Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • GayatriS
    01-05 11:08 PM
    Look, I came her to do my bachelors because I knew the universities here were better.

    As far as your accusations about the Professor being anti-Indian NRI -- just do a google search on his research. He has done more for our community and motherland than almost anyone. His research has become the most commonly quoted in immigration and he has been helping build the image of India. The only thing he isn't doing is pretending that everything in India is perfect. He is not a stupid nationalist who lives in America yet makes up garbage about everything in India being so wonderful.

    I have read many of his articles on Businessweek -- they have been very helpful to all of us.

    If you understand this from his words then i can judge your IQ level.

    Ok now coming back to your statement. I just didnt say IIT but also REC's. REC stands for Regional Engineering Colleges (there are plenty in India) and that is not a payment seat. Education level is well maintained and by entrance examination standard, its far above GRE level. Argue me on this. I have no problems with America or any American, infact I feel America is a great first world nation and I love being working/living here.
    But this doesn't mean I will say any bulllshit & non-fact thing about my motherland.

    Also Gayatri one last thing or FACT in your words i tell you. The people(few Non Resident Indians, 2% i must say) like we have seen talk so much negative about their own country, but whenever they are in trouble in foreign countries, they look for immediate help from Indian Government. It is made as a big issue in India that NRI's in trouble, prime minister should come forward and help.

    Anyways enjoy and good luck for your green card.

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  • omega
    04-26 04:41 PM
    My H1 extension is under process. I had applied in Dec 2006. My DL expires on May 6. Is it possible to renew my license with the H1 extension receipt?. Is it possible to do Premium Processing now?

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  • Kodi
    06-28 02:47 PM
    Anyway, it's taking four months as of now. People who filed in Feb, getting approvals in June. So,if we had filed in May then, it's Sep approval.

    Hope my words go wrong.....

    I'm really hoping they'll catch up and we won't have to wait 4 months. My 6th year H1 is expiring this December and I need to get the I-140 approved so I can get H1 extension.

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  • Mouns
    04-30 03:26 PM
    Due to 9/11?
    Do you understand the frustration among people who want to make this work and who want to defend the system?

    In other way, what good is there to follow the law while illegals have it easier?

    Great question!

    --- Answer

    yes we understand (sure...). Two kinds of backlogs:
    1) Processing backlogs, due to the surge and other issues. We try to provide services timely, we understand our responsibility (no info as to what is being done and how this will change in the future)

    2) Limitations due to law: (PDs). Demands is greater than the visa numbers (China, India, Mexico, Philipine: You are screwed here!) => 20 years or more of waiting.


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  • for_gc
    12-26 02:53 PM
    Not sure good or bad. but this is sure some news.

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  • sravs1234
    01-10 09:40 PM
    Thanks sy. I fully agree it's the agent we deal with. My BOA loan coordinator is extremely stubborn & doesn't have any clue regarding immigration. From day 1 she is stuck on unexpired I-94 & till today she asks me to furnish that. Is it possible that I can contact you or any of your friends through email / phone & discuss to check where I am going wrong. I can furnish my contact details if needed.

    DCU is the way to go. To get membership, you may have to donate a few dollars to some group and become a member, before you can open an account. Their rates are competitive, and closing costs are "very decent". 90% of the stuff can be done over ph/fax/email. The best thing that my friend said was even without 20% down payment, his PMI (private mortgage insurance) was a mere 30 dollars (for a 220k home).



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  • rajuram
    12-16 09:33 PM
    Gandhigiri approach to retrogression in my opinion will be to do some good deeds that give Immigration Voice positive publicity, which in turn pushes the retrogression debate in the forefront in the national press.

    There are several positive things that IV could do:

    1. Start a small scholarship in a poor/immigrant dominated school/neighborhood.

    2. Help some hospital in a poor/immigrant dominated.

    3. Have a blood camp.

    4. Donate food.

    5. Send flowers to Senate & House.

    Guys, all we need is positive publicity. We do not need large sums of money to do this.

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  • Hope_GC
    07-18 01:33 PM
    Scheduled a Recurring $50 Payment monthly...


