Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • puriyu
    03-31 10:15 AM
    :)I am sorry but i think there is no point to discuss this concern whether USCIS has ability or not..... Just support IV, group 2gather and fight....

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  • conundrum
    04-30 03:17 PM
    the chair person has just asked the best question of the day, about EB2 person having to wait even though the DOL has approved their case

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  • Sachin_Stock
    08-23 09:49 AM
    Does it mean the eligibility criteria/job requirement for EB2 is changed from Bachelors + 5 years of experience to Bachelors + 10 years of experience?

    Read the definition of EB-2, and its sub-classification for Advanced Degree, Exception abilities and National Interest Waiver.

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  • diptam
    08-11 09:21 PM
    Srikondo man,

    I dont care your fight with 'buddyinus' or your friendship with 'frankzulu' and whether you were travelling by air/car/ship - I would like to ask you a SIMPLE question.

    You started this thread saying that USCIS has a "deadline" for completing stuffs last Monday or last last Friday.... All of us trusted you that time - Could you please give us a responsible answer or status Update.

    I hope you will reply this time.


    thanks buddy. ignore that intelligent person.
    He seems to be living in different world.
    I hope moderators or admin or atleast pappu privately restrain this guy from his vitrious talk.
    Coming to attending the rally, lets get some more folks from manchester, nashua area and plan on to attend this event.



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  • glub
    07-18 07:39 PM
    Even though future VISA bulletins show PD way earlier than your PD, your I-485 may get approved since you are in the system.

    So, who ever gets to apply I-485 are in much better shape than people with PDs in 2002 or 2003 but do not file I-485 now.


    This is contrary to every description of the process that I have read so far... I don't believe your I-485 will get approved just because it is in the system, the PD has to be current at the time of processing...

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  • Milind123
    09-14 01:05 AM
    The last sixth round and this seventh round is to encourage people, who beleive in IV, to contribute their first Ben Franklin ($100). I still need 3 people to close this round. I absolutely positively confirm that this is the last time I am going to single you out.

    Looking at the last few posts, I think I am talking to myself. Time to go to sleep. Good night. People on the west coast, please help to keep this thread on the screen by bumping it.


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  • EndlessWait
    07-06 01:53 PM
    I think you sent your application after july 2...:D

    haha very funny..:cool:

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  • krishnam70
    01-14 12:11 PM
    Think NSC needs to wake up about this AP delays. Lots of travel plans cancelled or moved to later dates to deal with this inordinate delays. Is it time for another flower campaign?


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  • m79
    08-11 08:16 PM
    I am July 2nd filer, Got finger print notice from NSC with notice dated 8/7.

    Hi, Congrats,
    Did you get the receipt notices

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  • lonedesi
    07-11 08:49 AM
    I congratulate everyone whoes PD becomes current beginning of next month. But be aware that all of this is no good until USCIS acts on it. USCIS has to match and increase their pace of processing I-140 & I-485s for people to benefit of this movement. There are thousands of people whose PD have been current since April of this year and still they see no movement on their cases. PD becoming current is just the first & crucial step in this long process, but now it all depends on how well USCIS responds by processing cases in FIFO manner.


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  • ajju
    08-13 09:01 PM
    What they are calling HEAVY DEMAND from EB-3 when it has been unavailable for the last two months and before that it was stuck in 2001. There are a whole lot of visas going to EB-2 people who filed in 2006 just two years back . If a person who filed in 2001 can't get his GC

    I think they are talking about EB3 Mexico... Doesn't make any sense for EB3-India as it has already been unavailable.. so what does heavy load signifies... I am positive EB3-I will open up... may be more retrogressed than last availability.. but it will be available on Oct 1...

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  • badluck
    07-06 01:55 PM
    haha very funny..:cool:

    My man,

    Thats why you dont want this rumor to come true... ask your lawyer to sent it ASAP..


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  • spicy_guy
    10-22 10:03 AM
    You are correct, it took around 10 months. From prevailing wage to labor approval. 2 months I mean filing actual labor application to approval.

