Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • ind_game
    05-18 10:52 AM
    I had another LUD on 05/18/2009 my I-485 case. Not sure what they are looking for in my file.

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  • Sunx_2004
    03-04 12:54 PM
    I noticed soft LUD on 485s last week for me and my wife...not sure what that means..

    A soft LUD today 03/04 on my/wife's I-485 application.

    I see lot of cases of EB2-I with PDs of 2005/06 and EB3- I with PDs 2003/04 have recentely received LUDs/RFEs.

    Let's wait what next visa bulletin says !

    Any one else with recent LUDs on their I-485s ?

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  • ashutrip
    06-22 12:08 PM
    I don't think my case has been picked up for audit, at least not so far. I don't know the criteria for audit. Just hoping the next application they pull from the pile is mine.
    what is ur pd?

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  • Green.Tech
    05-28 03:43 PM
    contributed 100$ now from paypal

    Total contribution 400$

    Thanks vadicherla!


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  • nyte_crawler
    04-25 11:51 AM
    Maybe highly intelligent people make irrational decisions.:)

    The current Priority date based Labor application system makes the most higly skilled immigrants bonded laborers where the employers can exploit them. This especially happens to people who are highly intelligent but donot try short routes to Green card and do not think of jumbing ahead of others in the que or moving to other companies to get green card processed faster. Reality dawn sonly when nearing the six year completion date of H1B.

    We need to change this unjust immigration system so that atleast in future merit gets rewarded and people who really deserve get their green card.

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  • kumhyd2
    07-18 02:51 PM


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  • needhelp!
    03-12 12:42 PM
    Please read the purpose of the organization.
    Information exchange is only a by product and not the goal of IV.

    With this model can IV still claim to be a non-profit organization? It seems you are exchanging information in return of cold hard cash? :p

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  • bindas74
    11-29 09:49 PM
    Hi All,

    This is a nice thread. Found all the answers I was looking for. Still some lingering doubts in my head::)))

    So, has anyone started working on EAD for their/or spouse's LLC?

    Why cant I work on my H1B instead( for my spouse's company )? That would take away some risk. Wouldnt it??

    Do we need to submit any tax docs( for the new company I would be moving to) when we apply for the AC21 or at any later stage??

    Can someone please answer?

    -Thanks in advance


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  • Humhongekamyab
    06-11 12:40 PM

    What Mr. Charles Oppenheim is doing is trying to build a Consensus to create a legislative relief.

    So, they want us to create an awareness and buyin from decision Makers.

    "Therefore, without legislative relief, the waiting time for Indian EB2 applicants may be measured in years, even decades."

    I agree. This was always there and it is only now that the government has acknowledged it. Mr. Oppenheim has given us ammunition to build our case and we must use it wisely.

    Maybe we can have a have a "send fax" feature on IV from where we can quote Mr. Oppenheim's statement to send a fax to our senators. Also, it is high time that IV is a paid site even if it is $1 per month or 1 cents a day i.e. $3 per month. As I suggested in the past, new members/ visitors should be allowed to read the forums but to post a question or reply to a question one should be a paid member. I am confident that even with $1/month of 1 cent/day we will do better collections that we are doing now.

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  • qualified_trash
    01-04 04:01 PM is the latest example (

    you are assuming that all Indians in the US are from IIT. there are lesser mortals too you know ......... :-))


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  • gbof
    02-08 01:59 AM
    Unfortunately, I had to deal with my so-called high society, dim-wit, shame-less, tradition-less-good-for-nothing in-laws (my wife's parents n all). They wanted me to run their family too and were becoming a kind of big emotional/medical liability and financial burden on me (although, they had ALL resources and I assume LOT of money too. After tolerating and caring for nearly a decade, I HAD to DUMP them 9-years ago (after I landed in US) as they were becoming too much for me. They will care only for their own-self (will never bother to see even if you like it or not), will never care if it will be convenient to me in high demanding professional job. They will never shy an opprtunity to brag, steal/rob credit for anything even not remotely linked to them and were simply loose-mouths.

    They could dare not to open-up again. But this 'Dumping' slowly and gradually has affected my family life. I really donot understand what tradition-less craps in the society there or here finally gain...If they are not capable of rejoicing the prosperity of their own daughter's family. I believe, it is actually not so common as any normal well thinking individual will never ever do this. I can never think even in worst of my times, if I can do any of that stuff to my two growing up daughters. Well this is first-ever I opened my heart anywhere..

    I only pray 'God bless our family (GBOF)' as you see in my IV-handle

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  • nemadeni
    05-02 02:32 PM
    I don't see Visas Recapture bill going any where.

    It seems USCIS wants to potray that they are doing great job by doing various Process improvements. USCIS indirectly wants to say that eventually USCIS process will be improved to the extent that there will be no Visas wasted.

