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ecosystems of canada

images Table A3 Healthy Ecosystems ecosystems of canada. GOERT-Parks Canada funding
  • GOERT-Parks Canada funding

  • husker
    07-19 11:41 AM
    People, since Aman and lets not forget other core members also (who I am sure have racked up a lot of out of pocket cost) we as a community should gather funds for administrative cost also. GC is not just Aman's/ pappu/logiclife and others core member's dream...its OUR dream, and its not fair that in spite of knowing the time and money spent by the core members we donot share the burden.
    So here is what I am thinking, there are 21000+ members of which I think 10,000 can be considered the real people (I am sure there are more..but a real conservative estimate) if we all pitch in $10 for administrative cost I think it would not put any dent in our pockets and this collective effort would not create a financial burden on any of the core members.

    Any thoughts!

    wallpaper GOERT-Parks Canada funding ecosystems of canada. Canadian marine ecosystems
  • Canadian marine ecosystems

  • gcdreamer05
    02-09 08:56 PM
    dude this year you meant march and apr 2009 right, your post still says 2008...

    And plz give me a break just now the march bulletin came out and already we have started predicting april bulletin...

    we all have become lazy just predicting and sitting not doing anything that is why the freakin EB3 has not moved even 1 day for the past 2 months......

    we have to do something......

    ecosystems of canada. ecosystems in Canada meet
  • ecosystems in Canada meet

  • eb3_nepa
    07-05 01:21 PM
    Please send the contact info, I will call them too.. Iam from PA also..

    Which part of PA?

    Look up your Zipcode in

    The Senators in PA are

    Sen Arlen Specter. Immigration Contact. Mr Ken Altman
    Sen Bob Casey. Immigration Contact: Mr. Kurt

    2011 Canadian marine ecosystems ecosystems of canada. Garry Oak ecosystem
  • Garry Oak ecosystem

  • ind_game
    05-13 11:18 PM
    was ur first MTR denied in error?
    as per you, your I-140 was never denied.

    My I-140 was never denied. In fact the date 09/04/2007 that NSC mentions about the denial is the date that I got approval notice. I have the approval copy from USCIS. I am not sure what the adjudicating officer is looking on his terminal.


    ecosystems of canada. Canada#39;s key ecosystems;
  • Canada#39;s key ecosystems;

  • Mouns
    04-30 03:37 PM
    And the situation prior to surge wasnt any better either. I remember in 2006, the PD for India EB3 was April 2001 and now its Nov 2001. :mad:

    This was directed to people who were current. If you are from India, China, Mexico, Philippines, get used to waiting. Your backlog is due to numerical limits. And this won't change (the way I see it)

    ecosystems of canada. Canada have a rich wildlife,
  • Canada have a rich wildlife,

  • srisra
    05-07 12:42 PM
    i called 3 senators so far,

    they r not sharing the senators stand but they are saying we understand this and we will pass on your message.

    thay did not note anything. they did not ask name & other details also.

    am i doing correct or am i missing anything?


    ecosystems of canada. Peatlands across Canada store
  • Peatlands across Canada store

  • Milind123
    09-14 10:01 PM
    This is a PM I got from ivvm, an earlier contributor in one of the 401K rounds.
    I really think it is a nice gesture.

    Originally Posted by ivvm
    I think you have been championing the cause, and have done exemplary. In BTW..I am willing to sponsor someone's one way ticket via southwest all expense paid..or possibly a roundtrip preferably from west coast...!! Let me know if you know someone who would like to avail!

    2010 ecosystems in Canada meet ecosystems of canada. Table A3 Healthy Ecosystems
  • Table A3 Healthy Ecosystems

  • 9years
    11-05 01:53 PM
    Did you get your I-140 receipt? What is the online status?


    ecosystems of canada. Parks Canada Honoured
  • Parks Canada Honoured

  • NKR
    04-02 08:26 AM
    that might be your attitude. some people have a different opinion and dont like to bend over when circumstances try to screw them. If you pay for something and get a lemon you might be ok with living with it and moving on, saying its non-refundable. Many others dont share that view. They'll fight for a replacement, a fix, some solution to the problem.

    If all you can do is bend over, then move on, you are wasting your time on IV.

    Ouch, that got to hurt. Mr D.E.D. why are you inviting dard. why don't you just disco?.

    hair Garry Oak ecosystem ecosystems of canada. In regions where ecosystems
  • In regions where ecosystems

  • IAF
    04-29 04:05 PM
    Let us do it team.


    ecosystems of canada. NL Canada A1C 5R3
  • NL Canada A1C 5R3

  • Raju
    07-06 02:27 PM
    The USCIS automated line for Priority dates is still playing the PD's for June 2007 showing that EB-3 India cut off June 1st 2003 etc..

    We have so contrasting images of the efficiency of USCIS. Hope they keep the same tempo as of the last week of June on Oct 1st when the FY 2008 quota kicks in.

