Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nissan Maxima 2003

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  • gc_kaavaali
    07-14 04:55 PM
    Please contribute guys...just $5

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  • wellwisher02
    04-01 08:46 AM
    Wow, so you're telling me be happy as somebody else is in pain now ???
    Their problems doesn't make me smile here. I want solutions to my problems.

    If you need solutions to your problems, you need to act professionallly as all other IV members do. Please stop throwing tantrums and also mind your P's and Q's when you utter expletives against USCIS. Will you be brave enough (if not foolhardy enough) to reproduce whatever you said here in a letter and send it out to the USCIS? Trust me, you'll not since you'd act politely and professionally to make out your case. We expect you to act with decorum when you discuss pertinent issues in IV forum.

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  • saimrathi
    07-05 01:22 PM
    Mailed them yesterday.. NorthEast Pa (Bradford County)

    Which part of PA?

    Look up your Zipcode in


    The Senators in PA are

    Sen Arlen Specter. Immigration Contact. Mr Ken Altman
    Sen Bob Casey. Immigration Contact: Mr. Kurt

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  • akhilmahajan
    10-24 05:32 PM
    Same with me, have been getting red dots. But red dots should not deter us.
    People giving us Red Dots for our efforts means we are doing a good job in our efforts.

    People who are lazy or just don't understand the magnitude of the problem, will do nothing except giving red dots.

    So, lets keep on going with this campaign full steam.

    GO I/WE GO.


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  • iam_1900
    09-11 11:50 AM
    Google Order #366480709457688

    Good luck with the rally

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-24 10:21 AM

    Please keep sending emails.


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  • trueguy
    03-06 01:48 PM
    Countdown started :) Hoping for April bulletin either today or on monday.

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  • ragz4u
    03-08 01:26 PM
    Senator Coburn is asking for an amendment (#06175) expedited removal of Illegal aliens

    Senator Kyl wants some barrier in certain cities of Arizona

    Senator Cornyn supports Kyl amendment for barrier only at a few places and not across the entire border


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  • rahul98
    07-20 04:35 PM
    Maybe some has asked this question before...why was this not posted on IV ? It would have helped to have everyone's focus on this rather than the youtube and thank you cards campaign.


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  • ind_game
    05-13 10:51 PM
    � I-140 filed 05/04/2007
    � I-140 approved 09/04/2007.
    � I-485 filed on 07/02/2007.
    � Changed jobs on 07/14//2008 (after 1 year of pending I-485)
    � Soft LUD on I-140 02/03/2009 (possible revocation of I-140 from my previous employer)
    � got I-485 denial notice on 02/18/2009
    � filed MTR on 02/27/2009
    � MTR dismissed on 03/26/2009 (on the grounds that I-140 was denied on 09/04/2009)
    � filed second MTR on 04/23/2009
    � soft LUDs on the second MTR on 04/27/2009 and 04/28/2009


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    07-18 01:18 PM

    I made my one time payment yesterday..will do it again soon.

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  • diptam
    07-06 10:27 AM
    See we can't work for bypassing "name check" process - we can work for improving the process !

    There is nothing personal - i'm already backlogged !

    Tell us the same thing when your application gets stuck for a decade on name check. Good luck!!!


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  • icedgin
    07-30 11:08 PM

    I have come across one interesting procedure in the USCIS website regarding beneficiaries of LPRs and I am asking a friend in the US in an immigration law firm to verify about this. I am just waiting for her to provide me the details and I will inform you about it since you can also be filed as derivative beneficiaries of your wife as an alternative way for you and your daughter to be with your wife.I do pray and hope she gives me a positive response.

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  • mashu
    07-10 08:18 PM

    I 140 PP approved
    I485 FedExed overnight, reached USCIS at 1am on July 2 (according to my lawyer)

    I am in Northern San Diego county, I am in!


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  • hopefullegalimmigrant
    12-28 12:15 PM
    According to this


    many of us should have got AP by now. As usual a status does not match the fact.

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  • Lacris
    08-18 11:15 AM
    Lacris, I went to SSA office to get SSN rejection letter for my wife as she is on h4 (DMV needs rejection letter to renew the license) and SSA Agent checked the passport of my wife for the expiry date, May be they are checking the expiry date now a days, I think you need to renew the passport and go to SSA office for SSN, But I may be wrong

    Reddy77, I understand that in your wife's case the person at SSA needed to see something to show your wife's immigration status (I took a letter like that for myself 3 years ago). But in my case, my passport doesn't say anything to her other than the fact that I have an H4 visa stamped in. The moment I got the GC, that visa is not valid anymore, so it shouldn't make any difference. But thank you for taking the time to answer.

    Thanks mariusp, but she asked for the passport, didn't want to look at DL.In her defense, I checked the website and the original text of their Regulations and it doesn't have Permanent Resident card listed as an immigration document, but EAD is there.:D . I'll try again next week.


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  • desi485
    11-18 10:31 AM
    Desi we definitely need to get clarification on this. Can you post a message with interpretations from differnet lawyers? Maybe we can get more people to ask their lawyers like Fragomen, Shusterman, Siskind ..... we will then match.

    I will do this by this weekend. Thank you Chandu for your wonderful suggestion, this way we will be able to share knowledge base from various sources.

    Meanwhile, let me mention this. Ron Gotcher clearly mentioned that, one can continue to work on EAD if CIS makes an error and denies 485.

    If the denial is illegal - and make no mistake, these types of denials are clearly illegal - then any subsequent employment without authorization falls into the "due to circumstances beyond the applicant's control" and cannot be used against the applicant later. (http://immigration-information.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6461)

    This makes sense, as a candidate should not be punished without any mistake of his own.

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  • vrbest
    03-10 07:26 AM
    I would say we all need to know our status well first :) There is no such status as EAD. It is Adjustment of Status (AOS) Pending. I had done multiple refi and all I had to tell them is GC pending. They get copy of EAD just to have a reference that I am legal here at the time of application (since it has an end date). Had no issues so for.

    I think the key is the person approving the loan needs to understand immigration to certain extent. Its important that we let the officer know up-front about our immigration status so that there are no assumptions and surprises.

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  • purgan
    08-17 11:29 PM

    i support your efforts and have printed out and sent letters to the people mentioned. Momentum for release of information should build up even if we have 50-100 letters from affected people...otherwise people won't know of EB-3 IND's plight.

    I suppose we should followup with phone calls in 15 days to cement our request. We should have a poll on who all has sent the letter and made the call.

    07-18 12:43 PM
    Not to forget the people stuck in backlog centers.

    08-03 06:27 PM
    EB-3 I wake up and send the letter out..we need to make relevant authorities aware of our situation. Uncertanity and doom stares us come on EB-3 I lets see some action!

    Hi Pani_6 -

    In your letter, the subject line is "Employment Based (EB-3) green card applicants waiting over a Decade"

    How it be a decade, when your PD is 2001 or later? Even for EB-2, the wait time is 4-5 years.

    Your letter should be based on facts and not on emotions (that, usually, tends to cloud the good judgment)

    Good Luck! I hope you get GC soon.

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