    I think this was the most straight forward and simple bill. Other bills like removing the country limit are more challenging.So I don't see anything happening from immigration point unless democrats take over both senate and House in late 2008.

    Hope for any legislative changes only in 2009 and beyond and not in 2008.


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  • anurakt
    01-03 01:49 PM
    I have somebody in my family who is suffering from an incurable disease , thus I wan't to stay in this country till a medicine comes out. This country is known as the pioneer in the reserach of medicines . It may take 10 years for it to be in market but it may take another 25 years to be in India. I have been working with lot of pharmatuticals firms which may come out with a treatment.

    GC is not important to me for money ! Never. I want to make sure that my family member gets the best treatment available in the world.

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  • jthomas
    08-13 06:50 PM
    Since EB3- I is doomed can I apply for consular processing and move to canada since i recently got canadian green card. I have a EAD and AP and I am in H1B status too.
    Gurus please suggest.

    Maybe if many EB3-I guys would move to another country. Some actions may be seen.

    EB3-I PD Oct 06


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  • nk2006
    07-05 12:17 PM
    Bill Clinton & Hillary Clinton is coming to TANA in Washington.. i am from bay area.. i know lot of people are going this.. please take a print out and talk personally, explain our problems.. Please Thanks
    I suggested this other day - nobody responded. Please anyone attending TANA can you please contact organizers and see if they can arrange couple minutes of Hillary's time to highlight this issue.

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  • mbawa2574
    07-06 12:20 AM
    mbawa.. It is always nice to sit on the side and blame it all on the leaders here. First thing you have to remember is that these poor/great folks (poor for representing people like you and great for working for representing all immigrant hopefuls) are really working for YOU and me. It is quite convenient to blame others than doing things yourself. If you think you are any better, why not come up with your USEFUL/GREAT ideas and see if the IV core respects those ideas or not. Lobbying or not, when the government is ready to think about CIR or immigration in general, I am pretty sure that IV can make OUR voice heard. Got the point?

    Problem is not the members but the overall stratergy. I understand ur emotions but certainly we need change and action. Without aggressive stratergy that can punch the noses of people against our agenda, we will not be successful. As I said - this is not personal at all. I know some of core people very well and they are competent and bright boys. This has to do with overall stratergy and we need to be bit more agressive .Without a new team which will bring in a coordinated effort & energy into this , we will not make it. CIR may get passed and other immigration categories may benefit at our cost if we don't change our course . Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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  • makemygc
    07-06 02:19 PM
    Make sure you don't have internet in that area :D (You might accidentally login here are ruin your vacation)

    Well that's hard to find because in India even villages have better communication system these days. They all use cell phones since govt could not provide land lines. Internet is definitely all over the place.

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  • rdehar
    06-04 01:39 PM
    One one hand you have folks who are getting labor approvals from BECs just now and have not filed I-140s.

    On other hand you have PERM folks who have Labor, I-140 certified in 2 weeks.

    Don't you think this provision is a bit harsh on those who've waited 3+ years for labor in BECs ?

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  • qualified_trash
    04-11 02:36 PM
    In the larger scheme of things, we 350k do not matter and do not have the political clout of the 11 million illegals.


    So I do not think anything can happen by involving the media etc. in our cause. Getting a lobbying firm and lawyers to help is a much better way and will in the long run be more effective IMO. To this effect, I intend to contribute to Immigration Voice effort to hire a lobbying firm.

    Dear "colleagues in faith" :-), there is only one way to change the things with this immigration trap - we have to win the public opinion!

    Currently 350,000 highly qualified professionals working for this country are in a legal limbo which continues for years. Our current legal status is that of slaves. Yes, slaves! Nowadays it takes anywhere between 5 - 10 years from applying to receiving of a GC. We cannot change our employers within this period, the members of our families cannot work (at least legally) and our spouses lose their professional carrier; if our kids get in college they are treated as "aliens" (full tuition, no student loans, no scholarship); the loans we get are with higher interest rate (for "protection"); at the borders we are treated as "intruders" etc.

    The average Americans are honest hardworking people. If they are aware of the immigration problems faced by 350,000 hardworking professionals in this country, they will raise their voice and will help for resolving of this issue. They just need to know that. I believe that in addition to talking to senators etc., we have to find ways our issues to reach the media - newspapers, magazines and so on. An article in Times may lead to a lot of positive changes in the immigration system.

    01-14 10:49 AM
    How can we find out the current processing date for AP ?

    07-06 01:20 PM
    I never saw this roumer any where..

    no problem buddy, I just dont want u getting caught plagializing....just kidding!

    Hope for thebest..I am hoping rumors abt accepting all July applications turn out true

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