    They were/are so busy approving cases that they donot have time to update the message. Everyone from Janitors to Execs have been working for the last week to approve those 66K cases.

    hot Canada#39;s key ecosystems; ecosystems of canada. quot;Canada has the unrivalled
  • quot;Canada has the unrivalled

  • peace&joy
    07-11 08:36 AM
    Can't believe it either. Too good to be true!!!


    house Canada canada, ecosystems ecosystems of canada. Changes in ecosystems and
  • Changes in ecosystems and

  • Green.Tech
    06-06 09:35 AM
    ...and contribute....

    tattoo Canada have a rich wildlife, ecosystems of canada. of Arctic ecosystems,
  • of Arctic ecosystems,

  • optimystic
    09-10 09:36 PM
    HR 5882 has the answer for the FIFO problem.
    USCIS is pretty good with approving cased based on PD for 3/4th of the year and in the last quarter they for the "Hail mary" play and DOS gives a wide PD range during the last quarter for USCIS to play. Apart from recapturing wasted visa's HR 5882 also has an automatic recapture provision to avoid any future visa wastage. If this provision is in place then UCSIS/DOS will not be in a position to playing the "some how use up visa by sep 31" card to approve random cases.

    Rather than focusing on HR 5882 many are still pondering about LUD's and sill day dreaming. The demand for visa's is much higher than the supply of visa's, it doesn't matter what new spillover policy USCIS adopts, it can only provide incremental improvements. For a quantum improvment in the situation we need a legislation and HR 5882 is the best option we have now.

    Good points.

    However ...

    How many visa numbers will get recaptured if 5882 gets approval and how soon (within this FY09 ? )

    How many pending applications are there?

    How many new ones accumulating every year?

    Are there enough recaptured visas to cover all?

    Agreed that with more visa numbers, and no potential threat to wastage of visa numbers, USCIS has no incentive nor tricky cards to play to justify their random approval bursts.....but will that be enough to prevent them from doing so, just because they can? I mean this is USCIS we are talking about.....Even with laws/memos/rules already in place, they are violating them left and right....

    Whats to say that they won't try to reassure people that they don't have to worry about out of order processing because
    - there are enough visa numbers for all.
    - Though people may see delays, they will eventually all get their GCs
    - Its faster and easier if they just grab the first box that is on the top of the pile, and approve cases from there rather than spending very limited resources they have to try to dig thru the boxes to find the cases with oldest PD.
    - It will just be a minor inconveneince to the applicants...Their waiting times would drastically reduce from several years to only couple of years.

    Would that be acceptable to us then?

    If they say every body will be current, with free job movement due to EADs, and every body will get GC within 2-3 years absolutely. PERIOD. Just no gaurantees of FIFO processing. --- Would that be acceptable to us then?


    pictures Peatlands across Canada store ecosystems of canada. Chemosynthetic Ecosystems
  • Chemosynthetic Ecosystems

  • inskrish
    09-28 09:32 PM
    More than willing as! You know what to do, ei and don't give me can interview me but soon after give me GC....

    LOL. :) If I am a volunteer as an IO, I would get the names of all IV members, write a small script to approve their GCs, make sure the cards are delivered to the members, and immediately resign my job. :D


    dresses quot;Canada has the unrivalled ecosystems of canada. Chemosynthetic Ecosystems
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  • eeezzz
    02-23 01:44 PM
    All the data and inside information point to EB2 and EB3 to become current some time in the future.
    Bring every category to C is not a good news at all. That just means the greedy CIS needs more money and wants it now.


    makeup Parks Canada Honoured ecosystems of canada. Canada canada, ecosystems
  • Canada canada, ecosystems

  • imv116
    07-15 08:38 PM
    Let�s wait until tomorrow to see the outcome of the big announcement. Based on the outcome lets plan a rally around LA downtown City hall on Saturday 21st July, 2007.

    I stay close to downtown and I can co-ordinate all the activities. I can do the conference call or some one among us can co-ordinate to do that.

    Any help from San Jose chapter members would be great.


    girlfriend of Arctic ecosystems, ecosystems of canada. Ecosystem Map of Southern
  • Ecosystem Map of Southern

  • bsbawa10
    03-18 02:10 AM
    Both people listed on a "married filing jointly" return must have valid SSNs to qualify for the payment � if only one has a valid SSN, neither can receive the payment.

    hairstyles NL Canada A1C 5R3 ecosystems of canada. For Margot Parkes, Canada
  • For Margot Parkes, Canada

  • santb1975
    05-24 11:02 PM
    Every time we work on a bill we move a step forward. We have come a long way in the past 2 years. Some bills came and went and did not bring us any relief but that should not stop us from working hard when we see the next window of opportunity.

    Thanks for the information. Bills come and go every year, hard to count how many we have seen go up in the air in the last 3 years.

    05-27 07:59 PM
    $100 today

    07-20 10:04 AM
    BTW how did Obama vote?????

    He did not voted

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