Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • chintu25
    03-09 10:42 AM
    Good one ..itsnotfunny....but I will tell you that each one of us does wait with baited breath for the VB .

    I am all for the FOIA drive and have promised some money as well. But lets just hope and pray that the VB brings some good news for some of us :)

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  • harivenkat
    08-13 10:52 AM
    as the least consolation.... h1b should get free passes to see demo of those unmanned aerial drones.... :D

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  • addsf345
    11-13 03:42 PM
    found answer on Ron Gotcher's website: ONE CAN CONTUNUE WORKING ON EAD ( according to this post.

    This contradicts with the fact that many reported on IV. Ron says that one can continue employment on EAD. EAD stays valid atleast till the legally allowed time to file for an appeal, and once you file appeal, it stays active till it adjudicated.

    However many ppl reported that they had to leave job due to 485 revocation. What is the truth???? Any one?

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  • santb1975
    07-16 11:19 AM
    Even though I am a recurring contributor and I contribute to IV on top of my recurring contributions I had to make a contribution towards this campaign. Keep up the Good Work. See Details below:


    Payee Amount Deliver By Confirmation Number Action

    Immigration Voice
    $ 10.00 07/22/2008 7YJ0L-4NJ42 Edit � Cancel
    Memo: High Five Campaign


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  • Macaca
    09-14 01:05 PM
    Bush Counting on Tougher Enforcement To Carry Revived Bill ( By DAVID ROGERS ( | The Wall Street Journal, June 25, 2007
    High-Tech Titans Strike Out on Immigration Bill ( By ROBERT PEAR ( | New York Times, June 25, 2007
    Revised Bill to Add Fuel To Immigration Debate ( By DAVID HALL ( |THE WALL STREET JOURNAL,
    June 25, 2007

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  • ind_game
    05-13 10:51 PM
    � I-140 filed 05/04/2007
    � I-140 approved 09/04/2007.
    � I-485 filed on 07/02/2007.
    � Changed jobs on 07/14//2008 (after 1 year of pending I-485)
    � Soft LUD on I-140 02/03/2009 (possible revocation of I-140 from my previous employer)
    � got I-485 denial notice on 02/18/2009
    � filed MTR on 02/27/2009
    � MTR dismissed on 03/26/2009 (on the grounds that I-140 was denied on 09/04/2009)
    � filed second MTR on 04/23/2009
    � soft LUDs on the second MTR on 04/27/2009 and 04/28/2009


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  • GayatriS
    01-05 08:22 PM
    I don't think there are contradictions. I have read his Businessweek articles. He is researching ways for America to remain competetive and believes that skilled immigrants who get permanent residence are the key.

    Listen to the last minute of the video and you will see what his message is.

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    09-04 08:14 PM
    i think there is more smartness needed than luck in the greencard process. If you look at the posts in this thread there are some people that came to usa in 1990s and still waiting, while some that came much later are on their way to citizenship. Some got the eb2 route and are happy and some in eb3 have only gloom before them.

    This in my opinion has helped smart folks among us:

    - they applied for gc as soon as possible. Those who waited did not give importance to greencard as soon as they started a job in usa are now paying for their mistakes. During the initial days of career i have seen people saying that gc is not important to them etc but when their h1b is about to expire they panic and get desperate for green card.

    ** even if a person starts the gc process in the initial days, he/she may find another better job than what they are doing now. You can't just stay with a desi blood sucker if your gc process has been started by that company.
    Someone who has applied in june 2002 under eb3 never thought that he/she will be stuck for so long. This is because of the amnesty given by the bush administration in 2001.
    This is pure luck.**

    - before pre-perm era in 2005, smart folks took up jobs in states where labor certification had no backlog. They are now either waiting for citizenship or already citizens. On the other hand people in states like ca, ny etc suffered due to labor backlogs and far from getting greencard in hand.
    ** in pre-perm era some companies started opening dummy companies in states like delaware, maine, iowa, nebraska .. Etc, and applied labor from those states. Few people were lucky that they could get through this route.
    One of my friend got stuck using this route, he had to change the company as uscis had
    started questioning the companies.
    If you are talking about getting hired by a company who is based out of such states is very difficult because these states do not have much jobs in the information technology sector.

