Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • gc28262
    07-06 09:14 AM
    I think it is time we threw away the concept that democracy is the best.
    Look at Obama the socialist and anti-immigrant law makers in this country who are playing to the gallery. Are they doing any good for this country ?

    I always prefer an open self nominated leader to a democratically elected leader.

    OP should work with IV core/even get involved in a serious conversation with core team to promote his ideas. I am sure core is open to suggestions and entertain discussions from well meaning members.

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  • smuggymba
    08-23 08:41 AM
    see below.. I think you should be OK.
    USCIS - Employment-Based Immigration: Second Preference EB-2 (http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.eb1d4c2a3e5b9ac89243c6a7543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=816a83453d4a3210VgnVCM100000b92ca60aRCR D&vgnextchannel=816a83453d4a3210VgnVCM100000b92ca60a RCRD)

    Looks like 10 years experience is required for individuals applying under "Exceptional Ability".

    Thanks Kate. Hopefully everything should be ok; I freaked out for a while. Let's see how things go.

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  • ameryki
    01-19 11:39 AM
    Hello Rameshk75,
    Thank you very much for your reply. It gave me a mental peace. Do anyone believe if I go to the local office on next tuesday they will do something for me ?

    i don't think going to local office is going to help. be patient you should get it. In my case it took almost 4 weeks since it got approved to physically receive AP. Although I don't know how long my lawyer held it prior to mailing it to me.

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  • satyachowdary
    09-12 08:53 AM
    Hi Milind123,
    I just contributed $100, here are my order details :

    Order Details - Sep 12, 2007 09:12 GMT-04:00
    Google Order #131954606924512

    Satya Chowdary


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  • gchope07
    07-18 03:14 PM
    I am confused about receipt date?

    Notice date is when the receipt notice is generated- That's simple

    Is receipt date the date when they do data entry into the system or is it the date when they receive the package even though they may do data entry a month later?

    In other words people who filed there application on July 2nd,3rd etc ... and lets say USCIS takes 2 months to receipt those cases.. then after 2 months when the notice is generated won't it have a July 2nd receipt date? for July 2 filers?

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  • sracharla
    09-04 02:25 PM
    Thank you...what is the source of your information?

    Presenting your EAD to DMV for verification does not invalidate your H1B status. Only when you present it to your employer and if he fills out form I-9 and if USCIS requests verification of employment then you will need to worry about that.


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  • Milind123
    09-15 06:10 PM
    Was working today. Did not see much activity here.

    So this is for you (I still don't know your name) to motivate others to finish the round.

    $100 Order Details - Sep 15, 2007 6:29 PM EDT Google Order #442463248310024

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  • sandy_anand
    07-19 10:48 AM
    My case was filed on Feb 27th. Still pending. No response from Atlanta. I have 11 more days to go and after that it doesn't matter when I get my PERM as I would be locked out for potentially 5-6 years! This system is not fair at all...if I was working in one of the western states, I could have filed even today and get certified in 2-3 days....


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  • sparklinks
    08-11 01:14 PM
    As per the tracking no. given by my lawyer, my app also received at 7.55 AM on July 2nd, signed by R.Williams , but my check not cashed yet, no receipts yet, what a mess....

    Mine also received at 7.55 AM on July 2nd, signed by R.Williams ... non of my checks cashed :confused:

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  • slammer
    07-11 07:09 AM
    I couldn't believe this. Wonderful news. Thanks

    Yes, you're right, for you it's really great news ! Congratulations !!!



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  • chanduv23
    02-24 11:49 AM
    The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has successfully blocked consideration of all immigration legislation until amnesty is brought up for a vote. Unless and until the issue of amnesty is resolved, we aren't going to see anything. On the other hand, if amnesty is voted down, then expect to see just about everything else passed.

    The good news is that the jobs bill is ready to pass the Senate within the next day or two. On Thursday, they are going to have the health care summit. At that point, they will either decide to push the health care bill through via reconciliation, or go into extended negotiations with the Republicans. Either way, it definitely looks like a window might open up for CIR in the next couple of weeks.

    The above is what Ron Gotcher (imminfo.com) says rather gives hope for the future!

