zoe and are now realizing that such reform is needed and are now trying to determine how to best use or spin such a potential reform in their party's favor. Therefore, even people like Clinton voted no, because if the Cornyn amendment had passed it would have denied them the visibility and publicity that a well-organized and publicized bill would generate. Clinton has spoken in our favor before, and I think that she voted nay now in order to later be part of a more visible (and politically-rewarding) solution for us.

    What we REALLY NEED TO DO right now is support IV as much as we can, and continue to create noise and get our VOICE be heard, but we need to act as a group, as a team. Work together, be heard everywhere. Enough already with us being quiet, keeping our heads down while paying taxes and taking all the abuse! We will continue to be great citizens, meet all our duties and obligations, but this time we will ALSO BE HEARD! Let's go! We're strong! We can do this!!!!!

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  • imind
    03-12 03:30 PM
    It bacame hard to find job with H1B. Most of the companies asking to work on 1099/w2 with EAD or Self Incorporated company LLC Certificate. In this case:

    I have following questions on starting LLC on wife's EAD :

    My 1-140 is approved and I-485 is pending (i140 and 485 both completed 180 days) and me and my wife both have EAD and AP. My current status is H1B with the current employer who filed for GC.

    Q1: As current market crisis, lot of companies asking to work on 1099 or on their W2 basis (lot of IT jobs listed for only EAD/GC ....NO H1Bs like that...became hard to find IT job with H1B ).

    For getting job purpose only, can I open LLC (100% owned by wife's name) on wife's name only and can I work for my wife's company through AC21 with my EAD (I'll ask my lawer to do all necessary paper works to meet my job role and job description are same kind and meets AC21 portability) .

    Q2: Lot of new companies asking to show my self incorporated LLC certificate in which my name should be displayed (In this case, only my wife name will be displayed in LLC Certificate as 100% owner and my name is not in LLC Certificate) in order to work for them via 1099/w2 basis.

    In this case, what exactly I should do to work any company in US on 1099/w2 basis?(Assume that I already opened LLC on my wife's EAD and 100% owned, and my nameis not listed in the company llc certificate).

    Q3: In case if I joined my wife's company through AC21 under same job role/name that I'm doing ,
    How can I work for other company on 1099/w2 basis?
    How can I work for other company on Contract-to-contract basis?

    Q4: If I include my name as member/partner in my wife's LLC certificate, can I able to work for any company on 1099 basis (Not corp-to-corp) .

    As this is very critical step and helps lot of people, please help and advise the BEST possible options/path with step by step advise to avoid any other status changes and get smooth GC process run which is already in process.

    Thanks appreciated.


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  • Audi yet to confirm new R8 5.2

  • vandanaverdia
    09-13 11:13 AM
    milind123 & sam2006:
    Hats off to u guys... U r doing a fabulous job!
    All those who havent contributed so far, pls come forward!
    Help IV help you...

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  • skakodker
    02-25 12:53 PM
    It is easy and potentially justifiable to feel some frustration. As it relates to the green card, I am in a similar situation to most who visit and share their views on this board.

    I view the Universe and everything that is contained therein to be perfect - there can be no imperfections. I find comfort in that thought and focus my attention on the following:

    feeling grateful for all that I have; doing my work to the best of my ability; taking the risks I believe I should take; being resilient; enjoying my life more; being patient; caring more; comparing less

    This is merely a statement of my beliefs - this works for me. It is not intended to offend anyone nor is it a solution to anyone's woes.

    Good times, health, and happiness to all.


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  • ArkBird
    02-23 02:37 PM
    LUD has little or no meaning. I have seen cases getting approval notice without ANY LUD. Don't stress out or hold your breath for it.