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  • skgs2000
    04-30 05:02 PM
    I called each one of them! And explained to let us file 485 immeditely after 140 approval! And talked about putting us in front of line before undocumented workers!

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  • factoryman
    06-21 11:47 AM
    process, thanks to Cohen & Grisby PERM presentation at the recent AILA conference.

    So, things might slow down for PERMs due to this. Of course it will. See my posts about C & G elsewhere.


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  • Lacris
    08-12 12:49 PM
    BEC= Backlog Elimination Center, theywere for elimination of backlogs for LC's:o

    Trust me, after waiting at PBEC for almost 2 years,I know what BEC is. I was just saying that a person who got LC certified in 2004 didn't have to go thru BEC. They started transferring cases at the beginning of 2005.

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  • vbkris77
    12-10 04:17 PM

    Section 201 of the INA sets an annual minimum Family-sponsored preference limit of 226,000, while the worldwide annual level for Employment-based preference immigrants is at least 140,000. Section 202 sets the per-country limit for preference immigrants at 7% of the total annual Family-sponsored and Employment-based preference limits, i.e. a minimum of 25,620.

    - The annual per-country limitation of 7% is a cap, meaning visa issuances to any single country may not exceed this figure. This limitation is not a quota to which any particular country is entitled, however. The per-country limitation serves to avoid monopolization of virtually all the visa numbers by applicants from only a few countries.

    - INA Section 202(a)(5), added by the American Competitiveness Act in the 21st Century (AC21), removed the per-country limit in any calendar quarter in which overall applicant demand for Employment-based visa numbers is less than the total of such numbers available. In recent years, the application of Section 202(a)(5)has occasionally allowed countries such as China-mainland born and India to utilize large amounts of Employment First and Second preference numbers which would have otherwise gone unused.


    Cut-off date movement in most categories continues to be greater than might ordinarily be expected, and this is anticipated to continue for at least the next few months. This is because fewer applicants are proceeding with final action on their cases at consular posts abroad, and the volume of CIS adjustment cases remains low. Once large numbers of applicants begin to have their cases brought to final action, cut-off date movements will necessarily slow or stop. Moreover, in some categories cut-off date retrogression is a possibility. Therefore, readers should be aware that the recent rate of cut-off date advances will not continue indefinitely, but it is not possible to say at present how soon they will end.


    Many of the categories were "unavailable" at the end of FY which resulted in excessive demand being received during October and November. Coupled with the fact that CIS Offices have been doing an excellent job of processing cases, this has had an impact on cut-off date movements. Some forward movement has begun for January as we enter the second quarter of the fiscal year.

    In my view CIS is not processing the applications fast enough to be using the benefits of INA Section 202(a)(5). We need to understand reasons behind this. Per the official bulletin, it is clear that if CIS can process them fast enough, we could see a movement of EB2 till end of the 2005. How many times should CIS pre-adjudicate before actually approving the EB AOS applications?

    State made a good start to give an explanation for these dates. But they still didn't consider DOL application volume and CIS processing bottlenecks in processing AOS cases. IV needs to ask CIS on processing capacities of AOS applications. If they can't process them fast enough, They need to open up the AC-140 process for India (it is available only for Bombay) centers to get the cases approved by state department in a much faster way.


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  • gc_chahiye
    07-24 12:15 PM
    From what I understand many 485 applications(not all)received in accordance to the June bulletin MAY have been preassigned a visa number(from the leftover 60,000 visas) NOT an approval.

    source of this information?

    Although they are not supposed to pre assign numbers without name checks etc, is'nt it obvious that they might have done that??. They have a lot of cases to approve until Sept 30(from that 60,000 number)

    no its not obvious. They have a big backlog of 485s still, and that 60,000 visa numbers can be used up without them having to assign some of those numbers to June 07 filers. See the ombudsmans report for details. If anything, they'll keep some of those visa numbers for people who have been in namecheck long enough, and are expected to get out soon.

    there are too many people in teh system already!

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  • saileshdude
    07-11 11:51 AM
    I am not sure if I should be happy or sad with this news. I was laidoff recently and had applied for I-485 on July 17,2007 i.e. current processing date for TSC. Also with this bulletin I will be current (EB2 2006). I have not found a new job yet and my company has told me that they will be revoking my I-140 after 30 days. My company lawyers are not advising me much citing conflict of interest.