    Thanks for the clarification

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  • pappu
    11-16 12:31 PM
    nice write-up Jimi
    Congratulations Jimi

    http://news.ncmonline.com/news/view_article.html?article_id=86f99ab1b7774fc7f6a26 f10eb4183ba


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  • eb3_nepa
    07-14 03:24 PM
    Good job members. Keep the momentum going.

    Calling out to the IV core. pappu, paskal et al. Please put this campaign on IV's homepage.

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  • gchope07
    07-18 03:14 PM
    I am confused about receipt date?

    Notice date is when the receipt notice is generated- That's simple

    Is receipt date the date when they do data entry into the system or is it the date when they receive the package even though they may do data entry a month later?

    In other words people who filed there application on July 2nd,3rd etc ... and lets say USCIS takes 2 months to receipt those cases.. then after 2 months when the notice is generated won't it have a July 2nd receipt date? for July 2 filers?


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  • immi_twinges
    07-20 02:16 PM
    1. Threads concerned with the Action Items and Legislative matters should be separated from the usual GC related questionnaire

    If you look at the website you find a bunch of new threads related to 485 filing. Most of them bear answers in previous threads. People dont want to search..but that okay..they can form new threads if they are very desperate for the answers.

    But at the same time due to the flood of these messages we are missing important notices and action items like this one.If we separate them somehow it will be helpful.

    2. Lets have an organized tracking of 485s. Lets separate them by Visa category , country, PD or RD.
    ex: Eb3 country: India
    PD 2001: RD:...? LUD: ...?

    EB3 : China...
    Lets have an option of adding friends approx dates who are not immigration voice members. This way we can have rough estimate about what happening. Lets not make threads for each category.

    This way may be we have a very good track of the visas than USCIS...heheheh:D

    I guess most of the 1v members are s/w engineers...i am not...orelse i would have volunteered to do this...

    Anybody here ...who can spare some of their valuable time???
    Lets do more brainstorming

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  • leoindiano
    04-30 03:12 PM
    Stupid king doesnt understand the diff. between this limit and H1 limit.

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  • ndbhatt
    09-09 12:43 PM
    My 2 cents.

    From what I have read and learned from my experience, the dwelling (house/condo/apt, etc) prices are sensible and affordable (read payable) if it is between 2-3 times household annual income. I think this applies universaly with few exceptions.

    Average household (family) income in India metro cities is around 6-7 INR lacs. For folks working in IT, it would be 'X' % more depending on his/her work. Let's take liberal amount of 12 lacs p.a.

    This means that buying a property for price over INR 36 lacs would carry significant risk of defaulting. I have heard many of my friends give me argument that our income will grow significantly over years and should be able to manage higher loan amounts.

    I am really aghast at the rate at which NRI's are investing in India. I can speak to Mumbai, where there are thousands of NRI bought properties that are vacant for years and there is no justifiable ROI. Having realised that there is no ROI due to resale or renting, sooner or later they will start pulling out their hard earned money. I wouldn't be surprised to see many foreclosures, in years to come, and RBI may have to bail out ICICI, IDBI, etc - a scenario similar to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    I have thumb rule for myself - Don't buy property which is 3 times more than current annual income.

    P.S. This isn't applicable for folks who have inherited a fortune. :D

    08-12 11:46 AM
    Just dont get what the senator is intending here ....

    Not sure if senator is missing it or dodging it ....

    The senator is missing it or dodging it - it clearly means one thing -we are invisible as constituents. We are being taken for a ride only because we do not speak up or go meet our lawmakers. They do not see us as ordinary constituents having the same issues as their other constituents. The whole human -angle is missing.

    We have to go meet our lawmakers and explain to them our part of the story/ They need to be told and made aware that we live in their constituencies and our grievances are genuine and need to be addressed.

    And although this particular bill does not affect people that are here already.. Beware!! the noose is tightening- the next on the chopping block is EB Immigrants.

    07-20 08:54 AM
    Clinton - Nay

    i guess after the money she got from the iit alumni she decided it was enuff support for this time

    what r u guys in california doing?

    boxer- nay
    feinstein- nay

    flood them with calls people

    at least my senators down south voted - yea!

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