    - any company can be good or bad for an individual. It it not a question of consulting vs fortune 500 or small vs big size of a company. Smart folks know what matters them the most when they join a company. When company sees them as a valuable asset, it applies for them. I have seen where company applied for gc as soon as the employee joined it. And i have seen posts where people had to wait for several years before company applied.

    ** every desi blood sucking company till now tries to take as much advantage as possible and will file the gc when there is no other go.

    - people who took advantage of the labor substitution got faster labors. Some could take advantage of eb2 labors and they are very fortunate. This is in no way endorsing the labor substitution rule, but in pre 2007 times nobody was protesting against it. This is a sad reality.

    - smart folks took the risk and changed jobs wth eb2 job requirements, so that they can file in eb2. Such folks with 2007 pd are happy today and people with 2003 pds in eb3 will have to wait for a long time.

    - if you read posts on this thread, many people have posted that they feel they are being screwed by their employer or lawyer. But hardly anyone has said they took any action against it. This is also a sad reality where we as a community have failed and will continue to suffer.

    ** what type of action are you talking about. Who has the money to hire another lawyer to fight against these people. The only action one could have taken is to leave the company. But as a matter of fact all the desi companies are the same.
    If you are talking about getting hired by big companies then tell me seriously how many companies are willing to go through the paper work and file h1-b. During the 2001 recession tell me how many big companies were hiring.
    A drawback of the big companies is that if your are fired you loose your gc process, if you are working for a consulting company you have option of consulting and your greencard process is still intact.

    - many folks have said that they thought they were in eb2. But found they are in eb3. This shows another weakness of our community and lack of awareness. Iv forum tries to spread the awareness but unless an individual takes initiative, they will suffer.

    Many people were able to file i485 in july 2007 due to iv effort. Imagine a 2004 eb3 india person without ead today? How will he survive a job loss on h1b in a bad economy? We should take a lesson from that event and try for another big push. There is no other shortcut for us. It is shocking to find people on this thread that are in this country for more than 10 years and without a green card. These folks should be the most vocal folks in this effort.

    being vocal is another story



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  • sunny1000
    04-30 05:32 PM
    how do u know if someone gives u red?

    If you click on the userCP on the top left side on the forum page, you can see a bunch of reviews for your posts, if you have any (be it red or green dots with or without description). But, you won't know from who you received it though.

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  • snhn
    05-02 02:42 PM
    I read here that King said that everyon on EAD and AP is getting a free ride even thought here green card might get rejected. What does he mean by that. I tahught every process goes thorugha security check. such as I 140, H1b, AP and even EAD.


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  • saimrathi
    07-05 01:22 PM
    Mailed them yesterday.. NorthEast Pa (Bradford County)

    Which part of PA?

    Look up your Zipcode in

    The Senators in PA are

    Sen Arlen Specter. Immigration Contact. Mr Ken Altman
    Sen Bob Casey. Immigration Contact: Mr. Kurt

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  • chakdepatte
    02-24 08:50 AM
    Something that you dont have?
    would you die if you don't get it. live a life man.


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  • needhelp!
    03-12 11:21 AM
    Please send email to

    Pappu has addressed this in the original thread posted about Donor Forums.

    Looks like it only tracks people who donated for FOIA

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  • kalyan
    03-18 10:22 AM
    Dont worry about 1200$ cheque. It is also a big amount.

    We pay money for lot of things like GC , H1B visa , more than 75% pay money for getting sponsorship and to run the payroll.

    We are not only screwed by the US government, but by our Desi Employers, inbetween rats who are the middleman.

    Look for GC and try to work on 1099 which is the best deal.