    What options do I have? Will sending a new G-28 form at this time raise any issues that I do not have job with original employer as my PD is current and it is quite possible that my case maybe adjudicated. In the meantime if I do not sent new G-28 form I am not sure how much my company attorney will co-operate


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  • MDix
    02-25 02:42 PM
    I think dates won't (and should not ) move much. So at the end of year we can see big jump and then may be people like me can file I-1485.


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  • gconmymind
    03-18 01:16 PM

    The H1B holder is ELIGIBLE for the stimulus package since he/she has SSN. He won't be able to claim the benefit for spouse if the spouse does not have SSN.

    So just because spouse does not have SSN does not mean that the H1B holder becomes ineligible to receive the benefit. H1B will get $600 for himself/herself as long as he/she has filed IT returns.

    Can you show us the source of your information? It is very clearly written on the IRS website that if Married and filing jointly, both need to have SSN. If one spouse has ITIN, you will not get ANY rebate.


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  • bitu72
    03-10 01:19 PM
    as per last page of this document(bulet point 16) they deffered the decision on exempting nurses from EB quoutas.. but i think we heard them saying its approved...

    admin/guru's u r comments please..


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  • Keeme
    03-05 11:45 AM
    Our cases are with NSC. EB2. PD: Mar -06
    i responded to RFE last year. then case processing resumed.

    We saw LUD on all 3 cases on Friday. I called up IO at NSC and she told that
    LUD was because they applied biometrics to your cases. I told her i did not get 2nd FP
    notice ,we did not give any FPs. She said they have our new FPs in the system and applied
    the same.

    i am not sure what she is talking about???

    One possible reason could be, they might have reused our FPs given during EAD renewals few months back. But does it make sense to anyone? did anyone face the same experience?


    Could be true ! That was my first thought and counted months since filing I-485. Its more than 19 month now . The Finger prints expires in 15 months.

    Considering they are running late and all these LUDs are for renewing your finger prints for next 15 months , why there are so many RFEs for people who don't have their PDs current ?

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  • desi485
    11-18 03:50 PM
    We must also step forward and work towards resolving other things

    (1) Create blog on how to report Employer wage violations to Wage and Hour division

    (2) USCIS poor customer service - inconsistencies, rude answers ....... We must create a blog to let people know how to contact Ombudsman to report issues

    (3) Any other pressing issues....

    Folks please add anything you feel must be addressed

    One more update: Found another thread on RG's forum. This one is very specific.


    Re: EAD & wrongful denial of 485 due to I-140 revoked by employer after 180 days AC21


    Let my try to clarify my answer, since I didn't do that good a job previously.

    An EAD remains valid until it expires, unless it is explicitly revoked. Sometimes, but not always, when the CIS denies an I-485, they also revoke the EAD.

    For argument's sake, let's assume that an employer has attempted to revoke an approved I-140 in a case where the applicant's I-485 has been pending for more than 180 days. Let's further assume that the CIS denies the I-485 on this basis and also revokes the EAD.

    In my opinion, since there is no legal authority for such a denial, and the denial violates the law, it is invalid. Now, I want to make it clear that this is a very unusual situation. It is extremely rare that you find a situation where a CIS adjustment of status denial is clearly and unequivocally illegal, but this is one of those situations.

    Because a denial of this type is illegal, the revocation of the applicant's employment authorization is also improper. If an applicant, in this highly unusual and extremely limited situation, works without authorization, then in my opinion that falls into the "beyond his control" exception and no penalty can be imposed.

    05-14 12:21 PM
    There are plans on IVs agenda to see if we can collectively help ourselves on these issues.

    I recommend all members to use every channel you get to fix issues like these.

    We are entitled for a fair process and we must make sure every application is treated in a fair manner.

    Folks - anyone can face these issues.

    If you have any case problems, please contact the Ombudsman, contact your law makers. Let everyone be aware of these issues.

    07-15 05:06 PM
    Paid $10 through bill pay

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