    I hope so..
    But checking my July 2007 I485 online status, it says it was last updated in Dec 2007..
    Shouldn't we all have got recent LUDs or RFEs if all of us were recently pre-adjugated

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  • getgreened2010
    07-21 08:28 AM
    I got my loan approved in April 2010 from Wells Fargo, the under writer created some problems but my loan officer gave them references of prior loans getting approved for people on AOS so it worked out well in the end. I know a lot of people who's loans were approved (both conventional and FHA) and were on AOS. All the best hope everything works out well for you.

    Any one recently re-financed or obtained a mortgage loan with Bank of America or Wells Fargo. Both the banks denied loan stating not having a valid visa as a reason, though I have approved EAD with 485 pending and I-140 approved. I have contacted the customer support, since the loan was through the mortgage broker. The underwrite appears to not accept EAD as a valid status and asking to provide a copy of visa to purse further. Any one have any specific docs / links that might help other than the ones in this thread.


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  • santb1975
    07-15 09:41 PM
    Great Going. The funding drive that was started earlier halted at 19881. Glad to see things pick up again

    to IV PO Box.

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  • pointlesswait
    06-24 03:00 PM
    you are in fools paradise if you thing america is losing by delaying GC for us...in fact the more it delays the more it gains...

    a.) Obvious processing fess which runs into billions..
    b.) a whole industry of legal professionals who feed off legal and illegal immigrants ...what will happen to Murthys and khannas...and the collateral josb that have been created by immigrants
    c.) the Social security is being sustained by hi-tech and legal immigranst who pay their taxes on time.

    i can list many more..but then the purpose of your article will be lost!..;-)

    if you are asking for ideas on what is US losing..thats because they lose nothing...its only us who think that we are important for US..for them we are nothing but cattle from third world country!

    like i had said in my previous posts..its apartheid..but of a different kind!
    slavery never ends..it just resurfaces as a mutant!



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  • rkotamurthy
    01-18 06:47 PM
    I don't think there was a Conf Call in '07. Does anyone know when the next call is scheduled?

    Does anyone communicate with the "Core Team" and get updates ? Could somebody explain how IV works?

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  • JaisGCQuest
    06-23 05:17 PM

    I wud say its a brilliant thought and u shud go ahead and compile ideas and create a beautiful document. If nothing else it can be a good resource for others to read .

    What is America losing because of our prolonged wait for Green Cards?

    Money in the form of Taxes and more and more skilled labor :

    People in India now don't want to come on H1B's because they don't see any future in US anymore. They think instead of returning back after an unsuccesful dream of living in US they cud gather what they have currently and stay in India -- where they wud eventually have to settle later.

    Money in the form of Mortagages Property Investments -
    Indians mostly prefer to invest in good real estate properties atleast better than the other two dominant categories in US [ Hispanic and African - American ]. There will be a surge of better mortgage payers if the Indian population see a long term stay in US.

    Skilled Labor because most companies dont hire H1bs for additional cost factor to be given to USCIS . And even if some companies want to hire H1B people for cheap labor, these skilled labor are inclined to get greencards. Most companies dont do that or may be start the whole process too late because of the long queue and they think instead putting so much efforts to make this H1B guy permananent [ hassle free] they settle for lesser skilled labor with more salary who has a permanent residence/ citizenship because they are hassle free.

    Have to return back to work but ..will write more later.


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  • test101
    07-06 02:11 PM
    I do not see a reason for what they are doing. The Original July VB was in Archived Bulletins as of july 2nd. The revised one is placed in the current visa Bulletins. So why the changes? is there any diference?

    07-06 11:06 AM
    >> Although 30,000 people are IV members

    18,344 members have zero post.
    21,807 members have zero or 1 post.
    27,370 members have zero to 10 posts.

    That should give an idea how many members are really "active" on IV.

    09-15 11:49 AM
    Mujhe to aam kahne se matlab hai... (As long as the visas are available, I don't care):D

    I am with you and willing to share the cost.

    Good Luck.
    Abhi to saare aam khatam ho gaye hai.
    (Translation - Right now all the visa numbers are gone for your PD).

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