    We need to expedite our views for Jobs and GC. We are fighting for 1200$ of cheque's when there'nt more jobs to keep our status legal and our GC is costing us more like the Medical Insurance.

    Getup and think what are our priorities.


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  • susie
    07-07 01:32 AM
    Please, please update when you get any news.

    I have a very dicey situation with my son, who is turning 21 in January 2008.

    Good luck for the outcome!


    Case filed end March 07 at Tampa mid district. They had 60days to respond , so by end May 07 should have heard

    Just before end May 07 they asked for another 30days and as a professional curtesy my attorney agreed, so should have heard by end June 07

    Just before end June the Attorney General's legal department called my attorney and asked yet again for another 30days !!! as my case paperwork with them was very thin (whatever that means) Their attorney stated on the phone they would like to resolve, again whatever that is supposed to mean

    Apparently Geoff Gorsky has not replied to his own attorney ! so their attorney has asked for all and any evidence we have on CSPA case.

    Today 6th July 07 I drove from Orlando to Tampa to hand deliver my case file, but my attorney has stated they will not be allowed more extra time as we will be at 120 days wait at end of July 07

    The CSPA is badly written and needs leglislative fix, Myself and another member have written our own draft amendment for legislation to protect all children from aging out. This has beed passed to Dave Weldon's office and in turn passed to his legislators, so will see what happens

    I will update you all as if I win my case could well assist many others if they are advised their child has aged out. If you wish to support our efforts please join

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  • tnite
    02-08 11:15 AM
    A Person cannot Travel before the AP gets Approved.If you do, means Abandoning your GC forever. Please be careful before you advise anyone on these critical issues.

    If the person is on H1b, then he/she can travel without AP as long as they have an unexpired H1B visa and carry with them the I1485 receipt.
    AP has nothing to do with your AOS processing. AP like EAD is for our convenience and has no bearing on the AOS process.
    The only time it has is if someone uses the EAD /AP , then they are no longer on H1B.
    As far as leaving the country without AP and then getting it mailed , there are mixed opinions (not facts). Some think it will come back to haunt you later and others think it is of no consequence.

    I personally had a family member do this back in Oct but will keep this board updated if and when they have an issue.
    This is just my opinion and take it with a grain of salt.


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  • vsk74
    01-05 12:54 PM

    I applied for labor certification in Dec2004 .I got a 45 day letter 6 months back.My application in Philadelphia back log center.When i am seeing the status it is showing IN PROCESS.Can anyone tell me what will be the time frame after receiving 45 day letter.Intially i applied from FLORIDA.Can anyone tell me wat is current processing time.

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  • Macaca
    06-18 10:51 AM
    Please post your concerns in Employment Based (EB) Skilled Immigration Applicants (

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  • truthinspector
    01-04 12:43 PM
    I am really appalled at the responses for the facts I posted here on the forum. I apologize to all who are offended by the posts.However I strongly believe that my comments represent facts.Personally I do not believe an individual can "bash" a country. I have certainly erred with my presumption that my opinions/comments would be received with some maturity of thoughts instead of surging patriotic emotions.
    I have expressed thoughts about immigration where some policies of US are severely criticized. At this point I can only urge the community to read/write with a certain openness of mind to have a fair exchange of experiences and opinions.

    03-10 01:19 PM
    as per last page of this document(bulet point 16) they deffered the decision on exempting nurses from EB quoutas.. but i think we heard them saying its approved...

    admin/guru's u r comments please..

    07-06 01:52 PM
    Cmon stop the rumour. Just because some of you sent the application on 2nd doesnt mean that they will honour it. If and if they do , there will be much more serious and valid lawsuit, because they've already issued a revision from 2nd July. Under law they have to give everyone a fair and equal chance.

    So pls stop cooking rumours from your lawyer. He simply doesn't want to pay back your fee and keeping your hope high..

    2 cents

    I think you sent your application after july 2...:D

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