    Positive attitude and optimism helps the community but many a time the profit making motive of those in this business may want to create hope and sensationalism among the community for their own business interests - nothing wrong though, but people who are desperate, may percieve it in such a way that it is instant good news and glorify the messenger.

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  • sanju_dba
    08-12 01:41 PM
    doin the math...

    200Million / 2k = 125k H1 employees that will fall in 50-50 rule?

    Is that a realistic number? does body shop based consulting companies have that many employees?

    If thats not right , that bill is just waste on their efforts ? huh?


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  • singhsa3
    09-11 03:43 PM
    Dear Freinds,
    USCIS has proven again that they cannot calculate or count. Don't you think they should be presented with this calculator to help them calculate.
    Note the above does not have an option to add a message so and alternative could be

    Also DOS has a knack for turning back the clock, don't you think they are in need of this clock.

    What is your opinion?

    Note: This thread is to solicit you opinions on what steps could be taken by us as a community to bring more transparency and fairness in the USCIS system.

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  • little_willy
    07-20 02:53 PM
    The important thing is, not all BEC cases are alive today. Most people moved on to PERM. On the flip side, some newbies took advantage of substituted Labor, but I am guessing the count is not very high.

    My employer applied for labor for 8 of us in our organization of 50 ppl. This is in the middle of 2003. I am the only one left at this point as the rest of them moved to different employers or got GC through their spouse. Also, I know for a fact that those labors were not substituted. This may have happened else where too. So, i guess the total I-485 applicants will be around 400K including dependants and won't be as high as being speculated every where.


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  • HV000
    09-28 06:45 PM
    Oh Law Firm Update :

    09/28/2007: Depressing News for the Year-End Backend 485 Delays and Potential Waste of Visa Numbers for FY 2007

    Unconfirmed sources indicate that two days before the end of FY 2007, there may be a substantial number of 485 applications for which visa numbers are available but have yet to be adjudicated, indicating that some visa numbers could be wasted this year. We know that the Service Centers have been working day and night and did not have enough resources to deal with the crisis which was brought about by the recent Visa Bulletin fiasco. We just hope for the better new fiscal year that will start from October 1, 2007.

    This is horrible. We need to know how many numbers have been wasted due to notorious inefficiency of USCIS. This also raises an important question why DOS does not allocate the entire 140,000 on Oct 1st when there is tremendous backlog in the system. Also, it is ridiculous that USCIS does not release the Number of backlogged applicants in its system.!!

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  • gcisadawg
    02-13 09:06 PM
    Yeah right . You dont mean to offend by being sarcastic. Why are you in US? Go take care of your old parents in India? More than your money they need your physical presence there.

    Oh wait, you probably have a brother who did not study much or maybe a sister in India who is taking care of them and you only provide monetory support.

    And yes, I dont care if this offends you.

    Oh yeah, thank you for revealing your true self. You couldnt have done it better!
    Way to go, dude/dudette!


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  • santb1975
    06-11 12:43 AM
    not good

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  • IN2US
    07-06 03:26 PM
    you mean 60k

    I meant janitors approving 485 applications

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  • unseenguy
    02-13 10:40 PM
    So Mr Nathan, email me when you have contributed more than $500

    08-18 11:15 AM
    Lacris, I went to SSA office to get SSN rejection letter for my wife as she is on h4 (DMV needs rejection letter to renew the license) and SSA Agent checked the passport of my wife for the expiry date, May be they are checking the expiry date now a days, I think you need to renew the passport and go to SSA office for SSN, But I may be wrong

    Reddy77, I understand that in your wife's case the person at SSA needed to see something to show your wife's immigration status (I took a letter like that for myself 3 years ago). But in my case, my passport doesn't say anything to her other than the fact that I have an H4 visa stamped in. The moment I got the GC, that visa is not valid anymore, so it shouldn't make any difference. But thank you for taking the time to answer.

    Thanks mariusp, but she asked for the passport, didn't want to look at DL.In her defense, I checked the website and the original text of their Regulations and it doesn't have Permanent Resident card listed as an immigration document, but EAD is there.:D . I'll try again next week.

    02-10 10:42 AM
    I really think we are all split between EB2 and EB3. EB2 folks don't give a damn about EB3 dates.

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